Party Planner

Yesterday was my birthday but I had a special party planner that
planned this party last Saturday night! 
My little "Angel"!!!

Angel called everyone in my immediate family and told them what time, what to bring
and got it all together.  She is amazing!
We had taco salads and lots of desserts!

This is "Big Sis", Brother & Little D in the massage chair!
Anytime we have anything at my house with my family
we always wear p.j.'s so we will be comfy!

This is "Sweet Teen"!
Sweet Teen made the Butter finger cake!

And it was delicious!!!

"Big Sis" made her famous ultimate strawberry short cake!
Oh my goodness!!!

"Angel" is on the far left holding "Little D"!
See daddy's quilts stacked up?
All the girls and the little ones are in the "nobody's room" playing
Wheel of Fortune on the Wii!
They laughed and laughed and had so much fun.
I will have to do a blog on the "nobody's room" one day.
Do you name your rooms?

The guys were in the "big room" watching the ball game and eating!
The room is a mess but the kids had fun!
See that quilt in the basket? 
"Trouble" saw that one that my daddy made and bought it!!!

My name is Val and I am addicted.
Addicted to crocheting.
While everyone was doing their thing, me and the girls
started crocheting again!
I didn't take a picture of my little party planner that night so I used this picture
when she was learning to crochet.
I have to tell you that this little "Angel" is 10 years old and is so smart!
She made about 50 phone calls to plan this party with my family.
She figured out when everyone could come, she planned the menu and decided the time! 
Did she do good or what?
She made my family birthday party very special. 
Thank you to my family & a special thank you to my "Angel"!.

Today I am thankful of love.
Random Acts Of Kindness
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Thank you for blessing me.
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Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday and what a great party planner Angel is! Looks like everyone had a great time and the food looks yummy! Wishing you a year filled with health and happiness Val.
Libby said…
What a wonderful grand-daughter!!! How sweet!! She must really have a "giving spirit" Ya'll should be very proud of her!
Everything looks delicious!
Libby said…
and Happy Birthday!! Hope it was wonderful!
Diane said…
What a sweetheart! That looks like fun. I wish we lived closer. I just started last week trying to teach myself how to crochet and could use some pointers!!
Happy Birthday Val! It looks like a wonderful time with your family :-)
Lori said…
How special that your grand plannedsuch a fun evening for you! I would love to have the recipe for the butterfinger cake is you could get sweet teen to share it?
Amelia said…
You are truly loved by the grandchildren - as well as lots of other people-those there near you and us out in the blog world.

May this new birthday year be filled with sorts of wonderful happenings and blessings.
Krista said…
I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! I loved reading your blog today. I also read the posts of the ladies who received your RAK. They were so sweet and you could tell you blessed their hearts. You area wonderful woman!!
Jenn said…
I am so glad you had a happy birthday Val!! It looks like it was a special day. Your grand-daughter was very sweet to plan it all out for you. Makes you feel very loved, huh? :)
I do want some quilts, but I really have to wait until we have the extra money. I will keeping checking and when the time is right, it will happen. I love that blue and green one you said would be good for a boy. Hugs~
Granny said…
A belated happy birthday to you. That is so sweet of Angel to plan that party for you. That is a big accomplishment for a ten year old.

I'm laughing about your addiction to crocheting. I can't sit down without grabbing my crochet hooks. Whether I'm crocheting dishcloths, plarn bags or hats, if I'm sitting down watching TV, I'm crocheting.
Heidi said…
Happy Birthday Val!! You truly have an awesome family.. so full of love.
Kim said…
I think I see my purple quilt in nobody's room! I finally got the check in the mail yesterday Val, so you should get it soon. Can't wait to get the quilt, love you!
Mrs. Stam said…
Happy birthday :-)
Susannah said…
Happy..Happy...Birthday to you, Val! I wish you could hear me singing! Angel is a doll, isn't she? It is so nice to be together with family.

Darla said…
Happy Birthday Val! You make it easy for your family to love you!!
Scottish Nanna said…
Happy Birthday Val You Have A special Family It looks like you all had A good Time .
Hugs Mary.
Alice Grace said…
I am glad you had a wonderful birthday! Angel is going to be a leader, along with Sweet Teen.....I can see that! What a great party! Happy birthday, Honey!
Needled Mom said…
Happy birthday to you, Val. What a delightful party planner to have done all that for you!!!! It looks like everyone had a great time and I love the idea of jammies!!!!!
Angela said…
Happy belated birthday. Just want to say you have such a caring family. I loved the idea of wearing your pjs. I am new to the blogging world as I just started my blog this week. I have so much to learn, but have been a lurker on your blog for quite some time. Looking forward to making new friends. Would love you to visit.
Glenda said…
Angel's party is very impressive! Maybe she has a future as an event planner. Happy birthday, Val! Wishing you many more! :)
Ruth said…
Wow! You have a little sweet party planner in the house. She's done a great job!
Our house is small and has only few rooms so we don't need to name rooms. I would like to hear more about your "nobody's room".

Happy belated birthday to you, Val. Glad to know you had a special celebration.

caknitter said…
Val, I didn't know it was your birthday! Happy Birthday!! This means we are both Capricorns. Oh my gosh that's great!
Angel is such a sweetheart for planning a party for you. Her halo must be shining bright. :-)
Allie said…
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Valerie,
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!

I think Angel has a brilliant career ahead of her in event planning!~
PEA said…
Sweet Angel did indeed do fact, she did perfect:-) She should choose party planner as a career choice when the time comes! I so loved seeing all the pictures, what a special party you had and I love the idea of wearing pj's. You deserve all of this and more! xoxo