Friday Night Sew In & A Sweet Visit

Bobbi & Heidi are the hosts of the Friday Night Sew In!
This really motivates me to do something.
I can't say thank you enough.
It is so much fun! 

I actually started my "sew in" very early Friday morning.
I woke up at 3 A.M. and just got busy. We have a friend in the hospital
so when we go to sit with the family I take my crocheting with me.
I finished up some dishcloths. I told you that I am addicted!

My "Sweet Mother" bought me this apron panel a few months ago.
So I decided that I would work on a few UFO's and started with this one.
I made the 4 pot holders to go with it.  It is not perfect but it was fun!
Thank you Mom!!!

This is a baby quilt that I started working on a while back and never finished the binding.
so I have it all pinned and ready to hand sew on to the back. 
I used a ribbon binding.  I didn't get it finished but shouldn't take long now.
I have made a point to leave this right next to my chair next to the fireplace
so everytime I sit there I can work on it a little.

This is Vicki, my very best friend in the whole world.
She came to visit me and guess what she had?

She had a dish cloth that she has been working on too!
She doesn't know it yet but she will be addicted. 
We will both have to go to a group meeting together.
I can hear it now.....
My name is Vicki and I am addicted.
My name is Val and I am addicted.

And guess what?
She gave her first dishcloth to me!!!
I almost cried!!!!
I will treasure it! 
Thank you Vicki!

Then she pulled out this skein of yarn and
told me that she started this several years ago.

Vicki is the one that showed me a couple of stitches several years ago.
It is her fault that I am now addicted.
Are you suppose to blame someone else??

"Sweet Hunter" said he wanted something to munch on today so I made these!
Then after he ate about 20 of them I asked him if he liked them and he said that they were not his favorites!  I would hate to see how many he would have ate if he liked them!!!
You can click here to get the recipe.
I love them.
Make sure and check out the "Blog Pick Of The Week"!!
Today I am thankful for.........time for each other.


Maria said…
Enjoyed reading your post and meeting up with your friend Vicki. You made me laugh about " My mane is ------ and I am addicted to ---"

Yes must agree with you about about Hunters little feed of yummy food.

I love your apron too.
crocheters anonymous! I will be there too! hahaha
you have really been knocking those projects out!
caknitter said…
Yay! You have a fellow crochet buddy! That is so great. Once you start making things, you can't stop. The cookies look delish.
Granny said…
The apron and hot pads are really cute. I'm glad you Vicki have the love of crocheting to share. I never get tired of it.

I love the skein of variegated that Vicki is holding. I've used that same yarn to make several items and it makes up really pretty.

I'm still praying for your friend.
Alice Grace said…
Great job on those dishcloths! I like the colors you both used! The apron turned out great too!
Oh Val! Thanks so much for making my Hearth and Home blog your blog pick of the week!!! Also thanks for joining me on the 'Little Gifts' campaign! And yes, crocheting dish cloths IS addictive! I guess there will be 3 of us at tha meeting, lol! Thanks again, Becky
Susan in SC said…
I stumbled across your blog and can totally relate to the addictiveness of crocheting! I love using my crocheted dishcloths.
Bobbi said…
i adore your have great friends and family! i would cherish a FNSI with a good friend. those dishcloths are fabulous. ive been getting the itch to crochet---and my dad needs to teach me. yes, i have a crafty father. he can build anything out of wood AND crochet. :)
Allie said…
Such pretty dishcloths hon! I love your apron and quilt, you are keeping so busy! I wish I was sitting right where Vicki was...that fireplace looks so good.
Anonymous said…
I think the friendship you have with Vickie is wonderful and that you two have so much fun when you're together! Love your dish cloths. Isn't life just plain fun sometimes, doing just simple things.
cdc said…
Wow that is quite a nice Friday! Great work.
Anonymous said…
The cookies look great! I wish you would have brought me some this morning when I saw you at church, or did Dad finish them off??

Maranda, Big Sis, Honeymooner
Patty Sumner said…
Well Val, if you have to be an addict better to your crocheting and quilting and sewing. I am sure you will look around at your "future" group and recognize many others. lol. Blessings to you!
Anonymous said…
I remember your friend Vicki used to visit Granny with you. Glad you all are enjoying the crocheting; the dish cloths are so nice and make great gifts.
Midlife Mom said…
I would have to join your group as I get addicted to these things too! I bet there are a lot of us out there that would join! It's so nice to have handwork with us to pick up when we are waiting in a waiting room or for the car to be serviced or what ever. :o) Makes the time go faster.

Nice that your friend could visit and you two have such a good time. Nothing like good friends to gab with all afternoon!

Sounds like your hubby DID love those cookies! :o)

I have that apron too, I think your Mom sent it to me! I love it!
Marydon said…
I can eat those meringue cookies until I am sick, literally!

Love your crocheting & the apron ... what cute items to make.

Pop over for our Valentine GIVEAWAY

Have a beauatiful eve ~
Hugs, Marydon
Rhonda said…
you and my mom are addicted to crochet, she makes doilies.
I am addicted to vintage Pyrex :)

I have oodles of eggs, maybe I will try your pretty cookie recipe too.

hope you have a great day, mine is off to a very slow start.
Sherry said…
Your dishcloths look GREAT Val! I'm love crocheting in the evenings while I watch t.v. The apron and baby quilt are really nice too! Happy Belated Birthday to you. I hope you had a wonderful day!

PEA said…
I just love your dish cloths in that colour, so bright and cheerful:-) You also did a terrific job making your apron and pot holders, that pattern is so cute.

Isn't it wonderful to have such a close friend who also enjoys doing what you do. I can just picture both of you sitting there crocheting and chatting away:-)

Those meringues look soooo delicious, will definitely have to give them a try. Too funny about your hubby eating over 20 of them and then saying they weren't his favourite! hehe xoxo