Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Crocheting Class

Let me introduce you to my crochet teacher & my friend.
This is Polly.
She is modeling a shawl that one of the ladies in her class made.
I LOVE it!

Look at the back of it.
I can't wait to try to make day!

Isn't it beautiful?
Don't we have a great teacher!
  She has been crocheting for 70 years!

The same lady that made that shawl that Polly modeled also
is making this one!  The black is gorgeous!

I brought my hat to show it off and another lady pulled out this little beauty!!!

And this one!!!!

As I walked around the room to take pictures I found a lady making this hat too!

See how it will look once she finishes it!

This is going to be another hat!!!

And this is what it will look like when she gets it made.
These are the most talented women.

And look at this!!!
Oh and see that little marker that she marks her place?
I have got to get one!

Isn't this the cutest thing!

Look at this Christmas afghan one lady is making!

Another chrysanthemum dish cloth in the making!

And this one is made already!
I have started mine but I'm not finished yet.
I need to be the "teachers pet" next week!!!!

Polly, that's my hat!!!
What are you doing???
Pulling out stitches?
She is so good at that but I had done a whole row wrong,
so I fixed it and then Polly showed me how to add some fur to the edges! 

And look at my sweet model!
"May May" (my daughter) looks so cute pregnant
but that hat makes her look darling if I say so myself!
Isn't she the best model?

I just thought my hat was finished.
I think I will add some fur to my scarf too!
Can you tell I am enjoying my crochet class?
I just can't say thank you to Polly enough.
And "May May".....thank you for being my model!!!

TODAY I AM THANKFUL cute young pregnant daughter!!!


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I don't know which is cutier the hat or the daughter.
You did a good job on both!

Michelle said...

Looks like you had a good time. Your model is adorable!

Susannah said...

Oh...your lovely May May is so beautiful! She looks so sweet being pregnant and all.

I love the fur on the hat, Val. Just gives it that added touch to bring it up to date. You are doing a great job. I know you like to keep your hands busy. Can't wait to see more! I really enjoy your crocheting posts.


lindsey said...

Yes your daughter is beautiful and the hat just tips it off! The crochet all looks great. I would love that caterpilla pattern. Someone made one for my grandson in green and red just like the 'Hungry Caterpillar' if you have that book over there, and i would love to make some. I will keep looking for the pattern over here.Thanks for posting!

caknitter said...

Aw, you're right, your daughter looks so cute in the hat and beautiful pregnant. I would love to have a crochet class just like yours, around here.
Isn't crocheting fun?

Granny said...

Oh I love the little hat with the fur. I'd love to make several of them to donate to the food pantry for their silent auction in November. I'd better get busy hadn't I?

Allie said...

Looks like you guys have a lot of fun in class - great projects! Love the fur on your hat, especially on your gorgeous daughter!

Angela said...

Oh Val, May May is so beautiful. And what she is carrying is priceles. I know you are so excited. Love your hat and the fur just makes it. Glad you are loving your class. Have a great weekend.

W. Latane Barton said...

Beautiful daughter, love the hat. And, the crochet teacher has NOT been crocheting 70 years. She's not near that old.

Lola said...

Love that shawl. Great looking hat with the best model. You are doing great.

Real Life Reslers said...

Wow! So much talent! I love the fur on the hat!

Krista said...

I want to learn how to make a hat!! I need to find a crocheting class in Knoxville.

Love Bears All Things said...

Did you spend the class time making photos? Ha
I like that black hat and would love the pattern if you happen to have it and can share it.
Now which Daughter is this? The one who recently married?
Mama Bear