Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Again

I would love to claim this hydrangea or snowball bush!
Which one is it?
I can't ever remember!
Nevertheless, this is my daughter & son in law's plant at their house!

I went to pick up the Grand's one day and saw this!
I thought it was beautiful!

This bloom is on the plant beside the one above.Trouble & Bryan should be proud!

I have 2 of these but mine are tiny.
One is blooming and one is not.

This is one of many mushrooms that are in and around the barn.
I just thought it was neat.

I have told you before that I would not even know what this was if
it wasn't for my BFF, Vicki!
This is trillium. I missed the blooms. We were out of town when they bloomed.

These daylilies are blooming late this year at my house.
The rain helped them to pop out.
We sure needed the rain.

This beautiful rose is getting a much needed drink of water.

I always love Fridays and joining in with Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday
and Flaunt Your Flowers!

TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR.......having a choice!

Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle?
 Who shall dwell in thy Holy hill?
Psalm 15:1


Love Bears All Things said...

We're getting a little rain today. It had been 3 weeks.
I like the Daylily. It has some green stripes on it, it looks like.
I've always loved Trillium. The Botanical Garden here has a section called the Trillium Garden and have many varieties.
Hope your weekend is wonderful,
Mama Bear

Darla said...

It's a hydrangea silly. :) And yes it is putting on a wonderful show this year. You will remember by remembering a snowball viburnam is white like snow...

Lona said...

The color blue and beautiful hydrangeas who could ask for more. I love the hydrangeas. That is one gorgeous rose. Have a wonderful weekend.

Allie said...

Beautiful flowers, girl - have a great weekend!

PEA said...

Your daughter's Hydrangea is gorgeous, I really love the blue colour. I have one growing in my front flowerbed but it hasn't started to bloom yet this year. It was supposed to be pink but last year the blooms were white...found out that it all depends on the soil.

That certainly is a type of mushroom I've never seen before! So unusual!!

Your lilies and roses are so beautiful. Mine haven't bloomed yet so you're way ahead of me:-) xoxo

Susannah said...

Hello to you! I love Trouble's hydrangeas and especially the blue color. Even the mushroom made a beautiful picture. I know you are having a good time taking pictures of all of your beautiful flowers that you have.

Bless you,

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...this is at my house?!? Never knew it but it is pretty. I may go outside tomorrow to check it out. Shannon

snore stop said...

I really love the blue colour. I have one growing in my front flowerbed but it hasn't started to bloom yet this year.

Alice Grace said...

How funny that Trouble didn't even know it was there! That is what happens when you work all the time, I guess! I have two hydrangas, but they are not yet blooming. Mine got cut back in the fall, (without my foreknowledge) and sometimes when they get cut back drastically they do not bloom the next year. I am not sure if they will bloom this year. We will see. Anyway, they are beautiful! Love the daylily, it matches one I have here.

Anonymous said...

LOVE those blue hydrangeas!

lindsey said...

Lovely post Val. The blooms are very pretty. I am told the colour of hydrangeas depend upon the soil type where they are planted...thats pretty clever!

Lola said...

Love the hydrangea. I have 2 small ones. The larger bloomed one yr. Seems it was a light blue. ? on the other. I don't think it's getting enough sun. It's on the NE corner of my home behind a tall shrub & in between the hedge, boxwood.
Where I'm from we had the Snowball. That's all I knew about it.