"Little Gifts"

I received this before Christmas from Jocelyn!
I could not believe that someone sent this for no reason except they cared.
The book is Praying God's Will For My Son and then the movie is a life changing movie.
Thank you Jocelyn!

"Little Gifts" mean a lot!
I received these seeds from Darla!
She shared her seeds last year and I enjoyed them all year long.
When I saw that she was offering to send them this year I was so excited.
Thank you Darla!!!

Look at this beautiful Dish cloth! 
I joined a swap over at Farm Girls!
This dish cloth is from Susan B. and she doesn't have a blog.
Thank you Susan!
I sent her one of my yellow and white dish cloths.
My friend Becky shared this site with me and told me about the dish cloth swap!
This was so much fun!

This is some fabric and quilt blocks that my "Cousin Nancy" sent me.
I love it!
Thank you Nancy!

My "Sweet Mother" always gives me a subscription to a magazine for my birthday.
This is the one I have enjoyed this past year!
Thank you Mom!

This is a gift from several years ago. 
My BFF Vicki found this at a yard sale and bought it for me!
When you have those dreaded hot flashes this fan is a life saver!
It goes with me everywhere I go.
Why am I talking about this fan since I have had it for a while?
Because I love this fan more and more everyday!

I wanted to tell you about this "Little Gifts"  Campaign that Becky has going on over at her blog!
I loved this idea.  When I saw it I thought of all the gifts I have received from bloggers, family and friends.
We all want to give but Becky is showing us that it is also the little things that make a difference.
So I am joining her in trying to do some little things.  I can't always do big gifts but I can share a hello, a smile, an email or a phone call to someone that may need that on that very day.  The first day that I joined this campaign it really made me stop and think and be aware that there are hurting people everywhere. I was sitting at the hospital with the family of a sick friend and a man came to change the trash bag in the garbage can.  I had watched as he worked and noticed that nobody acknowledged him.  He looked so unhappy.  So I thought to myself....how can I brighten his day?  I am naturally a shy person so this is a challenge for me.  I asked him how he was and then we talked about the snow that was coming.  I thanked him for his service that he provided.  As he walked away he had a smile on his face and told us to be careful going home.  I ended up with the blessing. There are many people that we can not help.  Sometimes it will take a miracle and that is out of my hands except for praying.  Everybody is fighting some kind of battle but we can do some little things that might cheer someone along their way.   If you would like to join in please visit her blog.  You will be blessed.  So thank you Becky for making me stop and think about the "Little Gifts".
I am thankful for..................the little things that make a difference.


Mrs. Stam said…
I love facing the Giants movie :-)
Awwwwww, thanks so much, Val! Very well said, and from the heart! Blessings, Becky
Alice Grace said…
Giving encouragement to others makes you stop and think about your words, and how they help or hurt. Sounds like you are doing it right!
Marydon said…
Val ~ That is one fabulous movie, she sent it to us also. Then we shared it with everyone else who loves it.

We are in the middle of a fabulous blizzard ... yippee!

Have a great eve ~
Needled Mom said…
Beautiful post, Val. Often times it is the smallest of gestures that make the biggest difference.
Allie said…
My word sweetie you are a blessed woman! I love that you took the time to brighten that man's day, we can all do that everywhere we go, and we should....it costs us nothing and is worth so much. Thank you for being such a blessing!
Libby said…
Thanks Val! What a wonderful story!! You never know what someone that you pass by is going through. Just a smile and a "hello" could make a big difference!
Darla said…
You did receive some great gifts...you are welcome for the seeds. I hope they bring you much pleasure. Cosmos full sun, not too much water and they get pretty tall!
Darla said…
Oh, love, love the crisp new look over here.
Patty Sumner said…
Love the changes you have made to you blog.
Love "facing the Giants" movie.
Love your inspirational thoughts.
Love your attitude of gratitude.
Love your creative gifts and talents.

Just love your heart Val!
Blessings to you today!
We have a Mae-Mae. It is what our lil' one calls her big sis Maddy.
All4Him said…
As always, I love your post!! Just think, if we all took the time to be a blessing to others...what a wonderful world this would be! It's all about asking God to help us be aware of others throughout our busy days! A simple act of kindness can be such a huge blessing, for others and ourselves! What you did was wonderful!! That was so sweet of your friend to send you the book and movie!! Love you!
Thank you for the lovely comments about my quilts on my blog. I just had to pop over and say "Hi"! I love the Little Gifts idea, especially when it comes to flower seeds! A lot of my GFs love to garden as much as I do, and now I have a great idea for Christmas this year!! Those "Little Gifts" keep giving all year long and are usually far more appreciated!