Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Small World

When we took our Golf cart to get it redone this is the place we brought it.
I have never ever saw so many old cars.

While "sweet hunter" was talking details with the guy, I of course was
walking around taking pictures.

Then I started listening to their conversation and the guy was telling
Sweet Hunter about the cars and how he has this business
just by word of mouth.

Some of these cars have actually been redone and been in movies.
My ears perked up when I heard that.

Then he told us about how some people have had him start the process of
fixing these old cars up and then this economy hit and some can't even pay
for the work that has been done on the cars. 
 I think he said that 8 are just sitting and waiting.

There was a lady inside the building and I smiled at her as she was
cutting some upholstery fabric.
Then the man told us that she was his wife and that she has been a
great help to him in this business.

He said that she would rather be in the house quilting
and he would rather her be but right now he needed
her in the business!!!

So I mosy (is that a word?) right over to her and introduce myself.

I asked her about her quilting.
She said that is her hearts desire but
right now with the economy she was having to help her husband.

As we talked I share the chicken scratch that I was working on
in the car. I went out and got it and it was the butterfly and wasn't finished
but she loved it.

We all hit it off first thing!
As we got to talking we found many more things that we had in common.

The more we talked the more we enjoyed meeting them
and hearing about their life.
They are very hard working people
with lots of goals.

This picture hanging on the wall was one of the cars in a movie.
I think it was called "I'll Fly Away". Not real sure about that name though.
He said the guy has $150,000.00 in this car.
Can you imagine?

Then he pulled out this drawer full of pictures and showed us
many more pics of cars that he had redone.
I told his wife that I would rather see her quilts but she
said that she hasn't got to do any in a while.
But then she went on to tell me that her 86 year old mother
quilted all the time. She hand quilts and has a frame that hangs
from the ceiling. 
O.K. Now my eyes are getting big!

Then they told us where to walk down to see the river.
It was right next to the "mothers" house.
So as we walked to see the river I was looking at the Mothers house!
Oh I want to go and visit her.
"Sweet Hunter" said that the river was way too big for me.
He thought I would be disappointed but I had something else in mind.

I told him that I would go visit the Mother that quilts.
The man and woman heard me say that and they were thrilled.
They said that would make her so happy.
They said she is an herb doctor and knows how to tell you to doctor anything
with the herbs that she grows.  They also shared that she could tell you the names
of every flower in her yard.  She also tends to a big garden in the back yard.
They also told us that the mother and daughter make hominy every year.
Hominy?  That just doesn't sound good to me.
They said it was delicious.
They said they have a recipe that they use and they cook it outside.
They also invited us to come when they do that.
Oh I wanted to go visit right then but we didn't have the time!
But we do have plans to go back and I can't wait. 
"Sweet Hunter" is excited about fishing and
 I am excited about visiting this little 86 year old woman.
They told us to plan to stay a whole day because
she will not let us leave without cooking a full country meal for us!
Well that sealed the deal for me!
I can't wait to go fishing...........NOT!


A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother." -Proverbs 18:24 KJV


Allie said...

Nice cars - we have some places like that around here, and boy are they gearing up for all the summer events - we're seeing classic cars from every era, every day! We followed a bunch of them on the highway Saturday. I bet they'd like the Dream Cruise!
How lovely that you've made new friends, Val, don't forget to take pics of 'mother's' frame when you go back!

Michelle said...

That is SO neat! I hope you get to do it soon!

caknitter said...

Sounds like fate to me. I hope you get to go very soon for a visit.

Darla said...

No chance encounters...reasons only. Looking forward to seeing photos of your visit.

W. Latane Barton said...

What a terrific visit you have. Such joys come so unexpected sometimes. I can't wait until you go visit the mother and tell us all about it. I bet it reminded you of your granny, didn't it? I hope i am still quilting at their age. Such inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to have the black car in a photo nearer the bottom of the post. Always wanted an old car like that.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I can't wait for your return trip either!
I wanna see that Hominey making. we love the stuff.
Don't worry we will stay tuned!
(I think I even saw a car we had in your pictures when we got married, a 1966 chevrolet converitable)

Patricia said...

Val, I am so excited for you to get to visit with this grandmother ! Be sure to take pictures of her frames and of her when you do visit. Find out what she uses to put in her ceiling to connect it to the frame. I can remember my Grandmother's but, I can't remember what was in the ceiling. I know she used four small chains, that came down from the ceiling and connected to the frames. I just love older people and talking with them. We can learn so much from them, if we just take the time. Hey, and the cars are pretty, too. tee hee (I almost forgot about them. I am a hand quilter lover.)

Lori said...

Isn't it fun when we just take the time to visit what we all find out about people and the commanalities we all have? It is crazy the amount of money people put into their old cars. That's what my son does for his business. They have a car that has more than $400k invested in. Nuts! but fun to look at as long as it's not my money. :)

StitchinByTheLake said...

Val what a wonderful gift God gave you on this day! If I were there I'd be right with you visiting the lady with the quilting frame that lowered from the ceiling. I've heard about those all my life but never seen one. blessings, marlene

PEA said...

Isn't it just so wonderful to meet lovely people like that when you least expect it:-) I cannot get over the gorgeous vintage cars he has there, such beautiful work he does restoring them. I have no doubt you are very much looking forward to going back and spending a day with them, as well as meeting the mother!! xoxo

Angela said...

Good Morning Val, Such a neat post. It refreshes the soul to meet such sweet people and have those people become friends. Do we ever have enough friends? The couple sounds so nice. Love all the old cars and trucks.
Bet you will enjoy the visit with the older lady. She sounds like a great character. Would love to hear all her remedies. That has always amazed me. Hominy..... Girl I think you have to acquire a taste for it. Personally I love it. We use to have it at home when I was little a lot. Never had it homemade, but bet it would be delicious. Thanks for sharing such an interesting post with us all. Hoping you have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love it when things work out like that! Lori gave me your info and I just have to say a big huge thank you!!! You are a sweet sweet woman--praying God to return many fold what you have blessed us with! I am so completely in awe of the wonderful people God has put on this path with us!


(Sorry for the anon, blogger and my blackberry are feuding)

Kathryn D. Duke said...

what a post...that was a wonderful experience and unexpected!! My husband and I love to come upon an old car show...kinda like finding an old lovely quilt!!
Thank you for sharing the pictures!!
keep us posted...

Lola said...

Those old cars would make my DH's heart beat faster. We use to go see the lot of them when on vacation in Maggie Valley, N.C.
Love those hand sewn quilts. My mother had one that hung from the ceiling. Don't remember what was holding but she would wind the chord up around the poles so we could walk under it. I have some of her last tops. Sure wish I could get them hand sewn. It would mean the world to me.