OOPS! You Just Gotta Laugh!

I turned the heat on and started my water.
Then I forgot about it.
This is what I found.
Just in time.

Then I made 3 layers for a chocolate cake.
All three layers fell apart but I was able to put them back together.

I started a baby blanket several days ago.
It started ok.

I was feeling really proud.

Now I am really proud!

This is not what I was making!!
What happened?

This is what it looked like when
 I got through pulling all the stitches out.
(sorry about the picture being
blurry but that is a bunch of yarn piled up)
Sometimes you just have to laugh!!!
Do you ever have days like this where everything seems to go wrong?
Do you just want to give up?
I will always remember Granny's verse.....
Remember? She said it was in her heart.

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me.


Today I am thankful for.......laughter.


Mrs. Stam said…
This is so funny because I'm the Queen of clumsiness and I had my share of Oops in my life lol

You know embarrassing one like walking into a wall in front of a crowd type of deal !!! Having your Pj pants under your nice dress at church and having children mention how cool my bright neon green pants looks!!!!

putting salt into mt father in laws coffee instead of sugar (by accident!!!)

Oh no need to mention the countless dishes I broke while washing them!!!

Like my mother always said, better aught then cry LOL
webbsway said…
O YeS! My dear friend,
I Definitely know all about these kind of days !

Like the day I was cleaning my aquariums. I had cleaned the rocks and then was filling the tank back up . I got busy and remembered it about 20 minutes later. You should have seen the living room Hardwood floor covered in a river of water!!!!!! SO, I do know all about these kind of days! : )

And you know about all my "boo-boos" from my blog and lets not forget that I do know all about those piles of yarn from projects that got away from me! LOL

I know it can dishearten you, but IF we never Tried -we would Never know what we could do-so sometimes we just keep trying and in the end amaze ourselves!

Keep up the good work Honey and remember , "this is the day and we shall rejoice in it!" : )
Maria said…
Your were lucky with all your OPPS's as they could be fixed. That bath does look inviting, the cake yummy but you can do the crochet.
Allie said…
LOL - yep, those are the kinds of days you HAVE to laugh - so funny, Val!
caknitter said…
I'll bet the bath was soothing, the cake was delicious and the blanket will still keep a loved one warm because it will be made out of love. :-) I've had many piles of yarn just like yours in the past, so don't give up. :-)
Michelle said…
Some days, if you don't laugh, all you can do is cry. Keep trudging on. There are better days ahead!
Scottish Nanna said…
Val dont give up it just takes practise I had A few woopsies before I got the hang of it But alas I can Crochet now and you will to.
Hugs Mary.
Amelia said…
Funny when you look at these "Oops" moments...we all have them...makes us appreciate the times when everything flows as smooth as silk.

Have a glorious Sunday - praise God even more today!
Pat said…
Oh, yes....I think we have all had those kinds of days. You are right......it's best to just laugh and realize "tomorrow will be better".
Rhonda said…
good post. Sometimes blogs make me think everyone else is doing prettier or better than me.

So I really like this kind of keeping it real stuff.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. I am just having some tea, waiting for the biscuits to bake, then we will go to church and then to OK City to see our son.
Granny said…
It's much easier to laugh about the oops moments than to cry about them. I'll bet not a bite of the cake gets thrown away. Don't know why but sometimes, the worse they look the better they taste. :)

I never have luck making the big granny square baby afghans. I make the individual squares and then sew them toghether. Sorry the afghan didn't turn out. The color is pretty.
Good save on the water...what a beautiful bath...we had one of those once....I think you probably added a stitch somewhere....much easier to take out than stitching on the machine....these are the kind of cakes my Daddy liked, let the icing go into the cake.
Mama Bear
Lori said…
I tend to do the water thing with the kitchen sink and all of a sudden it's about to run over. Sorry about your blanket. How frustrating.
Alice Grace said…
Oh I am so glad you got to the tub in time! We all have days like this and have many! You should not have unvraveled the crocheting! It was pretty!
Darla said…
Glad to know I'm not the only one that has 'oops' days...lol
PEA said…
Thank goodness we all have those OOPS days and that we can laugh about them:-) I once forgot I had the bath water running and was in the basement getting laundry out of the dryer when I suddenly felt water dripping on me...yup the bath had overflowed and the water was coming through the pipes to the vent above my head in the laundry room! lol

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day, dear Valerie:-) Make sure you come over to pick up your Valentine!! xoxo
Holy Moly girl I bet you had to let out some of that water or it would have flowed over! I've gotten close to that point with the water after forgetting about it but not quite that high...lol

Now I like 'WONKY' - it means it's HAND MADE with love....

KacieB said…
These are the kinds of days that make us sit down, and remember that we are just flesh! :) So we might as well laugh about our mistakes...even if it is annoying! Enjoyed this post!