Thrift Store Finds

I wanted to show you some close up
pictures of Vicki's (my BFF)
thrift store finds!!! 

I think this was a pillow case.....But look at this embroidery!

And look at this!!

 Isn't this beautiful?

This is the cutest smock apron!

And this apron is just darling!
Didn't she do good?
She is just like me, it doesn't take
much to make her heart sing!

Today I am thankful for........songs in our heart!


Amelia said…
Beautiful handwork accomplished long ago by some sweet person!
What gorgeous treasures! You girls did really well!
Allie said…
Can I go with her sometime? Wow!
Darla said…
She did score big!
Thrifting is so much fun and I love the embroidery work.

My grandmother lived to embroider - it's about one of the only things I remember about her.

Cute apron!
I love finding and purchasing those oldies too--cause I feel someone needs to continue to love the work and love another person into making them--am glad your friend feels the same way--
Hugs, Di
Susannah said…
Makes you wonder who did that gorgeous work. I really love the apron. My Mom always wore an apron for our big fancy holiday dinners....that was even when aprons WERE NOT COOL!! (They were very pretty ones.) I have one now...that I wear almost everyday...not a fancy one..just one to keep me clean!

Val...maybe you could go thrifting with really is not like "shopping"!

Love ya...
Patty Sumner said…
I love a good bargain too. They are all lovely. I love the aprons. Blessings!
Alice Grace said…
I just love it all, but especially the embroidery work! When my Mom (your grandmother) embroidered, she took great pride in all she did. She also took dishtowels and crocheted on each end of them. Anything to do with her hands that was artistic! Thanks for showing these treasures!
LOVE her finds! I'm addicted to aprons and old linens, so she done real good! :o) Becky`