Crocheting Teaching Moments - Grandchildren

Before I could start to teach anyone how to crochet I needed to teach myself.

I knew a few stitches but have never completed anything except a lap afghan
that I made years ago for my grandmother.

So I decided to buy the Peaches and Cream 100%
 cotton yarn at Walmart and make a dish cloth!!

Well I loved doing this!  They aren't perfect but it was so much fun!

I gave all of my children one for Christmas along with some other goodies.
I have made several and gave close friends and family a dish cloth.
So far everyone loves them!
They are so much fun to make.

So I decided it was time for a teachable moment with my Granddaughters!

Excuse the messiness but we were having fun and doing a little bit of everything!

These 2 Grands were determined and caught on pretty quick.

I taught them how to put it on the needle and then the chain stitch.

I love seeing their hands working.

I think that they loved learning!
They told their Mom that they loved coming to Gran's house!

I used this time to tell them stories that they loved hearing.
I also taught "Sweet Teen" how to do a half double crochet.
She is going to practice at home.

I share with them both how important it is to learn these things.
I told them that if they don't learn then they can't teach their children
 one day and it would be a lost art.

I am so proud of them for being interested and wanting to learn.
Brother was in and out but wasn't interested in it.
He was playing with his ipod and watching t.v.
Next time I will have to find something that he would like to learn.
hhhmmmmm.......wonder if he wants to help me paint a table.......that is a manly thing, right?
I love my children more than life itself. 

But there is something about grandchildren.
Is it a second chance?

Is it that the things we thought were important when raising
our children, just aren't as important as we thought they were?

I don't know the answer but I do know that when I leave this world
I want my grandchildren to know that I spent time with them.

I want them to know that I taught them something.
I want to teach them to love the Lord and depend on him.
I want them to know that all the answers are in the Bible.
I want them to remember us making biscuits and cornbread together.
I want them to remember that their home is your sanctuary.
I want them to be happy inside themselves.
I want them to know that life is not easy.
I want them to know hard work means a lot.
I want them to know that quitting is not the thing to do.
I want them to learn that complaining gives Satan a foothold.
I want them to know that "stuff" doesn't mean anything.
I want them to remember laughing and playing.
I want them to know how to plant a garden.
I want to teach them to pray and then get up
and do something to make the answer come.
I want them to know that I loved them and remember how much they loved me.
I want them to remember me.
I want them to stop and smell the roses.
I want them to teach their children what I teach them plus more.
I want them to Pass it on.
I cannot imagine any deeper love.
I can't wait to see how it feels with great grandchildren!!!!
(but not anytime soon!!!lol)

I am thankful grandchildren.


caknitter said…
Aw, this makes my heart beat with joy! Your grandkids are so fortunate to be learning about so many great crafts. I can't wait to see what they come up with when their projects are finished.
Allie said…
I love crocheting dishcloths, and using them - they seem to be universally loved! So glad you're passing it on Val, I love this post SO much.
Tina said…
Isn't being a grandma the greatest? I've been trying to teach my daughter and granddaughter how to crochet. I need to take photos like you have...I want them to remember these moments.
Thank you for sharing your poem. I loved it!
Libby said…
Those pictures are so so sweet! I think you are the best Grandmother!! I know that your Grandkids must LOVE to come to your house!! It makes me sad to think that my own parents live right across the street from me and (until last year my sister and her kids) never even tried to have a relationship with our kids!!

Keep up the good work Val! It is important and worthy!
Amelia said…

Do teach those grandchildren this. It brings to mind in my own life I thought my Mother would always be around to teach me to crochet (she was fabulous in that dept.) but she was killed in a car wreck and I never had the chance to learn from her. There was a lady at work who crocheted on our lunch hour but I could not watch because watching her hands move reminded me of my precious Mother.

So even if it takes lots of encouragement on your part...teach the grandgirls how to do all you know.
Granny said…
I always love seeing pictures of you with your grands and hearing about the things you do. I learned to crochet when I was a small child and have enjoyed it every since that time. Sweet teen will probably have an afghan finished by next week at the rate she goes. lol There are several video tutorials on the internet that really help to teach how to crochet. I'm glad you're passing on the love of crochet. There are so many cute colors and fun patterns for them to work with.
Susannah said…
You already are a great grandmother ..but I know what you mean. Wonderful, wonderful post! I try to do all of those things ...not as often as I would like...but we do get together as much as we can. They really want to be with me so I must be doing something right!!!!!!!! We have many "talks".

Maria said…
It is just so much fun to spend time with your GC and teach them different crafts.
Needled Mom said…
It brings back memories of working with my grandmother. I just love the intense looks on their faces, Val. It will be a hobby of theirs for life.
That's one of the reasons I moved back here close to my daughter before Honey Bear retired. I didn't want to miss their childhood...
My grandmother tried to teach me to crochet..I did a little but never got it right then when we bought our first house, the lady across the house crocheted and she helped me learn more...then I taught my sister. The hardest thing to teach someone is how to control the tension on your fingers...I haven't tried to teach the Princess yet...
Mama Bear
Beautiful post Valerie. My Mom used to crochet, but I never learned how. Now my daughter can crochet so beautifully, but she learned from a friend. I have so many things that my Mom had made, and I treasure each one of them.
Mrs. Stam said…
What a beautiful post and beautiful taught!!!
You have left a legacy with your children, you have given them some memories and taught them so much. You have given them the ability to share those with their own children now.

What is even more beautiful is being able to share again with grand children, give a little more of you, so that they will share "you" to their own children and children children!!!!

I think that leaving "us" behind is wonderful, it may done perfectly, without any glitch but it does leave a imprint in other peoples lives!

God does ask us to leave a legacy behind, and that is to share about Him and what He did for generation to comes!!!!
Patty Sumner said…
Val, how and your Grand-daughters...what a beautiful picture of you teaching them. I too, want to leave a legacy for my Grandchildren. I agree so much with the tidbits from your heart. You are right, Grandchildren are a new opportunity to start new. I so enjoy mine! Blessings!
Hi Val,
I couldn't have said it any better. Grandchildren are so precious, and I love mine dearly. I have lost one of mine, which makes them all the more precious. You are the best Mom and Grandma . Your posts have shown what a good, kind, and loving person you are. Granny is probably smiling down on you, and beaming with pride right now. Have a wonderful weekend.
Lotsa Hugs,
Alice Grace said…
Beautiful post! Well, I want to let you know that "great-grandchildren" are just as loved as "grandchildren"....since those are MY Great-grandchildren in this post! There is so much joy in watching them grow up, and since we have a new one in our family, there is always room for one more! How exciting it is that the Lord has provided us with the blessings that children bring into our lives. I wish I had been as good a grandmother as you are being.
Oh you are sooo fortunate to have grand children--enjoy every single moment with them--even if you aren't teaching them anything--bless you!
Glenda said…
I love the serious looks on the girls' faces as they are crocheting! What sweet girls they must be! Since you are a hunter, too, I think you should take your grandson to the Sparta Hilton and give him a few lessons in hunting. Not many little boys have grandmothers who can teach them to hunt. :) Got the package today and will present it to Mendy tomorrow.
Can't wait!!!!
Rhonda said…
Val, these snippets from your heart so sweet and exactly how I feel about my 2 sweet little grandbabies.
thank you for sharing.
Marydon said…
G'eve Val ~ How is sweet teen & her quilting coming along. I think of her often. Love these pics of the kid-lings ... so intent but having a good time.

I just taught ours how to weave a potholder, like we did as kids ... they were so cute! I think it is important they they learn the simpler things in life that we did as children.

Hope your New Year is full of joyous wonderment. Miss you ...
Hugs & love, Marydon
Williams Arena said…
My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 7. I spent the night with her and she gave me a skein of red yarn and a crochet hook. Before I went home the next day, I had finished a red crochet purse.

Your grandchildren will always remember the afternoon you taught them how to crochet.
I can't believe it! Your dishcloths look just like mine! There are so many patterns out there, but yours are exactly like mine! How many single chains do you make? I do 24, and 14 rows. No one ever taught me how to do this, I played around until I figured it out and those seemed to be the right size to me! I'm doing a dishcloth swap on the Mary Janes Farmgirls forum , too, so it will be interesting to see what kind I will get back - will it be knitted or crocheted? A fancy pattern or very simple? I think it will be fun!

Thanks for sharing with us! Becky
webbsway said…
I wish more children could be lucky enough to have Grandmother Val's in their lifes. You are such a treasure. :)
awwww that's wonderful!! i have learned so many things from my grandma.
Last week I got to teach my 19 year old granddaughter to make a mug rug - she's never wanted to sew before. :) When you get a big stack of those dish cloths made and are ready to share I want to be first on your list! blessings, marlene
Martha said…
Will you teach me how to crochet too?
PEA said…
Just look at the concentration on their faces....precious indeed! These are moments the girls will remember forever with an added bonus that it was all caught on pictures:-) It's no wonder they love coming to your house, I would too!!! xoxo
Lori said…
I can't wait until my grands are old enough to share things like this with. What a sweet post!
What a wonderful post - just love those photos of your teaching your granddaughters - too fun!!!
Anonymous said…
You are so blessed to have children and grandchildren to share these special times with. I love the determination on their faces and like you, I love seeing their young hands at work/play just as I loved seeing Granny's hands at work! God bless you all dear friend.
Jenn said…
I love this! You know I am all about handwork with children. :0) Thanks for sharing!! Super sweet thoughts on the grands. I wish sometimes my children had grand-parents like you!