A Surprise & A Gorgeous Quilt

My day started out going to see this little basketball player!
Our 7 Year Old Grandson, "Brother"!

He is a great little ball player!

During the game "May May" & "Little D" came too!

After the game we were all noticing "Little D's" shirt!
Look at "Angel & Brother" reading it.

It took us all a while but then we realized what his shirt said!
"Big Brothers Rule!"

Then "Little D" told us that his
Mommy had a baby in her tummy!!!

Our 2 year old Grandson then showed
us where his baby sister or brother is!

When "Sweet Hunter" found out when our new Grandbaby was due you will not believe what he said......
(or maybe you will). He said,
"I told you girls not to plan anything during deer season!!!!"
We laughed & laughed. He is so funny!

I didn't even notice this beautiful quilt at the church
where the ballgame was until we got through taking pictures.
Can you see the Cross? 
I just thought this was amazing considering
that I was just thinking how very blessed our little family is.
4 Grandchildren and one on the way.
We are so excited and so very blessed.
Today I am thankful for .................blessings!


....love the Hunter's response! I laughed too!
Amazing quilt as well.
Oh Val congratulations!!! How very exciting!! What a cute way for your daughter to make the announcement. Blessing to all of you :-)
Angela said…
Val, congratulations of the new baby. You have such a sweet family. It's a man thing, deer season that is. Our daughter who is now 28 was born on her Dad's birthday. I will never forget he had an out of town hunting trip planned for the next day, the night I went into labor. I still remember him calling to cancel just before she was born. She was born 2 months to the day early and neither of us was prepared. He still kids her about ruining a good hunting trip.
Amelia said…
Oh a new baby...such exciting news

That quilt is so beautiful...lots of work and thought in the creation of it.
What a sweet posting, the baby news, the quilt, the ball game of little ones and deer hunter's remarks.
Susannah said…
Congratulations, Val!!!!!! Grandchildren are to be loved, to love us and....to keep us young!!!!! This is wonderful news! Sweet Hunter, we know you are only kidding around!
Patty Sumner said…
Congratulations! Your Hunter sounds like a typical man...nothing can interfer with hunting season....lol. How blessed you are with that wonderful family. That quilt is absolutely beautiful.....Blessings!
Krista said…
Wow!! I am so excited for you!! Funny thing, I was reading his shirt in that first pic where you are kissing him thinking he isn't a big brother...

We've been trying to get Brendia to have us another baby but she just won't get on board. We spoil Baby Isaac to death. If she doesn't have another one soon he'll be impossible to live with.
Allie said…
Woohooo - congratulations!!! How exciting! I'm so happy for your family!
That IS a beautiful quilt!
Granny said…
What exciting news! That response from Sweet Hunter is so funny. He'll just have to miss a day or two of hunting this fall won't he? That was a cute way to announce the new baby. One more grandbaby for you to spoil. What fun.

The quilt is gorgeous.
Libby said…
That is so exciting!! I noticed his little shirt and thought "Hmmm. Have I missed something?" 2 Granddaughters and 2 grandsons...this baby is a tie breaker! Congratulations!

p.s that quilt is gorgeous!
Congratulations! You truly are blessed with a wonderful family!
Pat said…
What wonderful news and what a FUN way to tell you.......that shirt message is too cute! I do love that quilt and yes, I saw the cross.
caknitter said…
Oh my gosh!! Congratulations!! Especially to May May. Your beautiful family is growing and that's so exciting.
Love the quilt. The cross in the center just confirms the blessing of a new baby.
Glenda said…
Congratulations, Val! I know you are so excited. Each little new one is such a blessing!
Anonymous said…
We are very excited...thanks for the pics!

Davis has been talking about Brett all day :)
Lori said…
Stunning quilt and what a fun way to tell you another grand is on the way! Clever. :)
Rhonda said…
oh, that is very happy news.
and such an amazing quilt.

thank you for sharing both of them,
Alyssa said…
First of all...congratulations! Nothing is more exciting than new babies. Second, that's exactly what my husband would have said. Except he would add fishing season, football season, etc. I'm not sure when our girls could have had one that would have been "no season." And third, that quilt is simply stunning. Someone did some amazing work. blessings, marlene
Connie said…
Congratulation!On the new grandbaby, that sure is a blessing and and a sweet family ! The quilt is beautiful lots of work when into that. It is fun watching the grands playing basketball, we have 4 grands that plays so we have to rotate our weekin and thats way we get to see them play. Have Bless Week!!!!!
Darla said…
Gorgeous quilt!! Congrats on this wonderful news...Sweet Hunter is a hoot!
Brenda said…
Congratulations to you all! What a blessing!! Love, Brenda
Alice Grace said…
What wonderful news! I know everyone is so happy about this new addition to our family! What an interesting way to annouce the news!
Congrats on the new baby! I love the church quilt. It is absolutely stunning. Will your Dad make the new baby a quilt?