Creative Birthday Party!

I just had to show you "Little D's" Birthday Shirt!
Our daughter "May May" came to me and asked me if I knew how to do reverse applique.
I didn't. So she did it.  It was so cute.  The fabric on his "2" is the same as the table cloth fabric
at his party!  I am proud of "May May"!!!

This is "Little D's" second birthday party.
His Mom (our daughter) did a construction theme.
I just had to show you the pictures.
She is so creative.

Birthday Boys Chair!

Dirt cake with Gummy worms in the back of this dump truck!

This board was eventually filled with Pizza Slices!

This is the gift table.  I took this picture before the gifts were there.
Each child got a hat to wear!

There's our birthday boy!!!

This is the fabric that she used for the table cloth!

"Little D" had his very own cupcake!!

Proud Parents!!!

The tag in the cupcakes say.....
Dig In As Davis Turns 2!

There were about 40 people there.
It was the cutest little party!
We think we have the most creative daughter ever!

And this is us....
The Proud Grandparents!
Happy Birthday "Little D"!
Happy Birthday to "May May" too!!
Didn't our daughter do a great job???
It was the cutest party!


Allie said…
Wow - she should be doing this for money! That's wonderful - Happy Birthday Little D!
snore stop said…
The party is really enjoyable.The little cupcake is looking amazing.
caknitter said…
Your daughter and her husband are such a goodlooking couple, it's not wonder they had such a cute little boy. Happy Birthday to Little D! Such a perfect theme for an active boy. :-)
Darla said…
What a fun way to celebrate the Big "2"!!
Libby said…
SWEET!! I love the construction cupcakes! She did a wonderful job! Thanks for sharing the pics with us!
That is the CUTEST birthday party ever! I can't even ice a sheet cake let alone yummy cupckaes decorated and the whole palce was adorable!
What wonderful ideas she came up with..I love it all...will make great scrapbook pages.
Mama Bear
Needled Mom said…
How sweet and it sounds like the perfect party for a little 2 year old boy. She is very clever.
Rhonda said…
very cute and creative! My grandson will be 2 next month. I think I will copy that sweet shirt idea for him.
Patty Sumner said…
How precious and truly creative your daughter is. The party looked like so much fun. You are blessed!
Oh my I miss doing littles ones birthday parties!!! and that is one very "sweet" party!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie
I have to agree....darling party!
PEA said…
I'd like her to plan my next birthday party!! lol She certainly did do a wonderful job, I just love all the little details she added. Talent runs in your family:-) Happy "belated" Birthday Little D!! xoxo