Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sparta Hilton Breakfast

Look at these beautiful dishes.  My "Sweet Mother" gave me these dishes a while back.
Now you see why I thought that they were too nice to go to the "Sparta Hilton."
But leave it to my Mom!  She brought me more dishes! 
I LOVE these Coke glasses.  Trouble wanted these but I said NO!
Mom brought these dishes to me to take to the Sparta Hilton. 
They look very nice too.
Thank you Mom!
So here is the first time that we have used these at the Sparta Hilton.
I have the table all set for "Sweet Hunter" when he comes in from hunting.
My sweet Mother in law gave me this tablecloth. 
It is just perfect for this season.
And you can't miss that muscadine jelly on the table!
Our hunting buddies brought that a while back. They haven't got to come lately.
  We might need to tell them to bring some jelly. We love it!
I made this breakfast casserole a while back and
had it in the freezer so it came with us to the Hilton.
I put it in the ice chest and then in the refrig overnight so it could thaw out. 
You should have smelled the aroma in the Sparta Hilton when this was cooking.
Add some fried potatoes and it makes a perfect breakfast.
Aren't the dishes pretty?
This casserole is so easy and delicious. 
I need to put it on my my cooking blog!
When you see one of these in the woods what would you think it was?
A little tree with a disease that made it lose it's bark?
That is what I thought but "Sweet hunter" has shown me a bunch of these.
Evidently when you see these it means that there is a buck around. 
They rub their antlers on these little trees.
He says this is a sure sign that you have a buck in the area. 
hhhmmmm.....I might need to look around my blind and see if I see any of these!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful dishes from your Mother. That breakfast makes me hungry! I told Marydon about the bob cat you filmed - wow! Hope you have a lovely rest of the week. The weather is glorious!

Granny J said...

I can't decide which of the sets of dishes I like best, they're both so pretty. That casserole looks delicious. Hope you share the recipe.

Michelle said...

Very pretty, and I could almost smell that breakfast casserole from here!

snoring solutions said...

Beautiful dishes from your Mother. That casserole looks delicious.I like your blog.

Amelia said...

Love the patterns on both sets of dishes.

Egg casserole is always so great tasting - let us know when you post your recipe.

wanda said...

The dishes (both sets) are beautiful. I love breakfast casseroles (the family isn't though) and the one you made looks yummy! Have a great day Valerie.


Midlife Mom said...

My goodness, how did I miss two other posts?!!! I had to catch up and it was fun, always lots going on at your place.

I love to do embroidery too. I did some lambs once on a wall hanging and had to do a gazillion French knots!! I got pretty good at it after doing all of those! ha!

Lovely dishes from your Mom and MIL. You will enjoy using them at the Hilton! The chicken looks yummy and that breakfast casserole looks to die for! Is that recipe on your cooking blog?

Do you really shoot the deer or shoot them with a camera? I'm trying to get a shot of the momma bear and her cub that is roaming our acreage but no luck so far. Also the albino deer, every time I have my camera with me he doesn't show up and when I don't we see him!

Good job setting up your blind! I would want to be close to the cabin too, must have our comforts you know! lol!

Now I am off to do errands and then hopefully I can come home and use my new fabric cutter. It is amazing, pictures will follow!!

Shauna said...

Wow - your meal looked amazing. Could almost smell the aromas! Have to ask - what is muscadine jelly? I've never heard of it.

Needled Mom said...

Your dishes really make the Hilton feel like home!!! I'd like those Coke glasses myself!

Darla said...

You do everything with so much love for your family. They are so blessed.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Val....your mother is just so sweet and giving you those dishes was wonderful...and they are sooo pretty.

What a yummy breakfast you fixed...I bet they were too tired after eating it all to go back out hunting...they probably needed a nap.


PEA said...

Beautiful dishes indeed and I noticed the tablecloth right away too...perfect!! Your casserole looks so yummy and I do hope you'll share the recipe with us. I bet the food tastes that much better at the Sparta Hilton as well:-) xoxo

Allie said...

Both those sets of dishes are gorgeous. I love the Coke glasses too!
Breakfast looks yummy....I do love fried potatoes!

Real Life Reslers said...

mmmmmm...that breakfast casserole looks AWESOME!

Alice Grace said...

I am glad you like the dishes, and hope you enjoy them very much.
I want the breakfast casserole recipe, also! Are you going to post it?

W. Latane Barton said...

I am a dish nut.... love them...any shape, color. Dishes and shoes. Not that they go together but they are just fetishes of mine.

And, if I knew where your Sparta Hilton was there might be a little elf come creeping in around midnight and make off with some dishes!!!

They are so pretty. Your Mom's the best for sharing them with you.

Michelle said...

You are a recipient of the Sunshine Award. Please read about it on my blog entry for today.