Monday, July 4, 2011

Our Little Hilton

We eat way too much food when we go to "our little Hilton"!

We haven't been here to check on things for a couple of months
and it was so good to be here.

It was so hot but that didn't keep us from building a fire
and grilling out!
See our new little grill?


Barbecue Pork chops, fresh corn on the cob and grilled tomatoes
along with potato salad.

This is our guest bedroom at the Hilton.
We are looking forward to the next time we come.
Our Grands along with the "honeymooners" are coming!
They were suppose to come this past weekend but it didn't work out.

This bed is one that our friends gave us.
The little pillow is one that "sweet teen" made us.
The neck pillow is the one I made.
The quilt at the end of the bed is one of the last quilts
that Granny made.  See her famous border!
My MIL bought the chenille bedspread on this bed for me.

This bed on the other side of the room is Granny's bed.
The pillow on the bed is one that my mother gave me.
I found this chenille bedspread at a thrift store.
And the quilt on this bed is one that my daddy made me when
he first started quilting.

This little chest was the one in Granny's bathroom.
That little t.v. is one I used to have in my kitchen at home. 
We don't have satelite in the guest bedroom but
I have a big collection of movies (VHS tapes).
I have got to get a DVD player for this room too.
This is our little kitchen.
See Granny's pan hanging above the sink?
This may not look like much to some but we just love this little place.

This is our living room. 
As you can see it is pretty rustic.  I have got to find  a way
to hide those wires.
Everything is covered up because we were about to leave. 
I try to cover everything up before we leave.

Granny's little couch and recliner is still being loved and took
care of.  I had already covered everything up before I took pics but
this shows you what I do before we leave our little hunting cabin.
We had the best time this past weekend.
We both got lots of much needed rest.

This picture is not too good and I have the top of my bed all covered up
but as you can see this little hunting cabin has a big king size bed in it.
I bought it at an estate sale for 150.00 and it still had the plastic on it.
You can see my little sewing corner over on my side of the room.

This is Granny's dresser and wardrobe.
I just love that I am still using it.
All those totes are full of scraps that I have brought from home.
You just never know what you might want to sew!

This picture is not good either but I wanted to show you the
other side of our bed.  The left side is a sewing area and is my side.
This right side of the bed has another dresser for "Sweet Hunter"
and all his hunting things.

I wanted to show you this little shelf that I found at
a thrift store for .49 cents.  I didn't know what I was going to
use it for but I think the tissue works well on here and
it is right above the potty!
Remember all the spray foam we used in this place?
You can see a big glob of it there on the wall.

This is our little bitty bathroom!
We keep our toothbrushes and things in little totes.
All of our clean towels and washcloths are in a tote and on a shelf.
It is so nice not to have to pack to come here.  We keep a few clothes here
and anything else we  might need. 

This is my favorite part of the inside of this little place.
I have a sewing machine, ironing board, rulers, scissors, fabric
and anything else I might need when I am in the mood.
Have I told you that we love our "little Hilton"?

TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR........ a holiday weekend.


Michelle said...

Your little 'home away from home'. I know how much you love it. Glad your weekend was wonderful.

caknitter said...

I love the little Hilton too! It's looks so cozy. :-)

Darla said...

Oh I wish I had a Hilton!

Patricia said...

Val, I love your "little Hilton" ! It doesn't take much to make some of us happy. I think it is just precious that you are still using your Granny's things.

Granny said...

I could live full time in your little Hilton. It looks so homey and inviting. Glad you had a good, restful weekend. When Grampy and I used to go to our place in the mountains before we moved there full time we'd eat twice as much as we normally did. Everything just tastes so good when you're in the clean fresh air.

lindsey said...

Your little HIlton is looking the new grill!

Allie said...

Oh sweetie I just love your little Hilton - a true home away from home! You've done a marvelous job here and I'm so glad you can just enjoy it now!

Angela said...

Val, Love your little home away from home. That guest room looks so inviting. I love a room that has 2 beds in it. Have thought about doing twin beds in my guest room , there is not enough room for 2 full size. And the quilts make the beds so pretty.
Breakfast looks yummy, but I'll take my biscuits just with butter, don't eat gravy!
And the bbq pork chops, I will just stay for supper also. (ha)
Glad you got to get away. Looks like a neat place to kick back and relax.

Lori said...

I love eyour lil Hilton. What a nice getaway spot with most of the comforts of home.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I love your little deer cabin. You are lucky to have running water and electricity. That we don't have at ours. We have gas lines run for lamps, and our water is a big big barrel outside on a frame. It works on the gavity system. but we still love the little place. We just rent ours from year to year.

Needled Mom said...

It looks like the perfect spot for a getaway and I love how you have so many touching memories of Granny there. The quilts on the beds look so wonderful.

webbsway said...

Everything just tastes so good when you're in the clean fresh air.
was what Granny said and I agree with her one hundred percent! And smells better too!

Home is where the heart is and I think it shows. They had done research about how good it is for us to have a relationship with Mother Nature and I think you have that down pat!: )

Lola said...

Love your little getaway. Isn't it amazing how happy we can be with so little. We had a little getaway in the mtns. So happy there.

Jenn said...

We used to live in a little "cabin" that was smaller than your Hilton. We had a living room, that my mom slept in on a couch. My brother had a small room and I did. The kitchen was way smaller than yours. It had a toilet with a pull-across divider door (that you could hear through and if you didn't pull all the way shut, you could see into!) and a small shower. That was it! We had a tiny fridge, about 3 ft. tall. We didn't have much, but I have alot of good memories from living there!

I would LOVE to visit your Hilton. It looks like so much fun! :) So relaxing and peaceful. I also wanted to say that we have had to use alot of spray foam around here on various things. If you take a small saw blade (like on a multi-tool) you can saw the extra foam off level with the wall and paint over it. It's actually quite easy to saw through, very soft. :)

Love to you!

Glenda said...

Val, just for fun I sometimes imagine what time period my friends would fit into. I have friends who fit into the southern belle/plantation era, but I fit into the early days of our country, those with pioneer spirit. I think that's where you fit, too. We find joy in the simple, uncomplicated life that meets our basic needs, but doesn't overflow with luxuries that have to be cared for, instead giving us time to care for family and friends! Love the Hilton!