Christmas Through The Year - January Finishes

I love the fact that I have already started on Christmas gifts in January and I owe it all to Allie!
She started this Christmas Club to get us going and to motivate us!

I decided that this month I would make fabric gift bags to put my gifts in next year.

If you read my blog you know that I don't "shop" so this is great for me!
I won't have to even buy wrapping paper this year.
Oh yeah, I didn't buy any this year!!! lol

This was a panel that I purchased at a quilt store. 
This is the front of it.

This is the back of the bag. 
I had the exact color of gift tissue paper to go in it so I went ahead and added it.

Aren't they cute?
Even if I say so myself!
They were easy peasy and I learned how to
miter the corners so that the bottom of the bags sit flat.
If you would like to join in the fun just click here to visit her blog.
You can also look at lots of others who are joining in.
It might just get you in the Christmas mood!
Thanks for the motivation Allie!

This has nothing to do with Christmas but I just had to share this........
"May May", my youngest daughter and mother to our 2 year old grandson
had to go the dentist the other day.  So I kept "Little D".  I read him this book and
he was so excited.  He would listen and then he would close the book and say,
"GEE GEE"!!!
That is what he calls me now!  All my Grands said that when they were learning to talk
but it ends up being "Gran". 
Look at that little lady on the porch with her glasses and her knitting yarn!
I guess it does look like me! I don't guess "Little D" knows the difference yet between
Knitting and Crocheting!!!
I loved this!!! So cute!
I am thankful today for .....................My Grandchildren.


Julze said…
yay GO YOU!! I thinks thats what I need to do!
webbsway said…
How excited you must be and So proud of your lovely choices! I love them all. Just the pretty colors make you feel so good!

My Christmas gifts are not co-operating with me so far this year, but I am attempting to pull off 3 Birthday presents.I was so upset when the computer quit working and I could not visit my blog family that I lost some of my steam. :)

Can't wait to see what you tackle next. :)
Anonymous said…
Hello Val, love your gift bags...great idea of Allie's with the Christmas Through the Year...Warm Regards, Lyn
Allie said…
Oh Val I LOVE your gift bags - especially the panel one, that looks like Mary Engelbreit, is it? LOVE her stuff. Great job, sweetie!!! Love the book too, I'd love to pull up a rocker on that porch too!
VivJM said…
The fabric bags for Christmas presents are a great idea - your gifts will look lovely in them :-)
Pat said…
Love the gift bags!!! Having a great vacation but will never catch up on reading blogs.
Granny said…
I love the gift bags. The fact that they're reusable is a big plus. I've been crocheting dishcloths this week to put away for Christmas. Both my daughter and grandaughter love them and I usually give them each a dozen.

That is so cute that little D thinks it's you on the book.
Libby said…
Look at you with your Christmas projects already!! Those little bags are so sweet!! and such a great idea! I see so many novelty Christmas fabrics that I love but don't know what to use them for. Now I do!
Mickie said…
Love your bags and the panel one is fantastic! I found you via Allie and just love your site! :)
Connie said…
Love those little bag, so sweet, a great ideal! Christmas will be here again before we can turn around... My grands has alway called me granny but since they are getting bigger they call my gran or gran gran and when they really want something they will say please granny.Happy sewing!
Needled Mom said…
We will all be jealous when December rolls around and we have all of the projects left to do. Great job!!!

Don't you love how the little minds work?
Sandra :) said…
I love your gift bags - gift wrapping that's a gift in itself - it's a 2 for 1 deal, lol!
Lisa said…
You've been busy! Love the bags.
lindsey said…
this is a great idea, I make lots of my Christmas gifts but I like the idea of making the bags too!
Patty Sumner said…
Well you will be prepared for Christmas..Love the gift bags. I a thankful for my Grandbabies too. Having your own children is a wonderful thing but those Grandkids are something else. Blessings!
Loralynn said…
Seems like gift bags are hot this month! Yours are just darling!
Shelley said…
What a terrific idea!! these are so cool!!
Those are so cute. Who wouldn't love to get a batch of chocolate Chip Meringue cookies in one of those cute bags!
Alice Grace said…
Those are beautiful! I love them, and what a great job you did on them! I am tempted to do some also, what a great idea!
Angela said…
Val, Looks like you have been really busy. Love all the bags. We only do one craft show each year and it is in September, a 3 day show. I too have started on Christma goodies but only for that show. Decided this year instead of having to rush during the summer months to do at least the ornaments that I sew during the winter months. So far I have kept my motivation up.. Thanks for sharing. Just got in from a mini vacation with daughter and her family. My 3 year old granddaughter was Nana's girl the whole time. Grandchildren are wonderful. Glad you spent time with your grandson.
Angela said…
Love all the bags. Looks like you have been busy. I am trying to do ornaments during the winter for my craft show in the fall. So far have kept the goal I have set for myself. Glad you had fun with your grandson. I have a 3 year old granddaughter and she makes the sun shine in my life daily.
Maricarmen said…
Your gift bags are exceptional... Die for your fabrics...
The bags are soooo sweet. Great gift ideas ... making Santa's job a little easier (grin)
BubzRugz said…
The bags are fantastic... and recyclable... wonderful..
I love your bags! I'm sure your family and friends will enjoy getting them!
Cheryl said…
Great job!!! This was such a wonderful idea of Allie's to get us going early!
Wendy said…
Such lovely bags - bags are a good way to go as they're like a gift in themselves.