Remember My Trail Camera At The Sparta Hilton?

This is the most pictures that I have ever had on
 my very own trail camera at the Sparta Hilton!
You can click on each picture to make it bigger.

Deer, Coyotes, Foxes, Bobcats

Where oh where were all these during hunting season?

Well they might not have been around when I was out there
but I see them now.
Sweet Hunter would not shoot any of these but I would!

I can't wait to see what I have on my camera next time. 
Sweet Hunter had turkeys on his. 
I had the most pics though!
I am a better camera hunter than a real hunter.
Isn't that what counts?

Today I am thankful very own trail camera.


Way to go girl! It's pretty easy to make them isn't it.
Wish we would have seen more deer this past fall. Our freeze is not storing one. Only the grandson got one, out of 6 hunters.
I'm looking forward to more pictures.
Pat said…
WOW.......what fun to have so many on your camera!
Michelle said…
I would be happy that those were not there when I was there!
Alleluiabelle said…
I always love to look at your pictures Val. Pretty amazing how many different wild animals your camera caught on film.

Our daughter and family live up in the higher elevations and last summer a black bear walked down the next door neighbors driveway...kind of freaked me out.

Stop on over and view my latest post. The last picture relates pretty well with your posting before this one. Our minds think alike when taking pictures. Aren't our grandchildren the absolute best?

Love you dear friend,
Granny said…
Great pictures. I especially love the one of the bobcat.
Allie said…
Ha - they know it's safe to come out now that the season's over! Beautiful pics, Val!
Needled Mom said…
I definitely think that the camera shots count. No doubt that you have won the contest!
lindsey said…
This is quite exciting to find all these on your camera!
~Laurie~ said…
Wow! Look at all those yummy creatures! Great pictures - funny how they all came out of the woodwork when you left!!
Patty Sumner said…
Great pics. So wonderful to see some of God's creation close up that we usually do not see. The "wildcats" here in good ole Ky are out in great numbers. Some of the farmers around local areas have to to shoot many. The Limit is 5. One of the guys at my Daughters church has already taken down five. They are scary. I guess they are very close to what you call a "bobcat". Some of them were very large. Scary!!! Blessings Val!
Darla said…
I just don't like to think about the critters roaming around in the woods at night...that means they are there during the day, somewhere!
Whenever I see wild life, I consider it a gift from the Father...I do see a fox sometimes or a deer and saw a bear in Pennsylvania once...I'm glad there are hunters to help thin over population but I just like to see the animals. Thanks for sharing.
Mama Bear
PEA said…
Let's just hope you don't get pictures of that bobcat, cayote or fox attacking the deer! lol It truly is amazing the wildlife that's out there but that we never tend to see. It must be so exciting to find out in the morning what pictures you got on that trail camera:-) xoxo
Alice Grace said…
I would be totally content with the pictures! They are great!
Jenn said…
Kill one of those foxes for me! I have a fox that has killed five of my chickens. I love my chickens so's really been upsetting. My favorite chicken, Goldie, was just killed last week. She would come up to me and sit down beside me and let me pet her. :(
webbsway said…
I too , have made butter from one little cow named Molly and from my herd of goats I used to have. I really enjoyed making things that I know that I made-that were free from Extra things that not be so good for us. For a long time I vowed to make almost all of our food at home , except for things like sugar and flours, ect.

I too , LOVE your pictures.