Monday, November 29, 2010

Sparta Hilton: Simple Things

Remember Granny's bed?  Here is is with a beautiful chenille bedspread on it.
My "Sweet Mother In Law" went to an estate sale and bought this for 5.00.
I love it!

We spent the holidays at the Sparta Hilton and I loved being there.
The first night I made my Mom's special recipe.
Since there were only the 2 of us I split the Spaghetti Casserole in to 2 pans.
I baked one and froze one.

This is my dream bed.  I love it.  It is a king size bed with a pillow top that feels like a cloud and I found it at an estate sale a while back.  You may remember me saying that I would not like buying a used mattress but the lady told me that this one had only been slept on 3 times and then it was in her guest room. She even gave me the original papers where it had just been purchased a few months before.  I paid 150.00 for a 1300.00 mattress & foundations.  It is wonderful.
This is the bed that I am making the deer quilt for. Remember?  The one that my "sweet hunter" asked me to let Granny make so he would see it in his lifetime?  Of course I said that I would do it and didn't ask Granny.  We didn't know then that Granny would be gone.  And of course the quilt is not started yet.  I am shooting for Christmas though!!  We will see.

This is Granny's little twin bed.  I put the quilt that my dad made me on it. 
The pillow is one that my granddaughter, "Sweet Teen" made for me.
I love it.

I am so excited about this. We haven't had a microwave at the SH until now.
My Mother actually bought us one at an estate sale.
Then my nephew saw it and he had just bought a new home and he wanted to trade the one that came with his house for that one.  My Mom told him that I would not mind so I got his.  It is old but I love it. Thank you Mom & Matt!!

Now you may ask yourself "why" is she taking pics of ice trays.
The reason is this is the first time that we have had ice that wasn't bought in a bag at the Sparta.
At home we don't think a thing about going to the refrig and pushing a button and getting our ice automatically in our glass.  I love ice trays. Sometimes simple is better.

Now this is a luxury that my "Sweet Hunter" added to the Sparta. 
He loves to know the inside and outside temps all the time.
It actually got down pretty cold there this weekend.
The low was 29 so that fire sure did feel good.

Granny's wardrobe is working great for our little closet at the Sparta.
Nails on the wall work great for hanging my robe and his hunting hats.

This is Granny's dresser that goes with her bed. 
I didn't realize that the vacuum cleaner cords were showing so please excuse that.
I have 2 kerosene lamps on her little dresser just in case the power goes out but we broke the globes so we have got to replace those.  These kerosene lamps were from  "Sweet Hunter's" grandmother.

Well, look who surprised us by coming to the Sparta Hilton this weekend.
"The honeymooners!"  Big Sis is baking a cake for us.

And Lane is going hunting!!!

I think "Big Sis" feels at home at the Sparta.
She loves to cook. 
This is one of her specialty's and is delicious.
It is a caramel cake.  If you would like the recipe click here.

This is our Thanksgiving supper at the Sparta and it was delicious if I say so myself.

Do you like our Thanksgiving china???

I think "Big Sis" is at home here at the Sparta! 
Here she is all covered up on Granny's couch sound asleep.
We like this hunting thing!!!

Oh yes, I decorated for Christmas at the Sparta too!!!

I am finding out that we sure don't need all the things that we think we need.
If that is the lesson that I am learning from having the Sparta Hilton, I am getting it.
Simple is good.

We may not get a deer but I can tell you this....we eat well.
Note: "Sweet Hunter" has saw deer, but he is so choosy because he wants the big boy. He has already killed a doe so we have meat in the freezer.
So now he lets them walk if they are not big.  I admire my "sweet hunter" for that.
This hunting thing is harder than you think.

Breakfast at the Sparta Hilton.

We look forward to having many more good times with family and friends at this little hunting cabin. If you are looking for malls, movie theatres, etc.  It is not here. What is here is hunting, rest, & good food & the freedom to do whatever we want, whenever you want to.  There is a little restaurant about 25 miles away but once we get to the Hilton, we don't even want to leave. Sometimes our truck does not move until we have to go home.
This little simple place grows on you.  It is hard to leave once you get there.
Simple.  I think that is what I love about it.  Simple.  


caknitter said...

Your meals always look so delicious. So nice to see you had a pleasant Thanksgiving. :-)

Allie said...

Val, I think this place is just so special - with Granny's things and keeping it simple, it's the perfect place to enjoy each other. You've made it the perfect getaway for sure. I just love it!

Michelle said...

I agree. Simple is better. Now if I could just finish getting all my decluttering done!

Anonymous said...

Morning Val, I loved the tour of the SH. I am so glad the honeymooners could join you. The food looks wonderful! I'll have to copy the caramel cake recipe. It is so nice that you have a quiet, simple place to escape to and be surrounded by so many cherished items from loved ones. I love the little Christmas tree!

Granny J said...

I think your Sparta Hilton is so cute. Spending time with those you love is the most important thing you can do any time during the year.

Amelia said...

Really enjoyed the tour of Sparta Hilton and seeing all the "new" things added.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Love your pictures Val. What a lovely Thanksgiving you enjoyed. The china dishes were so impressive :-) Thanks for the little tour. Hope the hunters do well.

Libby said...

Everything looks so warm and usual!! Ya'll have made such a sweet comforting hideaway!! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Needled Mom said...

I love the simple too, Val. Would you believe that I still use my old ice trays because I hate the shape of the ones that come from the ice maker. They always end up sideways and block my Coke!!! Maybe I need square glasses????

Glad the honeymooners were able to make it up. Yeah!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I've been working hard to simplify my life Val but it seems so hard to do at home, don't you think? blessings, marlene

Glenda said...

I think I could leave all "my stuff" behind and live at the Sparta Hilton! Looks like you had a fun holiday!

lindsey said...

The Sparta Hilton sound 'just up my street' how great to be able to get awy from it all. We bought ourselves a little cravan this summer, its great and only big enough for the two of us!! You have certainly done the Hilton up beautifully!

Alice Grace said...

We sure missed you at Thanksgiving at my house, and the Honeymooners, also! But I am glad you got to get away and enjoy your time together.
It really looks very comfortable there.

Patty Sumner said...

You know I love a good bargain and it seems you have found many. I love, love, love the wonderful things that were your Granny's. How wonderful for her legacy to live on! Enjoy you wonderful simple times at the Sparta Hilton! Blessings!

snore stop said...

The food looks wonderful! I'll have to copy the caramel cake recipe.

Darla said...

The decorations bed/quilts are sure making the Sparta one cozy little Inn. There is a quality of peace in keeping things simple.