Making Gift Jars

My 3 daughters, my Mom & grandchildren had planned a night to eat,
play Christmas music, and make Gift Jars together.

We had the date and time planned.
We were so organized.

The day came and then we found out
that several of the Grands were sick.

So here we are......
Just me and Maranda (Big Sis)!

We still had a lot of fun though.
Each one of us had picked something to fix and
then we were suppose to exchange so we would all have a variety of gifts.
Since there were only the 2 of us this is what we came up with!
(Well, actually there were 3 of us-"Sweet Hunter" turned our
Christmas Music off and turned the ball game on!!!!)
After all, he is the king of this place!!!
(In other words....he is spoiled rotten but I love it!) lol.
I chose Confetti Bean Soup!
"Big Sis" made Hot Chocolate Mix.

We both found recipes online and printed them out.

And yes, I do have P.J.'s on!!!
I love pajamas like some love shoes!

Here are the gift jars all finished.
Aren't they so pretty?

We were going to do the fabric on top but once we found these lids
we just loved them. Some were the red and white and some were silver.
I found the jars at Walmart.
I think they are Better Homes and Gardens Jars.
Too Cute!

I loved the way the bean soup looked in the jars.
We cooked it and it is so delicious!

What ya think???

I loved the recipe label.

If my Mom, "May May", "Trouble" and the Grands
had gotten to come we would have had a lot of jars to exchange.
But it was still fun just me and "Big Sis"!!!
These would make great gifts anytime of year!
Whatsoever your hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might.....
Ecclesiastes 9:10


Mrs. Stam said…
those are the best gifts :-) you did a great job on them :-)
Allie said…
Those are so great Val! How long do they stay fresh?
Susannah said…
It sounds like it was fun for you and Big Sis. And aren't they nice gifts? I am always looking for somthing to give to someone. These are the labels.

Right now, I could take some of that hot chocolate mix!!

Hi...I just popped over from Bears at Home since I saw your link and wanted to pay you a visit.

Hope your week and new year so far, has treated you well.
Oh Val these are just wonderful and even though you didn't have everyone there it was quality time with Big Sis....they all look very delicious.
Alyssa said…
i wish i got to come but i had the flu
Darla said…
Well, I think I'm going to be a copycat!!! Love the p.j.'s.
Granny said…
I've saved your post so that I can refer back to in this fall. I love being able to give little gifts to people and these are perfect. Just in case your post is gone by fall I went back just now and saved the recipes. ;)
Linda said…
What a great idea for gifts, especially for someone who has everything....
Anonymous said…
Wow, what a great idea and what beautiful results!
Needled Mom said…
As well as having a great time preparing them, they make fabulous gifts!
Pat said…
What fun...even if the night didn't go as you'd hoped with so many sick that day.
Great idea....years ago, I bought a package of Calico Bean Soup at a Craft Festival...the beginning of many years of making it at home...
By the way I love pajamas too...Whenever I go to a department store or TJ Maxx, I always go to that department to see what is on sale...I usually end up buying separates, though because I wear a larger size on top...I like my tops long too and so often they seem to be too short...another thing we have in common.
Mama Bear
Shauna said…
What a great idea Val to have a gift making exchange! and a fun way to spend time with family!! The bean soup looks good.
PEA said…
I think Gifts in a Jar are some of the best gifts ever! I've only ever received them one time but I just loved it:-) I have one booklet that has many recipes for various Gifts in a Jar like that, I should give them a try for next Christmas. Such a shame there ended up being only you and your sister but it still looks and sounds like you had a great time:-) xoxo