Friday, April 8, 2011

The Kitchen At Our Little Hilton

I couldn't break the tradition of starting all of my posts about "Our Little Hilton"
with food.  The day started out with a great breakfast of sausage, gravy,
and homemade biscuits and of course fried potatoes.  The day ended with a grilled cheese and boy was it yummy!!!

Just thought I would share some of our little humble home away from home.
This is the kitchen of our little Hilton. (hunting cabin).
Sweet Hunter has a jar full of goodies for his sweet tooth!

This little place is rough but we have made it into our little get away.
I've been playing house while "sweet hunter" was turkey hunting.

This is one of our cabinets in our kitchen.
I have more food here than I do at home!!!

Seriously, I do. 

I think I mentioned that old crock pot before but my dad gave me that.
The big container holds utensils to cook with and the small one has plastic
forks and spoons in it.

These little containers are in a drawer in my kitchen.
This is our "real" forks and spoons! lol
We have lots of knives for some reason but only have 4 forks and 4 spoons!
Don't ask me why. 
I only have 2 drawers but it works out fine.
It's amazing what you don't need!

I am very proud of my ice trays!
It has been years since I've had to have these.
I found these at a thrift store and they work just fine.
I don't miss my ice maker at all!

I brought my little hot pads to our little Hilton.
I brought the apron to match them too.
Aren't they so cute!

This is my little stove here at the hilton. 
It was here when we set up our little hunting cabin.
It reminds me of my Granny's stove.
The little coffee pot  was given to us by my sweet Mother In law.
I usually have it on our wood heater but
it is so warm we haven't had to build a fire.

Thanks to my Sweet Mom we have the luxury of a microwave!

One of the cabinets in our kitchen.
What is it about a woman that she likes
to organize and reorganize?

This old refrigerator was also here when we set up our
little hunting cabin.

See Grannys little bowl hanging right above the sink?
I love that bowl.
Sweet Hunter says that hunters would love to have a place like this.
When I first saw it I never dreamed I would spend the night but
I am in love with our little get away.
So this is our kitchen at
"Our little Hilton"!!!

Today I am thankful for..........playing house.


Pat said...

I love your little kitchen there. For many years, we did camping. We began with a pop-up and progressed to a bigger camper and then, finally, to a park model that stayed in one spot at a nice seashore area campground for years. I miss that when I see something like your Sparta Hilton. You are can do with much less (in a kitchen, for example) and still enjoy yourself.

Susannah said...

Hi Val...Your little kitchen is so cozy. You have everything so organized and just right for a cabin away from home. I know you are having relaxing times while you are there. It is so good to get away from everything.

Are you sewing this weekend?

Angela said...

Good evening Val, Love the little hunting cabin. So cozy and I'm sure if the walls could talk it would tell lots of stories and BIG hunting tales. Lots of memories too I am sure. That sandwich sure looks yummy and I am not fond of cheese. Have a great weekend and enjoy your little Hilton.

Allie said...

Val, I dearly love your little Hilton - such a sweet homey place, with no distractions from what is important in life!

lindsey said...

I love seeing photos of your little cabin...and that grilled cheese...mmmmm!

Alice Grace said...

Very good organization! You have done a great job of making the Hilton your little home away from home!

Libby said...

Looks like you have everything you need! A true home away from home!

Granny said...

Given the choice between your Hilton and the big Hilton Hotel I'd choose yours every time. I love the way you've personalized it and made it a warm, inviting place. Sweet Hunter is right, hunters would love a place like that. Have a great weekend.

Scrappy quilter said...

It looks like the perfect place to have fun, making wonderful memories and just relax. I love the name you've picked for it. Hugs

Love Bears All Things said...

You've made it a little love nest....we used to have a cabin on the lake which was bigger than the little Hilton but not much more modern...
Mama Bear

PEA said...

I love the way you've made that little kitchen so warm and cozy. It's amazing how even the simplest things can make us so happy:-) My dad was a moose hunter and one time he and his hunting party brought their wives. Mom said she expected a cabin but it was actually only a framed cabin with plastic around it! lol The wives never went back!! hehe

Of course you can use my bread picture and put the recipe on your cooking blog:-) xoxo

Lori said...

I love it. What a great getaway for you!