Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Conversation Part 2

Everyone had their eyes on the "cute loud lady" with a great big smile when she moved on from the "newlywed" as she wished her luck on her marriage because as she put it....... you will need it.  She never stopped smiling even while complaining about her original design on her toe not looking good enough.  (If you have not read "The Conversation" please read last post.)

All of the sudden she saw someone else she knew.  For some reason she started downgrading women yet had a big smile on her face.  She actually made this statement:
She said: "Most women's minds are like a "cesspool."  (I thought to myself....huh???) She said, "They never try to venture out and learn that there is more to life than children, homes and marriage."  I thought to myself that even if you are not married or don't have children of your own......somewhere in your family you can be a blessing in someones life as a woman.  Then I thought to myself, she doesn't know the women in my life such as my Mother, my Granny, my Grandma, my daughters, my sisters, aunts, cousins and friends.  Then I thought.....what is more important than children, homes, and marriage?

1. A covered hole or pit for receiving drainage or sewage, as from a house.

2. A filthy, disgusting, or morally corrupt place.

This whole time that this one sided conversation was going on, I could see that some of the women were not liking what she was saying.  I didn't either.  I am sure out of all those women and 2 men in that nail salon that there were professionals, homemakers, mothers, single women, wives, etc.
I know that I feel that I have been all of theses at one time in my life.
 Women do what they have to do.

Then I realized that the lady she was talking to now, was a beautician.  All of the sudden, the "cute loud lady" asked the woman this.  "If I come to you and let you do my hair, can you make me beautiful?" (all with a big smile). She said that she wants to stay young looking and beautiful the rest of her life.   The lady told her that she was a beautician and not a magician.  I looked around the room to see several smile at this.  I don't think the beautician meant it like it sounded because I could tell they were friendly on the surface but I thought it was a great answer.

I didn't like anything this lady was saying(with a big smile on her face) but while she talked I thought the only thing to do for her would be to pray for her.  I am asking you to do the same if you are a praying person. I wondered how many people in that room were praying for her.   
I wondered why I was privileged to over hear this conversation. 
I went from feeling anger and being offended, to try to see
 the lesson that was in this for me.
Then I realized I need to read Proverbs 31:10-31.
The Virtuous Woman
She was  a trustworthy woman.
She does good and not evil.
She works willingly with her hands.
She plans her meals and does what she has to do to prepare it.
She considers others before herself.
She is a business woman.
She is strong.
She works hard and does the best that she can.
She helps the needy.
She makes sure her family is warm.
She is dressed in nice clothes.
She helps financially in the family.
She is full of wisdom and kindness.
She is not lazy.
Her children and husband are proud of her.
She is not vain.
She fears the Lord.
The fruit of her hands of her works tell her story without words.


Lessons for me:
There are too many to list. 
One of my favorite quotes says it all:

I am aware that I am less than people prefer me to be,
 but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.

Author Unknown


Granny J said...

I read both of the conversations and I'm afraid I wouldn't have been able to keep quiet.

Needled Mom said...

Very interesting. I doubt that I could have kept some thoughts to myself. How disturbing that was for everyone. do you nails look for hunting that deer???

Pat said...

I love your closing quote and am going to "borrow" it. Nice post....and that lady does seem to be very full of turmoil and insecurity inside.

Amelia said...

That woman needs our prayer and she is to be pitied...she needs love and does not know how to go about being a loving person.

I have prayed for her and people like her.

Michelle said...

You are a better woman than I am!

Alice Grace said...

Obviously this person just loved attention and did not realize that the attention she was getting was that people think less of her as a person. I prefer to be quiet in public places, as most people do, but I am like Granny J, I would probably have had to make a statement to her about her attitude!

Allie said...

I always wonder about folks like this, who are rude and mean [even with a smile] - do they have ANYONE who prays for them? Who holds them dear, loves them unconditionally, wants to see them in Heaven? I know One who loved them enough to die for take their sins, along with ours, how can we not pray for them?

My grandmother prayed for me every day [sometimes every hour] until the day she died. She persevered in prayer and did not live to see me saved. I'll be so glad to see her again. Prayer is powerful - our God is all powerful - yes, I'll pray for this woman AND for the newlywed.

Midlife Mom said...

Oh dear, what a sad situation. Sounds to me like she just is craving attention whether it be good or bad. I wonder if she was hurt very badly at some point in her life to have such a negative outlook. No matter what she needs our prayers.

I always enjoy your snippets!

Patty Sumner said...

Amen! A good lesson learned (for me too). Sometimes it is more about talking to the Father about someone rather than talking to them. Really enjoyed reading the story. Be blessed!

Love Bears All Things said...

You were so thoughtful while all this was going on...I suppose that she came to this salon just because it was a place where she could be loud and obnoxious.
Mama Bear