Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sparta Hilton & Our Best Friends

Now this is "Best Friends"!
We have all been friends for 30 + years!
When Vicki & "The Goose" got to the Sparta they got settled in and we started embroidering!
As you can see I really dressed up for them!

The Goose!

Sweet Hunter!

Sorry about this picture being blurry.
I had Granny's bed all ready for "The Gooses"!

On their way to the Sparta Hilton Vicki spotted a thrift store!
Look at all the goodies she got! 

The guys went to the woods while we cooked
some supper and look what they found!!!

Grandpa looks sweet but believe me he is not!!!
He growled at me when I got close.

I think Vicki liked Grandpa!!!

And off the guys go......all 3 of them!!!

We cooked a whole chicken on the grill and made baked beans and potato salad.
"The Gooses" brought the best cheese bread.
Vicki toasted it and it was my favorite part of the meal!

Me & Vicki have always had a thing for swings!
That is one reason I wanted a swing here.
I was hoping that they would come and visit.
Notice our aprons.....I have one that stays at the Sparta
and Vicki found the smock apron at the thrift store.
Isn't it darling?

Her name is Vicki.
And I think she is addicted to crocheting too!

Yep, she is!

The next morning we had our aprons on and cooked breakfast over the fire outside.
The weather was beautiful. 

The guys were enjoying a cigar next to the fire.
They are so spoiled.
We are too though.
Life is good.

"Sweet Hunter" splitting the wood for our fires.

And "The Goose" building the fires.
Good system, huh?

Vicki Lou making homemade biscuits!!!

I love cooking over the fire.

"The Gooses" cooking the eggs.

We had fat back, bacon, eggs, cheese grits, fried potatoes & homemade biscuits and gravy!

Eating outside is always so much fun!

And here we go to the woods!!!
There is nothing like real true friends and "The Gooses" are.
We don't have to do anything to have fun together.
My daughter Maranda said it best........she said,
"it is nice to have friends that you feel that
comfortable with and don't have to feel like you are entertaining".
And this is so true.  We treasure their friendship!
And they love the Sparta just like us.
We loved having them at the Sparta Hilton!!!

Today I am thankful for..................good friends.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh what fun! I've been missing you Val!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like such a lot of fun. The food makes me hungry. I know you and Vicki had a good time crocheting and embroidering. Glad you had some nice weather.

Dora, the Quilter said...

I'm so glad you were able to have so much fun with such dear friends--the older I get the more I appreciate being able to have "golden" friends.
I absolutely love the thrift store finds!

Alice Grace said...

That was a weekend to cherish! I am so glad the "Gooses" got to come! I am so proud you have this place to go to to relax!

Libby said...

What beautiful weather! Glad that ya'll had a good visit!

Granny said...

Oh my goodness, fat back and cheese grits in the same meal. Be still my heart. I'm drooling just thinking about that meal you cooked.

There are visitors and there are friends. Give me friends any day. I love reading about the Sparta Hilton and seeing your pictures.

Vicki really scored at the thrift shop. Love the colorful crochet thread she found.

Amelia said...

Friends like that are priceless.

Connie said...

FUN! FUN! FUN! At the Hilton. True friends are blessing!Can't beat that!

Angela said...

Val, your post made me miss my best friend who lives in TN. We have that kind of relationship too. Luckily they are coming down to spend time with us later this month. We always pick up right where we left off. Looks like ya'll had such fun. I'm sure memories were made. Hope you have a good day

Patty Sumner said...

The Bible says "a friend loves at all time". So true, a real friend loves us regardless. They love what we love, they enjoy what we enjoy. How good to have friends. It looks as if you guys had fun and the weather looks way to good! Blessings Val and enjoy your home away from home and your friends.

Kerrie said...

This is definitely our kind of fun!! We can't wait for better weather to take out our little camper again! What a nice adventure. Isn't it fun when you can share interests with your old friends? I am tickled at your dish cloths as I crochet them just like them in bags full for gift giving. Hugs, Kerrie

Anonymous said...

What a feast you had for breakfast. Good friends, good food, makes for a lot of good times. :))

Glenda said...

You look like you are having a great time! Isn't it wonderful to have a friend that you are so comfortable with, that you can do nothing and still just enjoy each other?