Going, Going.......NOT Yet!

We live across a small mountain but when it snows it is a very dangerous road.
I heard that it will probably be closed until the rain comes in to melt the ice and snow.
Evidently that car coming slowly down the hill didn't read the signs on the other side of the mountain.

This is what is left of my okra down in the garden!
I had some drying on the plants.
I think I am a little late!!!
It is not dry now!

We border a watershed lake down at the foot of our property.
It is a  very pretty lake but the beavers have it dammed up right now
 so it looks like a swamp now.
Before we bought this property we came and fished in that watershed lake.
It was me, "Sweet Hunter" and our friend Eddie. 
We have been here 15 years and I think "Sweet Hunter" & a friend has fished it one time since.

Everybody needs a barn!
We love ours!

We have stocked our pond with catfish for our Grands!!!
I don't think we will be fishing in this frozen pond anytime soon!

I just can't help myself.
I love the snow.
I love being snowed in.

I have cooked, cleaned, organized and just enjoyed being home.
"Sweet Hunter" was getting spoiled so he had to go to work!

The main roads in town are good but
 these back roads still have a ways to go.
I think I am one of the few people that loves to be home.
I don't get cabin fever!
I am not ready for the snow to go away.
But I think this weekend it will be
Going, Going, Gone but NOT yet!!!

This is our well house.
We have the best well water.
It comes straight from a spring. 
When it is this cold we have to put a light in the
well house to keep it from freezing or we will wake up to 
Today I am thankful for.......water and electricity.
I will be putting daddys quilts on the sidebar so you can see them if interested.
I just had to tell you that Angel is following in Sweet Teen's  footsteps!
Isn't that sweet?
Make sure and visit my "Blog Pick" for the week!!
Glenda is an awesome grandmother and a great blogging friend.
 She has posted a simple tutorial on her blog that we can all do with our Grands!!!


I think somebody could use a "barn quilt"
Have a great weekend!
anti snore said…
The pictures are marvelous.ah very cool!
Granny said…
I never get cabin fever either. I keep so busy that I don't get bored.

I love it that you're going to post pictures of your dad's quilts. I'm sure Granny would be proud of him.
Anonymous said…
The snow has been so pretty! We dug out yesterday and I made it to the grocery store. Your lake is beautiful covered with ice. I am following Sweet Teen's blog and I am off now to visit Angel. Hope you have a nice, warm weekend. Enjoy!
Alice Grace said…
I am glad you have enjoyed the snow! I know you have enjoyed getting a lot done at home, along with all that good food you have been cooking!
Dot said…
Hi Val, it looks like you really had deep snow and ice. We were able to get out yesterday and make a mad dash to the grocery store. Hopefully today most of the roads in Jackson County will be clear. Stay warm and safe.
Crystal Mary said…
I love love love your photos. So serene and snow is so pretty. I lived in TN for 3 yrs. While there my American hubby took me on his Harley over to Georgia to visit a friend. This friend also had a well outback of his house. He kept telling my hubby about that well outback. But his accent sounded like whale to me, I wondered how on earth he could have a whale out there...finally I realised what he was saying.
And my accent had many of my work mates and patients wondering what I was saying at times. We live in a beautiful world..you portray it very well with you wonderful photography. Bless you.
Darla said…
You are manipulating that new camera very well. Please do join the photo contest over at GGW.
Libby said…
Your pics are beautiful!! I love being snowed in too!! I love being at home! Have fun and stay warm!
Amelia said…
Love the snow pictures...it is wonderful to have the snow as long as you don't have to drive to work in it...did that too many years...in fact several times I got a hotel room not far from the office instead of driving...and my company paid the tab...told them I would stay home but they wanted me there so they were willing to pick up the hotel tab.

Spring is not far off...we will be able to work in the gardens once again.
I love snow and being snowed in too, Val, but not without water and electricity. Thank God, I kept both this time. Love your pictures.
Very beautiful pictures Val. It's nice to stay in and get things done.
Mrs. Stam said…
what a beautiful propriety!!!! I'm a bit envious!!!! Someday Lord willing will move further in the country!!!
Patty Sumner said…
I love the snow too and I love being snowed in. I love well water. It always taste so good. I hope yours does not freeze up in this weather. Everything looks beautiful. Blessings Val!
Connie said…
I enjoy being snow in but don't like it cause the family have to be out to work, really enjoy your pictures very pretty. Our snow is almost gone the sun was out pretty today and a lot warmer. Stay warm, Thanks for showing the pictures, it is kind of like going somewhere.
I always have things to do and I don't mind being "apartment" stuck either!!!
Love all those pictures--you did a great job--
Hugs, Di
Allie said…
Val, I enjoy it too - I love being at home! Too bad nobody delivers groceries around here, lol. AND fabric.
You guys need to get out there and do some ice fishing!
webbsway said…
What wonderful pictures of your "white treasures"!

I absolutely loved your post about how you loved being home - I am the Very Same way! I have always told DH that we are so blessed to have a home -there are a LOT of people that do not .