This is our once a month VPHS girls luncheon.
VPHS stands for our High school.

There was so much laughter and fun.

There were 10 of us this time. 
Some of us haven't saw each other since high school!

We went around the table and shared a brief summary of our lives.
It was really neat hearing about the lives of others.
This luncheon is a great thing for us all.
It's fun to be with "girlfriends".  Even though some of us haven't saw each other in years,
it was just like yesterday. 

My birthday started with a breakfast with my friend Gayle.
Then lunch with the VPHS Girls!
Outback Steak house with my family.
Lots of cards and gifts from blogging friends, friends, & family.
Lots of phone calls & songs, & texts, emails & comments on my blog!
And over 150 Happy Birthday messages on facebook!
Thank you all for making my birthday special!

Today I am thankful friends!


Diane said…
Looks like you had an awesome birthday. Aern't friends and family the best????
I just caught up on your last posts...a belated Happy Birthday to you...I can't believe that many classmates still get together...Sweet Angel, she did good!....It snowed again last night...unbelievable...just a dusting that covered the ground but didn't harm the roads...there were still parts of snowmen from the snow on the 9th that hadn't melted.
Monday, the Princess told me she wanted to learn to crochet....she is 10 just like your we've bought her a skein of yarn to make a scarf...
Stay warm,
Mama Bear
What a fun time. I have not seen any of my HS friends in over 30 years! I think everyone moved away except me :-D
Darla said…
Well aren't you Ms. Popular !! Looks like a grand time was had by all Val.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAL...why am I always so late with my posting!!!!

Your event looks like such fun and your food looked yummy too.

Glad you are able to get together with friends.
I didn't realize it was your birthday but I'm so glad it was a wonderful day. :) I met with a group of high school friends this year for dinner and we had a blast! blessings, marlene
Krista said…
It looks like you had a great time! My 20th high school reunion is this year and I've not seen any of my classmates in 20 years! I hope we have as much fun as you all do!
Allie said…
Gosh I haven't seen anyone from high school since, well, high school, lol! So glad you had a wonderful birthday, sweetie!
Marydon said…
Happy birthday, sweet Val! May God bless you!

What a lovely & delicious party ... it all looks deelish! Did you save us some cake? Chuckle!

Looks like you & the girls from school had a grand time, what fun!

Have a beautiful weekend ~
Hugs, Marydon
Oh my--I missed your birthday--so Happy Birthday to you!!!
I am always behind the 8 ball on birthdays it seems--sorry!!!
but it looks like you had a great day--good for you!!!
Hugs,di and that miss gracie
PEA said…
I know I sang Happy Birthday to you on Facebook but I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday on here as well:-) Sounds like you had a wonderful day and what a treat to get together with former classmates for a luncheon. It's always so much fun to see friends you haven't seen in a long time! xoxo
webbsway said…
Happy Birthday , Dear Val!
It makes me so happy to hear that you had a wonderful birthday!

I just had to comment on when you visited and said that part about staying home kinda saves money- - I think you are dead right!Not just the gas either-but just that is a big burden and everywhere you look prices are scooting up!I think you are a very wise gal.