Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Best Friend's Sewing Cabinet

My BFF Vicki was in an antique/used furniture
store one day when she saw this little sewing cabinet.
Isn't it pretty?

Look at all the stuff that was in it. It was full. 
Vicki went up to the counter and asked how much it was.
The lady told her that she didn't want to sell it separate. 
She said she wanted to keep it with the sewing cabinet.
Vicki was confused. So she went back to where she found it.

All she saw was this beautiful armoire cabinet.  She didn't see a sewing cabinet or so she thought.

She opened this up and found this!!!
Can you believe this?

Everything that you see in it except for a couple of items was in this cabinet.

Even crochet needles!

We were wondering if any bloggers knew what this was.
We don't have a clue.

Even vintage quilt patterns and tracing paper was in this cabinet.

Look at the vintage patterns.
I LOVE it!!

As Vicki was showing me everything in it she began to open it up.

Oh yes, this billfold was in there.  The man's drivers license and a metal social security card. The man was born in 1913.
It also had his hunting and fishing license in it.  She said it was just thrown in there.
"Sweet Vicki" is going to try to find his family and give this back to them.
I knew this before she even told me. This is the kind of person she is.
She is a woman of integrity.

Here is the fun part.  See her pulling the table out.

And opening up the sewing cabinet.

Then she pushed a button and the sewing machine came up automatically.
It is the neatest thing.

This was also in there.  We think it is something with embroidery.
Do you know what all this is?

This is the box that it came in.

This is practically a new sewing machine. This sewing machine was also in this cabinet. 
Vicki said that this is not the original sewing machine though.
But it is very nice.  She was told that the lady that owned this had to downsize and could not take this cabinet with her.
I didn't ask Vicki if I could say what she paid for this but I will tell you that she got a great deal. 

But look what Vicki is sewing on......Granny would love it!
This is another deal that she found. 
Singer 401A
She took it to get it serviced and the guy told her that the machine had never even been used.
She got an unreal deal on this too!!!

Look what she is making.  It is a little bag. She had just put the zipper in it.
She said she would send me a picture when she gets it finished. 
It is so cute.

And look what she gave me.  She found this on a blog and downloaded it and folded it just for me.
It is a Pocket Stitch Book for embroidery stitches. 
I LOVE it!

This is some embroidery that she started a long time ago.
I think she is getting in the mood.  This girl is good at anything she does.
I looked at this and told her that this would look beautiful in her home.
That is probably why she didn't finish it way back then.  It was waiting on the home she has now.

Beautiful.  I can't wait to see her finish this.
She inspired me.

This is a drawer that was in that sewing cabinet that was full of scissors.

This is another drawer full of stuff.
Can you believe that she found this nice cabinet full of goodies?
I loved visiting my best friend and seeing all of her goodies.
This cabinet is a dream to me and believe me I am on the lookout for one.
But you know what?  I would be excited if I had found it but I don't think I would be anymore excited  than I am for her.   
I just had to show you all. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Val, What an exciting find for Vicki! I've never seen a cabinet like that plus all those goodies tucked inside! I am thrilled for her too ~ thank you both for sharing it with us. (love that embroidery work too.) Hope you have a good night.

Alice Grace said...

What a deal! Vicki is so blessed to have this cabinet and all the sewing items with it. I am glad she has it too. How blessed she is to have it. It was obviously previously owned by an avid seamstress! And the embroidery work is awesome! By the way, happy birthday, Vicki, on the 26th!

Allie said...

Wow. Wow. I need to go shopping with her, lol! What a wonderful find!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

That little white bag looks like eye glass repair kit. At least that is what we use ours for.
What a cabinet! It would be great to have.

caknitter said...

Wow, Vicki really scored with the beautiful cabinet. I can't believe all the great things in it. She has such a big heart for wanting to search for the family of the wallet. I hope she finds them. :-)

Connie said...

What a GREAT find! Glad for her.... I would like to make a find like that buuuut, I would have to get out more, and i don't think i would fine stuff like that at the old WAL MART! some of those things is for an emboridery machine and don't know what one package was. enjoy your story at the Starka hunting cabin, the meal look good and having the family there also make it better... going to be cold here tonight, hope you will have a bless night and stay warm!

webbsway said...

O VAl!

What a treasure and I am SO thrilled that it found its home with someone who will truly treasure it and accept it for the gift it was meant to be. :)

Michelle said...

The name for the first picture is syskrin,(translated from Norway and Sweden) which means work basket. I had one of those once, only it had legs. I bought it in 1975 for $50. I don't have it anymore. The cabinet she found is WONDERFUL! How fun! The hoop she found is so if she wants, she can lower the feed dogs, put on her stippling/darning foot and do embroidery. Did the book come with the machine? If it didn't, google the model number to look for an instruction manual. I bet she is still excited. What a deal!

Patty said...

Wow what a find. I'm glad that some one who sews found it and will use it the way it was meant to.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

WOW what an incredible sewing cabinet. I can't believe how much stuff was left in it. Hope Vicki enjoys her treasures.

Scottish Nanna said...

OH WOW that cabinet is to dream for Your friend is one very lucky girl.
Hugs Mary.

Ruth said...

Oh my, what precious treasure Vicki found!! She deserves to have all those blessings. I see she's such a sweet person.
Thanks for sharing.

Darla said...

JACKPOT! I would love poking around in that cabinet and sewing basket. Let us know if she finds the family of the wallet. What a perfect Christmas gift for them. The plastic bag lookslike it contains tools ..

Libby said...

What a wonderful treasure!! I can just imagine Vicki spending hours going through that cabinet...I know I would!!
Thanks to both of you for sharing! It is beautiful!

ddogood said...

Wow, that is amazing! I'm drooling over here. LOL! This is now on the top of my list of things I'm looking for. Thanks for Sharing Val.


Granny J said...

Irregardless of whatever price she paid for it, she made a wonderful find. I love, love, love that cabinet.

Lori said...

That's what I call being in the right place at the right time! What a find!

Michelle said...

Looks like precision screw drivers in that bag.

Glenda said...

That's an amazing cabinet! Every seamstress' dream! I'm sure the original owner would be glad to know it was purchased by someone who would really appreciate it.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm so jealous! What a wonderful find. Can you ask her where she found the little book she printed for you? I'd love to print one for a friend and one for me. blessings, marlene

^A^ngel said...

What a beautiful find.. it is definitely something to treasure...

Whats inside of the little transparent bag is a set of screw drivers...for tiny things like glasses and other thinks with tiny screws...



Kristi Morgan said...

Hi Valerie, Aunt Vicki showed me that cabinet when I was at her house the other night, she did find a treasure and I was so happy for her.... I agree with all of your sweet comments about my auntie!!! She is the best auntie in the world and I love her very much!!!!!