Homemade Butter

I was visiting a good blogging friend Patti and saw
 that she made homemade butter with her Kitchenaid Mixer!
(and if you don't have a mixer you can use a jar-go visit Patti's blog to get the link)
This got my attention!

All you do is put 1 cup of heavy whipping cream in your mixer and mix until it looks like whipping cream.
Then you add 1/4 tsp. of salt and continue beating it.

Within 10-15 minutes you start to see butter!!!
How exciting!

Then you are suppose to drain the butter to get your buttermilk but I just lifted it and let it drip.

I love this!!!
I had way too much fun!!

Check this out. 
Butter & buttermilk.
I am amazed how easy and cheap this was.
With it just being the 2 of us in the house
 I am trying to do things to keep us from wasting so much.
It is funny, when we were first married and had our babies I made butter with
cows milk and goats milk.  I did everything I could to save money.  With the economy like it is
I have been thinking about how I can help. I also made my own salad dressing tonight.  I will be posting it soon along with other things such as my
 homemade laundry detergent and much more.
 I love to know that if I am out of butter that I could whip some up real quick. 
 I am having way too much fun!!!
Thanks Patti!

Today I am thankful for.........the simple things.


Mrs. Stam said…
ohhhh now I want to try to makes some too!!!! Married to a baker and all, real butter is the only thing that is coming inside our house LOL
Heidi said…
Oh YUM! You had me at BUTTER!! I'm for sure going to make this with my boys - they will get a kick for sure!
Angela said…
This recipe caught my attention. Does it taste like the old timey homemade butter? I remember eating it as a child. If so it would be really good with my homemade bread. Might just have to try it. Thanks for sharing.
Paula Dean would be so proud of us!
Allie said…
Interesting - I never have whipping cream in the house, though!
lindsey said…
I have never tried this, but will so long as I can find some buttermilk...not always easily available over here
Jan said…
I remember tried making butter when times were tough when we were chidren, but we wouldn't eat it.... would love to try it now
Is that just pure cream with no chemicals or additives?
Love, Jan
Libby said…
I love "real" butter and that looks yummy! Going to give it a try!
Alice Grace said…
You continually amaze me!
Granny said…
That sounds wonderful. When I was a kid and we lived on the farm we used to make butter in a butter churn.
Sonny Jones said…
Hey Mom, once again you amaze me! All I'm gonna say is that Paula Dean would have a fit!
Val, I love to make my own butter! For many years I taught 3 and 4 year old Sunday School, and one of our yearly projects was making our own butter (in baby food jars) and eating it on crackers. The kids loved it! You can also make butter in a food processor.

And from this post, I just KNOW you are a farmgirl at heart! Making do with what you have, learning to be self sufficient and self sustaining, making your own things, is all a huge part of what Mary Jane Butters teaches! You really need to go find a chapter or start one of your own with some of your friends!!!

Loved this post! Becky
Anonymous said…
What a fun idea. I'm on my way to your mom's blog. Have a great day.
Rhonda said…
I am also looking for ways to stretch hubby's income, seems like everything costs more than it used to.

my stepson and his wife have 2 milk cows and we sometimes get milk with cream on top from them.
I have tried multiple times but cannot get their cream to turn to butter.

But I do remember turning grocery store cream to butter in jars when my children were little.

enjoy your butter - it is really good on saltines for a snack.
Connie said…
Wow! This is what i want to do with the Grankids, when i was at home we all ways made our butter, we had a butter churn, My mother in law made butter by a jar rolling. My dad would say fresh cowbutter and hot corn bread! Going to get cream from the amish and we are going to make BUTTER!
Darla said…
This is something worth knowing how to do for sure!!
Hi Val, that is SUPER... Thanks for sharing that recipe with us... I also love buttermilk ---so I'd have TWO great things from that...Thanks!!!!

I do alot to save money here (clip coupons, use store brands, get store specials, hang clothes instead of using drying much, don't use AC much in Summer and furnace much in winter, drive a Prius, etc.) All of this helps--and adds up when checking our yearly budgets.

Tootsie said…
thanks for stopping in and joining the giveaway!!! good luck! hope to see you for the friday flower flaunt this week!
Patty Sumner said…
I got a kitchenaid mixer for Christmas. This looks great. I am going to have to try this out. thanks...blessings!
Doris Sturm said…
My arteries are clogging as I read this, but I'm a hard-core butter fan (I never use margarine anymore) so I will definitely try this...thanks!
When I was a child I spent hours and hours making butter. When I make butter today, either to use up cream that's near it's expiration date or as a project with kids, I make sure I use cream that has nothing added--many brands add gelatin and other ingredients. The real secret is that it turns to butter very quickly if the cream is at 50 degrees F. (I spent quite a few years churning, churning, churning before I learned that!)
We used salt in the water we rinsed and kneaded it in--but the salt is not necessary for making sweet cream butter that is used fairly soon after churning.--We used the buttermilk in recipes or gave it to farm kitties that needed a bit of extra nurturing. (I never learned to enjoy drinking it.)
Cathy said…
Amazing and fun to make it yourself, isn't it? Now use that buttermilk in homemade bread or salad dressings. Sharing a link to some of my salad dressing recipes ~ have fun♥