Daddy's Quilts

Go Daddy Go!!!
Can you believe how many quilts my Dad has made? 

I had a request for an orange quilt
 from Daddys quilts, so I wanted to show this one close up.
Daddy says it is more yellow and I think maybe more gold. 

This reminds me so much of the way
 Granny stacked her quilts.
He is Granny's son. That is for sure.

He even rolls his quilts just like she did.
I think he might use more than one pin though.

He was showing me this one and telling me about the border
and then he said that it would be finished tonight. 
He is trying to do 5 a week. 

This is his stash. 
Granny had hers in a basket behind her bedroom door
and Daddy's is stacked up in a chair in his kitchen.

This box of fabric was sent to Dad
 by a very good friend of mine from my church.
I thought that was so sweet.  I think Daddy has added some of his fabric in the box too. He loved it.

This picture was took a few days ago. 
The pictures above were from today.
He is so proud of his quilts.

He was pulling out stuff showing me all the colors
and how he was going to match them up.

Daddy cuts with scissors and cuts his squares 6 inches.
My Mom gave him a rotary cutter but he prefers to
cut with scissors. He is fast too.

All Daddy's quilts are for sale.
I bring a few at a time to my house to take pictures.

All of his quilts are full size quilts.
He sells them for 60.00 plus shipping.

I love this quilt. 
Daddy doesn't do this to make money.
He does it because he loves it.
Snippets From My Heart
In my wildest dreams I would never ever thought that my Daddy
would be quilting............ever!!!  He became interested in Granny's quilting
just a few months before she went home to be with the Lord.
Everytime he made one and showed Granny she would be so proud.
Quilting has given my Daddy happiness and peace.
He is really doing a good job too.  He has always been a very hard worker and now that he
is older this keeps his hands busy.  He says that he cannot sit and do nothing.
If you are interested in buying one of Daddy's quilts, just let me know which one.
When you buy a quilt from him it just enables him to make another one.

Today I am thankful for..............happiness and peace.


Rhonda said…
5 quilts a week? that is just amazing!
Val, your Dad is doing such a great job on those quilts. It's wonderful to see that he has found peace and contentment.
Jeannie B. said…
I love the quilt your Father made me. I snapped it up as soon as I saw it because I loved the fabric so much. It is so nice and warm. Perfect throw for me in this weather. Thank you Daddy, for making them!!
Mrs. Stam said…
Wow are they ever gorgeous!!!! This post inspired me to get my sewing machine out again, now that Rachel sleeps a bit longer I might have more time in the evening to work on some projects :-)
Allie said…
Five a week??? Yep, he's Granny's son all right! They're gorgeous!
Granny said…
Your did is certainly Granny's son isn't he? He does an amazing job on the quilts. I can't imagine doing one a day. It would be hard for me to choose from the pretty quilts in that stack.
Darla said…
Like Mother like son!
Amelia said…
Amazing, so glad he has a hobby that brings him happiness. Granny would have been so proud.
Oh, Val! What a sweet post! I can tell how proud you are of your Daddy! What a wonderful thing that he now has something to fill his days! God Bless Him! Becky
Anonymous said…
Life can be full of surprises! I think it's wonderful that your daddy has found this interest and enjoys it so much.
Adoption Mama said…
What a forgotten beauty! I love quilts, and how precious that you have these memories.
Maria said…
Oh Val your Granny would be so proud of her son. His quilts look just like her's did.
Doris Sturm said…
Wow! I'm so impressed with your Dad's quilts! What a guy! I love to see people (men or women) who really enjoy their crafts and your dad's work is exquisite! I don't quilt myself (I crochet) but I always admired people who sew and make such lovely family heirlooms. Rock on, Daddy-O!
Anonymous said…
I would like to buy a quilt would you email me at
or call me there is one I would like to see if it is sold already