Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddys Quilts

I asked Daddy if he would make me a king size quilt for my bed
and this is the one that he made for me!

Daddy has lots of quilts made to sell.
I just took a close up of a couple of them.
I love the colors in this one!

Love the colors in this one too!
Daddy makes full size quilts and sells them for 60.00!
You can find more if you click
on the tab labeled "Daddy's Quilts" at the top of this page.

On this particular day I went to visit Daddy and we sat on his little
porch and he was holding his cat.  He was telling me that she
was acting funny and never wanted to be held.
He said he had sat there about an hour holding her because
she was loving it so much!

Then Daddy finally got up and gave me some little tomato plants
to take home. In the mean time the Kitty just laid up on the chair
waiting on him to come back.

Then I left and Daddy called me and said that right after I left,
this is what happened.  She actually had 3 kittens but 2 died.
Daddy suspected that she was expecting but she was a baby herself
so he didn't think she was old enough but he said that is why she was in that
loving mood.

Daddy knows with my Tmj I have not been able to get out and do what I
would normally do like till and plant a big garden.

But Daddy also knew me.
He knows that I have to have a garden.
So he got out and tilled my little raised bed for me.
Now it is planted and I can keep up with it.

 I am thankful that today Daddy's family comes first and
he will do anything to help if he can. 
Daddy is a very hard worker and is not one to sit still.

TODAY I AM THANKFUL THAT Dad is in my life today!



Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

A very handsome dad you have there, Val. I'm so glad he's carrying on your granny's quiltmakiing--and doing a wonderful job, it looks like. Happy Father's Day to all of you.

Glenda said...

What a sweet post about your dad. I hope he has a wonderful Father's Day! And I hope your Tmj is getting better, too.

Granny said...

The quilts your daddy makes are lovely. I wish I could afford a king size quilt for my bed. Maybe this fall.

Angela said...

You are so blessed to have your Dad on this special day. Love his quilts. As I've said before He is so talented. So sweet of him to think of you and prepare your garden spot.
My Daddy was a Baptist minister and Church on Father's Day is always rough. So many memories of Daddy in services on Father's Day. I know he is happy today becausse he will soon be able to be with Mohter. THey were married 60 something years when he passed. Won't that be a happy renunion day? Take care and Hugs to you.

Maria said...

Enjoyed reading your post and seeing the pics of your Daddy.

Allie said...

My dad is gone so I'm wishing yours a VERY HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! What a blessing he is, Val. I love the quilt he made for you, he's doing so very, very well with these! I hope he sells lots - if I could afford it I would buy one in a heartbeat.

I love the pic of him sitting there with kitty. How gentle and loving he is. And how wonderful of him to till your garden for you! You are blessed!

Needled Mom said...

What a wonderful dad you have there, Val. I guess even the kitty knew that!

Hope you are enjoying a great Father's Day weekend.

Alice Grace said...

He is a very fine man, and I am glad he is so caring of his family.

caknitter said...

Awe, you have such a kind father.
Happy Father's Day to him. :-)

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

What a nice sweet post Val...your father is very special.
He really makes some beautiful quilts and the one he made for you is very lovely.

Great pictures of him Val


PEA said...

Your daddy is a very special man, just like his daughter. Well I don't mean you're a special man, but woman! lol Ah heck, you know what I mean!! hehe He makes such beautiful quilts as well.

Awww, poor little kitty, no wonder she wanted to be held, probably didn't know what was happening inside her body with those kittens coming! So sad that 2 died but no doubt the one that's left will be loved:-) xoxo

Rhonda said...

what a nice post about your daddy.
I am so thankful my daddy is in my life too.

Jenn said...

You sound like you have a really sweet dad! You are truly blessed. I still want some of his quilts but we can't get any just yet. I hope to be able to before the fall/ boys both need one and I have one girl who needs one. :)