Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Daddy's Quilts

What does this remind you "Granny Fans" of?
Remember when I started selling Granny's quilts
she had several stacks like this.
This is one of Daddy's stacks.

He is making quilts as fast as Granny was and he is enjoying it so much!

This quilt looks pink but it is really more of a pinkish red to me!
This is my favorite one so far!

He reminds me so much of Granny.
When I go over to his house he doesn't
stop sewing until he finishes a row.

Then he starts showing me his stash!
Isn't this wonderful?
I have sold 2 of Daddy's quilts so far and I have bought 3.
He has sold 4 or 5 to friends and family.
Here are the ones that are for sale right now.
If you are interested let me know.

Quilt # 1 for sale.
This is my 2nd favorite quilt!
Daddy sells his quilts for 60.00 plus shipping.

Quilt #2 for sale
Just email if you are interested in any of these.
There will be more soon. 
Sold to Jeannie B.
Thank you!!

Quilt #3 For sale
They are all full size quilts.
I will be putting these on my sidebar soon.

Quilt #4 for sale
Daddy measures his quilts just like Granny did.
You are a no reply blogger so I can't send you an email so I am answering your question here.
This quilt is blue and green and I would think would be great for a boy!. 
Contact me with your email if you are interested. 
Thank you.

Quilt #5 For sale
This quilt is made of blocks from several quilts.
It is so pretty.

Quilt #6 For sale
This is the one that Daddy is holding above.
My favorite one.
Granny's PERFECT Quilt

It is PERFECT. Perfectly PERFECT. Oh I don't mean perfect stitches, or perfect seams, or perfectly square. It is PERFECT for snuggling under on a rainy, dreary day. It is PERFECT for wrapping up a grandchild who is spending the night. It is PERFECT for making a house when draped over a chair & an end table. It is PERFECT for winding around and around a doll. It is PERFECT for covering up in the car when the air conditioning is on full blast. It is PERFECT for laying on the carpet and putting a baby down for his nap. God has touched Granny's heart and her hands, and her life. He has made her an artist. He has given her the gift of PERFECT quilts.

This was written about Granny's quilts by Marlene in Oct. of 2009 when she purchased one for herself.  I will never forget when I read this.  It said it all.  It even means more to me now that Granny is gone to be with the Lord.  If you would like to read the original post that she wrote when she bought her "Granny" quilt go Here.  I think this same thing can be written about my Daddy's quilts.  He is following in his Mothers footsteps and I know that she is so proud of him. 
 I know I am.
So now I guess we can say.......

"Daddy's Perfect Quilts"
                              Thank you Marlene!

Don't forget to visit Sweet Teen's blog! You will make her day!

Today I am thankful for..........My Daddy!


Patty Sumner said...

How Precious Val! He does a great job. The little poem written about your Granny's quilt is so true. I know you will continue to cherish that one. Blessings!

Allie said...

It must be genetic - look what Granny started!!! His quilts are gorgeous, I think that pink one is my favorite too!

Tina said...

The quilts are beautiful. It's not very often that you see a man take up quilting like he has. That's really special!

Alice Grace said...

Great job! Looking like he is really enjoying his new hobby!

Granny said...

That is so special that he has taken up quilting. I still remember the first time I found your blog. I spent hours reading every single post. Then my computer crashed and I didn't find your blog again until after Granny has gone to be with the Lord.

That poem about your Granny's quilt is precious.

Anonymous said...

Your Dad makes beautiful quilts and I know Granny would be so pleased!

Jeannie B. said...

They are beautiful! I love his color choices and I love the one I have that Granny made.

Heidi said...

I love them. They do remind me so much of Granny's quilts. I have two of her quilts and we love them so much. We use them all the time. They are toasty warm and super soft.

Rhonda said...

I will show this to my brother. He was here last weekend and he got my mothers old Singer machine, I don't think he ever sewed or watched any of his female relatives sew. But he is a very smart guy, if he wants to quilt, I am sure he will.
I wonder if your Granny talking about quilts with my Grandma and MiMi up in heaven right now :)

Libby said...

This is so sweet Val!!! I am sure quilting is helping him heal..just like it has helped people for years!!
btw..I am really enjoying your bird pics!!

Needled Mom said...

Your daddy reminds me so much of your Granny. They both have the same love for their quilting as well as the same dedication to the sewing.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh Valerie, what a sweet post. You Daddy is doing such an amazing job making the quilts. I am sure it was hard for him at first, but he is certainly taking up where Granny left off. SO when are YOU going to join this dynamic duo??

PEA said...

Oh Valerie, it made me tear up when I saw these pictures. I remember after Granny died, your dad didn't want to go back to making quilts...what a blessing that he's now back at it:-) This is what Granny would have wanted and I'm sure she's looking over his shoulder and saying, yes that's right, that's the right stitch...:-) He's made such gorgeous quilts so far and no doubt he will have no trouble selling them. I use the one I bought from Granny every day when I sit to watch the evening news while having my cup of tea:-) xoxo

Anna said...

Wow, those are beautiful! I wish I could do that.

Jenn said...

Val, is number 4 purple or brown? I need a few "manly" ones for my boys. No flowers or anything. LOL

Jenn said...

oops, sorry, I meant #3!

Connie said...

It is so wonderful that he is carrying on with granny quilts, they do look like her, all are so pretty.The poem is so true. As for me Mmy house is very busy with the grands when i have them all, my older grandaughter who is 18 say she can hear me say ,Lord get me thru this day, and he does.I have a 11 year old and 10 year old twin and a 8 and 4 and 3 and it s busy, love them all to piece! and they love being here.Thanks for your comment, stay warm, love Connie

AmyW said...

Hi Valerie,
Krista came by this afternoon with her RAK quilt. It was beautiful!! She was so tickled. Please tell your dad that the she loved the quilt. Thank you so much for making our day. (btw- pink is her favorite color)

Blessings -Amy

dining room table said...

Great job on the quilts! I always envy people who knows how to make one.

Thearica said...

Granny is smiling down from Heaven! How can she not be!

I would love to send your dad some fabric just like I did for Granny.. Do you think he would like that?