Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crocheting Class

Look at this baby blanket that one of the ladies made!

Another Chrysanthium dish cloth.
Looks to pretty to use.

A scarf!

Remember this from last time?
She has put the tassel on it now!

Isn't this so cute?

The lady that is making this litle animal is a lady that I have known for a long time.
I haven't saw her in years and was so excited to see her there!

This is the feet that goes on this little animal.
She is making it for a grandson.

I love this color!

Polly, our teacher made this yummy cake!
Isn't this beautiful?
I actually made this last Friday night. Mine wasn't as pretty as hers!

A beautiful afghan!

Love this color too!

You can never go wrong with white!

This lady was showing me that she was making a vest. 
You can see the picture on the table.
She said it was so easy. She said it was a rice stitch.
I can't wait to see it finished.

O.K. I claim this one! 
Polly asked me if I would like to make a hat to match my scarf.
Of course I said yes! 
She let me sit right beside her so everyone thought I was the teachers pet!
I loved it. She walked me through learning to read a pattern.
She made me a copy and sent me home to finish it!
I never ever thought I could do it................BUT I DID!
I tried to follow the pattern like she told me.
Then I got to a FPtc!  What?
Front post treble crochet!
And I figured it out myself!

It may not be perfect to a professional but it is perfect to me!
I am loving this crochet class!
Thank you Polly for your gift of teaching.
I AM THANKFUL crochet teacher!!!

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Thank you all!

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might.......
Ecclesiastes 9:10


Alice Grace said...

That is a beautiful hat and scarf! Your Grandmother (my Mom) would be proud of you for learning crochet, as that was her favorite craft. She crocheted as long as her little hands would let her. I know you are enjoying your class!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You haved done a wonderful job Val on the scarf and the hat...lots of wonderful inspiration in those photos..

Anonymous said...

Very pretty, mom! You continue to impress me. Shannon (Trouble)

Angela said...

Val, Your hat is so cute. Woozers girl, when you want to learn you go for the hard stuff. I crocheted for years and actually sold lots of baby gifts when Mr. P and I first got married. Several of my friends worked outside the home and in offices and would take orders for me. The last big project I did was an afghan for a wonderful friend who lives in TN. That was many years ago. Every year I say I am going to replace afghans I use to have to wrap up in that we kept in the living room. One day I got tired of them being worn out and threw them out. But so far I have not done that. I still have most of my patterns. You just make me want to start all over again. You are doing great and It sounds like you are having fun with all the ladies. Enjoy.

Lola said...

I love crochet. I taught myself how. I love the mum dish cloth. Would love to have the directions. I can't do much but I can sit & crochet. The dish cloths wouldn't take much yarn so that would help me too.

Susannah said...

What a gorgeous hat and scarf! You did it! Oh, I wish there was a class like that around here. All of the items are beautiful. I know you will be making so many of them. Good for you! I am glad you are having fun!

Lori said...

Your hat and scarf look wonderful. I especially like the color you chose. Good Luck with all of your crafting.

Love Bears All Things said...

You're doing great!
Mama Bear

Allie said...

Darn, you're giving me the urge to pick up my hook again, lol! Your hat turned out DARLING, Val!

CrochetnQuilt said...

Congrats on learning crochet! It's a great craft, you can take projects with you just about anywhere. Keep up the Good Work!

webbsway said...

Darn , I agree with Allie! Now where are those "crochet hooks"! LOL

I totally adore your class you are attending ! Talk about fun!

Love your hat and scarf -they are so pretty!

Mistea said...

crochet is such a fun and versatile craft, I particularly like that it is very portable.
Enjoy your classes and your creations they are beautiful already.

caknitter said...

The hat is perfect, valerie! Beautiful!

Granny said...

I'm proud of the way you've stuck with it and learned to read patterns. That is what usually discourages people who try to learn to crochet. I love the little hat. Do you know the name of the pattern? I'd like to make some this fall for the women's shelter.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

How fun to see you joined a class, I know you love to Crochet - I used to do it but other crafts took its place as the years went on.
Love your adorable hat!


Glenda said...

I love the color you chose for your hat and scarf. I'm going to check on youtube like you suggested and see if I can find a video I can learn from.

Patricia said...

Val, your hat and scarf is just so pretty ! Just think what all you can make once you are learning how to read the instructions. Mama taught me how years ago. I still have a little blanket, hat, and booties that my Mama made for my daughter when she was born.

Beeshebags said...

Oh well done, you're doing a fantastic job and are coming along in leaps and bounds....Polly is a fantastic teacher to be having you doing all the 'fancy' stitches so quickly. Congrat's and can't wait to see what you make next hun. Hugs Naomi

W. Latane Barton said...

I love to crochet but don't much anymore. That cap and scarf you made is very pretty. and yes, i'd be stumped if I came to a fptc too. Impressed that you figured it out.

Real Life Reslers said...

That chrysanthium dish cloth is beautiful! Love it!
I haven't crocheted in awhile, I need to get my hiney in gear and be productive!

Doris Sturm said...

How exciting it is to learn something hew. I think you're doing really well and having a nice teacher is always a plus. Great work all the way around and the cake doesn't look bad either ;-)

karisma said...

They all look fantastic! How lucky to have a group class! I had to learn from the internet! Not that Im complaining but your group looks like so much fun. :-)

Sandra :) said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah your hat and scarf are just gorgeous - congratulations on learning a new technique - they look fantastic to me!