Monday, April 11, 2011

Sewing At The Hilton

Do you remember the deer quilt that "Sweet Hunter" wanted for Christmas?

Well, I finally took one of 401A Singer sewing machines
 to the Hilton and just got busy.

I decided that I would try to do the binding
just like Granny used to do.
Boy it was hard.
I really don't know how she did it.
She didn't even have the little clips either.
She would just fold it over as she sewed.

Yes, it is just a giant king size panel but that is the fabric that
"Sweet Hunter" picked out so that is what
"Sweet Hunter" got.

Well, this is not my pick for my big king size bed at the Hilton
but it is a "hunting cabin"!

O.K. Do you see the wall that is covered with another quilt behind the bed?
That is because first of all there is no headboard with this heavenly bed
and also because behind that quilt is the ugliest door that you have ever seen.
Do you see that big bump sticking out???
That is a door knob!!
Did I camoflauge it good enough?

I just love this little pillow. 
I got it from my sweet blogging friend Karen!
She has the neatest stuff.

So what do you think?
I can tell you one thing......
it may just be a giant panel but you add the
warm and natural batting
and the backing.......
this is a huge king size quilt!!!
Sewing this was true love for the "Sweet Hunter"!!!

And you want to know what he said when I got it done?
(well, you have to know the history of the other quilt that I made him-
it took me 25 years....yes, 25 years to complete it. lol)
He didn't take you as long to finish this one!!! Ha!
He loves it and that is what counts!!!
What this "sweet hunter" wants....he gets!
I told him when he is sad during deer season because he hasn't got a deer,
all he has to do is come and look at his bed at "our little Hilton"!!!

And look what was on one of the trail cameras along with many other deer pictures!
I just love our trail cameras!!
Today I am thankful for........
getting this Christmas present from 2010 finished!!!!
I am linking up to Allie's Christmas Through The Year even though this present was late!!
Does it count Allie???
I am also linking up to Peg and Kris for the "Once A Month Project".
I am early on both of these but just wanted to go ahead and show it.


Angela said...

Evening Val, Are storms headed your way also? If so be safe. I love winter because there are no tornado watches and warnings. I am so terrified of storms.
Love the quilt For your Sweet Hunter. I am sure it was a labor of love. Lots of work, I am sure. Makes us feel good to complete a project that's been a while in the making right? I have a rabbit sitting in the craft room that has been started for months. It's almost Easter and I'm wondering whether to finish it or wait and have it for next year Ha! The sad part it's for me, not to sell. Have a safe evening.

webbsway said...

O VAL- I just LOVE Sweet Hunter's quilt! They are such lovely animals. I stood on the porch today and watched one take a bite out of one of my little trees.

I had to laugh because of the story of his first quilt. Back in 2004 daughter-in-law #1 showed me a picture of an afghan that she had fallen in love with .(Her hinting) I checked it out online and ordered the pattern. That was in January and I set to work on it because it was in the house weather and I worked on it until April and then there was so much to do out doors and the project was SOOO much work. It had a big lighthouse in the center and then all around it was little lighthouses and they were a pain. I kinda tucked it away and figured she would Never get it. It was Just too much work.

Then the last week in June I took a tumble out doors and broke all the bones in my leg and also in my ankle-leaving me pretty much helpless . I had never had a broken bone and it was sheer misery for me.Between the pain and the misery I felt trapped - and as I was moaning the blues one day - I happened to spot that afghan tucked away in the tote beside of me?

So, I pulled it out and worked on that thing the next 4 months and she received her lighthouse for Christmas - I do not know which one of us was the most surprised! LOL But if not for that tumble -she would never have received it. She even hung it on the wall for a while and then one day it was gone and I asked her about it and she said she did not know where it went to. She figured one of the kids had it.

But, that is funny the way projects go. It was very nice that you did not have to wait 25 years-gosh - you would have been an "antique" by then. LOL

Dora, the Quilter said...

I'm sure it's a great feeling to have it done. And isn't quilting on those vintage machines fun? (I quilt on a 1936 Singer treadle--and lots of times I piece on it too!)

webbsway said...

I just did a full post, but then it disappeared - so I don't know if it went or not - Just in case I wanted to say that I totally love the deer quilt!

Scrappy quilter said...

A perfect quilt for a the Hilton. And I really like how you did your

Susannah said...

You did it, Val!!!!! It looks great on your bed and is sure nice in a hunting cabin. I think it is perfect for "sweet hunter". Now, lets just hope he gets a deer this year. I love the photos from the cameras in the woods. Look how green everything is, too. As I looked out the window here today, I could see the little lilac leaves starting to unfurl.

Well, you keep on sewing, Val. There is a huge reward when you are finished with a project.


Rhonda said...

you gotta do stuff to keep those hubbies happy sometimes!
I was thinking the same thing you told him, that if he did not get a deer while hunting he had plenty of them on his bed.

I am glad you can sew while you are there, I am sure you will do all kinds of projects at your Hilton.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I love deer hunter's Christmas quilt! And I actually like the quilt haning behind the bed. Looks warm and inviting.

caknitter said...

The deer quilt fits right in and it such a nice balance with the sweet pillow heart. :-)

Allie said...

Wow Val it is GORGEOUS!!!! It shouldn't count as it's not for 2011 but it's so beautiful it has to. I love it, and Sweet Hunter loves it and that's what counts.

I also love your creative headboard - a girl after my own heart!

Maria said...

Well Done Val. Sweet Hunter's quilt looks great in the "Little Hilton" hunting cabin.

Alice Grace said...

I know you are proud of this accomplishment! I am so glad you got it done, and I am sure Sweet Hunter loves it too!

Granny said...

The quilt looks great. As you say, it's a hunting cabin. You did a great job of camouflaging the ugly door. Do you leave the sewing machine at the cabin or do you take it home every time?

Libby said...

Love it! Looks like he does too!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Great job Val!! So glad to see you quilting.

Nezzy said...

Well at least ya never give up!!! Heeehehe!!!

Hon, the quilt is just magnificent. Worth waitin' for and the little heart pillow is just the icin' on the cake!

God bless and have an awesome day!!! :o)

Michelle said...

That was a big project, and I know your honey appreciates it. Good job!

siteseer said...

I love the quilt. Did you machine quilt the entire quilt? The one I have to finish I originally machine stitched around the squares and it walked and I ended up with puckers. I took it all apart and now have to hand stitch it and then put a binding on it. I'm just not that good at that kind of thing, but I'm going to give it a try.