Monday, March 14, 2011

Sparta Hilton Weekend Trip

Why do I always start the Sparta Hilton (hunting cabin) post with food?
This was a part of our second breakfast this weekend.
If you have these, you don't need much of anything else.
But along with the fried potatoes we had tenderloin, gravy and homemade biscuits.
I can honestly say that I truly enjoy myself when I go the Sparta Hilton.
I do whatever I want to do.  This weekend I sewed a binding on a
 baby quilt and cooked. (2 of my favorite things.)
The "honeymooners" went with us. 
 Lane (SIL) and "Sweet Hunter" worked the whole weekend.
Poor Lane. "Sweet Hunter"even had him up on the roof getting pine straw off.
That doesn't look like too much fun.
There they go to put up more tree stands.
While they were out working, me and "Big Sis" were inside
watching movies and "I Love Lucy" shows!
Notice there are no pics of "Big Sis" yet.
Everytime I wanted to take one she would tell me not to either because of
no makeup or pajamas!! She is so cute.
I should have took before pics of my shooting house!
It didn't have a roof and the ladder was shakey.
The guys did a lot of work on  it.  Lane put a tin roof
on the top.  They are gonna get some grass carpet to put in it too.
I told Lane that this shooting house is his too.
He worked so hard on it.
They say this is a great shooting house.
I am not sold on this hunting thing yet but I am gonna give it another year.
If we didn't have the Sparta, I would not be hunting. 
I love being able to walk out the back door and hunt.
So far, my favorite thing is to relax, crochet, sew and cook when I am here.
If I am gonna hunt though this is where I want to be.
I cannot climb in one of those tree stands.
I just don't feel safe so if I am gonna hunt this is great for me.
Thank you Lane & Sweet Hunter!
You can use it anytime you want to.
The guys were so tired and sore after all the work they did.
Next time it will be more relaxing and hunting for them.
It is turkey season next.
We have cameras set out everywhere on our land at the Sparta.
We got lots of pics this time. 
I just loved this one!
And this one!
I don't like coyotes, foxes or bobcats and we got pics of them all!
See why I want to be either inside the Sparta or up in that tall shooting house!
"Big Sis" finally let me take a picture.
On our way back home I crocheted dish cloths.
So she was happy when I gave her this yellow & white one.
Lane looks pretty tired, doesn't he?
Thanks Lane! Your the bestest!
Snippets From My Heart
We had a wonderful time at the Sparta Hilton. 
We didn't even get out and build a fire this time.
We had one in our wood heater inside though.
Its funny. It doesn't take much to keep me and "Big Sis" happy.
I actually wouldn't trade this for any vacation I could go on.
I love it because I get to sleep in my own bed and not a hotel bed. 
 I love having clothes already there and getting to do nothing if I want to.
This weekend I did a little rearranging.  I am good at that.
I will show pictures next time.
   I never have finished the deer quilt for our king size bed.  I hope to have it done next time we go.  Remember it was suppose to be "Sweet Hunters" Christmas present????
March, you say??? Oh well.
Anyway, I just love it there.
Today I am thankful for...........our home away from home.


Angela said...

Val, That food made my mouth water. YUM! My daughter loves fried potatoes. Just a few weeks ago I had them over for supper and she ask for "breakfast for supper"
She requested home fried potatoes. Looks like you have a fun time at the Sparta. Mr. P. would love your place with the deer, turkey, etc. I went hunting with Mr. P. one time and I still kidd him that was the most wasted time of my life. It was cold and he had to stay and help another hunter search for a deer he had shot. I have never been so proud to get home and get warm. You have a very pretty sister. I was an only child as my mother was before me, and so is my daughter. I always wanted a sister growing up. Have a good evening.

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Sounds like such a wonderful place! We are going camping this weekend - going to try the tent route again, so we'll see how it goes! Becky

webbsway said...

What a wonderful "weekend adventure" you have shared. (The reason you start with food is because that is what makes everybody happy and shows the love you all share.)

I totally adored the picture of the turkey! Isn't she funny - keeping an eye on you guys! She looks so much like my "Danny" who is a real HOOT! I think we have enjoyed her more than any turkey we have ever shared our life with.LOL

That camera sure does take good pictures! We have bobcats over here too. I have not been lucky enough to see one, but DH gets to see them when he is hunting.

We have coyotes here also. I have had sheep forever.I had wanted a black one so that I could finish a rug I was crocheting with my fleece. ( I like natural colors instead of dyed) . Then one year one finally arrived and I was thrilled to death! But, a few weeks down the road my black baby disappeared. I was so broken-hearted. The next year a second black one appeared and this time I kept them penned in a little pasture at the house until the baby was old enough to run like the wind, so we turned them loose and AGAIN my black baby disappeared!I was so bumfuzzled !My rug is setting in a box just waiting for some black fleece. It was to be a "log cabin "design and I needed the black to show off the design with the colors?

That summer I decided to take a walk in the back pasture with my doggies. We had climbed the first hills and started down the grade when all of a sudden the dogs went crazy. In front of the pack was my wee pekingese , Honey-Bear and she came to a full stop right in front of the biggest Solid black coyote I had ever seen. I had heard stories about them killing domesticated dogs and my heart fell to my stomach because it was too late to save her if they did.

I hollered and for a brief minute the beautiful black creature and I Locked eyes-his were pure gold and showing against his jet black coat. For a minute it was pure magic as human and wildlife shared a moment!

The next year I had a black lamb that lived and that fall when we went to get our hay the neighbor told us that he had been killing them. I forgot how many he said they had killed -so I then knew Why I had my lamb, but my heart still remembered the magic we had shared. I told my neighbor I was glad to have my lamb, but I could never have killed that beautiful creature that I had shared the moment with.

Jenn said...

I want to go to the Sparta Hilton...your game cam must be better than ours...we haven't gotten very many good pictures. It runs out of batteries so fast, but it was a cheap one!
We have bobcat, foxes, coyotes and every other wild thing here on our own land...but we haven't been able to get much. I want them gone so they'll quit killing our chickens. So far, my son has shot a coyote and two foxes... :( And an opossum....gross! :(

Michelle said...

Another lovely weekend indeed!

Granny said...

That breakfast looks yummy. I love fried taters for any meal. My favorite potatoes to fry are yukon gold. mmmm mmmmm good.

Big Sis will be wanting lots more of those dishcloths.

Libby said...

My sweet Grandmother always made the best fried potatoes! I think she made them with almost every meal! The "Honeymooners" are adorable!

Mrs. Stam said...

the turkey picture is hilarious!!!!!, looks like a lovely time

Needled Mom said...

I think I would enjoy being inside working on projects and cooking much better than sitting in that wonderful hunting house too.

The food looks fabulous. What time did you say I should arrive to feast on it???? lol

PEA said...

I love fried potatoes, especially at breakfast time and during the summer months I love cooking them on the bbq in a frying pan, along with bacon:-) It's no wonder you enjoy being at the Sparta Hilton, it's such a warm and cozy place. The men certainly did do a lot of work over the weekend but had to feel good for everything they accomplished!

Make sure you come on over to my blog, I'm celebrating my 5th blogiversary by having a giveaway:-) xoxo

Pat said...

Oh, those fried potatoes look SO good! I laughed at the picture of that turkey....looks as if he was checking out the camera!!! Your daughter is very pretty.....and I'm sure she is pretty without makeup AND in pajamas so tell her no more hiding from us!!! LOL

Alice Grace said...

The best part is the picture of the wild animals, no, second thought, the food, no, third thought the sweet honeymooners!