One Project A Month January 2011 OPAM

I joined in the OPAM with Peg & Kris and it really motivated me to finish some things!
This is a set of burp cloths that I gave to my neice for a gift!
This is how I packaged them. Remember the paper flowers that the
Grands & I made?

Yes, I know that you have saw my dish cloths before but I absolutely loved crocheting them.
The top 2 here are some of the ones I made. 
The white one my BFF Vicki made and the blue one I
received in a dish cloth swap.  I just wanted to show you my little stack.

I have worked on this little baby quilt for quite a while.
I finally completely finished it and it is ready to be a gift for someone special.

Yes, I know.....Dish cloths again!
I can't help myself.
I probably have made 15 but gave most of them away.
Remember I am addicted.

I know that you saw this in another post but wanted
to include it in my OPAM finishes for January.

Here are some more burp cloths for a special little baby boy.

I also added a couple of pacifier clips to go with this gift!

And yes, I know you saw my fabric Christmas bags already but I just had to show them one more time.
One thing that I have always had a problem with is finishing things!
I have finally figured out to pick projects that are easy to finish.
So these challenges are great motivation for me.
A Special "Thank You" goes to:
Peg & Kris with the OPAM Challenge &
Allie with Christmas Through The Year Challenge &
Heidi & Bobbi with the Friday Night Sew In
You have just got to go and check out Sweet Teen's blog!!!
She did a project for school and it is awesome.
I am so proud of her and she is so gifted.
She is also my "Blog Pick" of the week!

Today I am thankful for ...................encouragement.


Mrs. Stam said…
Love seeing picture of what your hands have made!!!! You did a great job :-)
Alice Grace said…
What a wonderful group of things you have made! I am so proud of you! I love the little packaged gifts!
Wow what a list of finishes...well done Val
Michelle said…
I am excited for you, as I can feel your excitement clear up here! I love the way you package your gifts, and your quilt looks wonderful! Now send me some of your motivation!!!!;-)
Connie said…
Lots of hand made gifts, You GO Girl!They will make really nice gifts!
caknitter said…
You are just amazing, Val!
If only I had your energy and ambition sometimes. Can you bottle some up and send it my way? lol
Granny said…
You have been one busy lady! Love seeing your discloths. I remember when you posted a pic of the first one you finished and how excited you were. I told ya! Crocheting is addicting.

The gift sets you've made are lovely. Congrats on all your projects you've finished. Can't wait to see what you make for next month.

If you're in the path of the latest winter storms, stay warm and safe.
Rhonda said…
I love seeing what homemakers do and you really did a lot! Everything is so pretty.
Needled Mom said…
You are on a roll!!! You have done an awesome job on this months projects.
Glenda said…
Wow! You've been busy! I'm working on a bassinet cover today. Little Emma Faith was born yesterday and will be coming home tomorrow, so I've got to finish this up!
Patty Sumner said…
Wow, you have accomplished much. I love the burp bibs.....great idea. Blessings and keep up the good work.
Wow you really got several things finished - my schedule has been so crazy that I haven't been able to sew much but maybe soon! blessings, marlene
Cheryl said…
Way to go on all the finishes!! Love everything...the paper flower is just the perfect touch. Great dish cloths. Me too, please send me some of your motivation!
Shauna said…
You have been one busy gal! What a sense of accomplishment. I, too, love making dishcloths - quick and easy. Have a great day Val!
Wow!!! You have been getting so much finished. I love those burp cloths they are super cool.