What More Can I Say?

Some People build Snowmen. I take pictures!
This was took through my screen on my porch
so it is kind of fuzzy.
8 inches of snow!

Our Creek

Our Frozen Pond

I love our birds!

And I even love the squirrels if they stay off my bird feeders.

You have to look really close to see this woodpecker.
He just would not be still for the camera! 

What more can I say?
It was a wonderful day.

Today I am thankful for......snow days!


Wanda said…
What beautiful pictures. We got about 5 inches and now it's turned to icy mix, yuk. Keep up the pictures they are gorgeous.

Libby said…
Wonderful pictures Val!!! I went out first thing and put out birdseed! I love watching the little birds! They had their feathers all fluffed up today!!
Stay Warm,
Kim said…
Oh Val, it's so pretty! I am excited for you that you are getting all that snow this year. We have some heading our way tonight and tomorrow, so hopefully we will have a snow day. Your bird pictures are gorgeous :)
Granny said…
I love the bird pictures. I'm glad you're enjoying the snow.
So beautiful! I could identify all but one of the birds - gonna have to get my book out on that blue/black one!
Amelia said…
Loved the pictures...best way to handle a snow...stay inside...as much as you can.
Anonymous said…
Wow Val! Those are some awesome pictures! Isn't nature beautiful...from the inside looking out!?~!! LOL

We are getting a winter storm in the middle of tonight. I hope there is just no ice involved!
Allie said…
Those birds look a bit cross, lol - your pictures are beautiful, Val, stay warm!
I just love love love those photos--thank you for taking them and for sharing them--keep warm!!
Hugs,Di and miss gracie
Wow! Beautiful. We are supposed to get some snow here in WV tonight....we'll see tomorrow!
Your bird pictures and the Snow is beautiful. We have a couple of inches here, suppose to amount to about 6 by morning.
That's okay with me, I'm off work, got a quilt in the frame to work on, and got invited to neighbors for dinner tomorrow night.
Now if I could just find time to scrub the kitchen! LOL
Lori said…
Your pictures are beautiful! My favorite is the comical fluffy looking bird on the edge of the roof. :) And I'm glad it's you and not us getting the snow this time. It might as well snow where people consider it a treat instead of in the same spots all the time. Spreading the wealth!
Wow Val! What beautiful pictures. You captured the birds beautifully.
webbsway said…
I love the pictures too! I even did spot the woodpecker ! Isn't it amazing when you start to see things through the eyes of the camera - that our Father has created a majestic masterpiece. Keep up the great work.
Patty Sumner said…
I love all the pictures of the birds. The snow is so beautiful. We have around 7 or so inches and are expecting more over the next two days. Enjoy all the beautiful sights around you and keep feeding those birds. blessings
Glenda said…
Your snow pictures are just beautiful! I didn't realize you had that wonderful porch. I'm honored that you made my blog the "blog of the week" and I hope "sweet teen" will try the tissue holders!
Michelle said…
Yea, what Lori said! (By the way, I know Lori, have met her, and she is a sweetie!)

Love the black and white pictures with colored birds. You should make a snow calendar from those pictures!
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful snow and photos of the birds too. Is that much snow rare in your area? It is snowing here and supposed to continue most of the day.
Darla said…
Geez Louise!! Pretty and pretty cold I bet. Love the puffed up Cardinals...that really shows how cold is must have been.
Needled Mom said…
That red cardinal in the snow is so striking!! It really is beautiful. You have certainly had a wild winter this year.
Anonymous said…
Hi Val, Your snow is just beautiful. I love the photos of your birds - they really 'pop' against all that snow! I love the peace and quiet that comes with snowfall. Enjoy your time at home and get some well deserved rest.
Alice Grace said…
The pictures of the birds are wonderful! I am glad you got the snow you love!
How's your snowy neck of the woods today? Hope you're staying warm and haven't got cabin fever!
Nanci said…
I love cardinals! my friend hasthem in her back yard, but we are in a new subdivision, so my side of the street doesn't have the trees that she backs to.
if you like crochet, pop over to my blog of yesterday...crocheting at the max!
lovely blog, I'll be back. I found you through Quilt Gal.
SewAmy said…
I am so jealous of all the cute critters you have in your yard.
Terry said…
What beautiful pictures! :0)