Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crocheting Class & Update

Just wanted to share some pics of my crocheting class last week.
I love this blanket that this lady is making.

This is a picture of the pattern she is using.
Isn't it beautiful?

My high school friend, Teresa just started this baby blanket.
Oh I love it too. 
She shared the pattern with me.
May May has about 3 weeks to go
so I better hurry if I am going to make this one!

One of the ladies in the class just made this sweater!
She is showing us the scarf that she is making to match it.
I could not imagine making this!
The picture does not do it justice.

Remember this from my last post?
She is coming right along!

Polly, our crochet teacher is trying to make a sweater!
We won't leave her alone so she can work on it too much in the class.
We are lined up with questions and needing help.
Isn't this going to be beautiful though?

This is a baby blanket that Maryanne is making.
The whole thing is basically a chain stitch except for the border
and this edging she has started.
I LOVE it!
The edging is a Picot stitch!

Each month there is a theme at the Senior Center
and they have different displays out in the lobby.
This blanket is knitted.
I want to learn to knit too!

Look at all these old cameras!!

I loved those tap shoes!

Just wanted to give you all an update on "Sweet Teen"!
She is doing a lot better than I would be.
She hasn't missed any school even the day after she broke her leg.
I think she likes riding this scooter in Walmart!

She went to see the surgeon last week and he looked at the Xrays and
came in and told her that instead of 2 breaks--she has 3 broken bones!!
As of right now she doesn't have to have surgery but he said she had to be
very careful. They put this hard cast on but will have to change it
next week as the swelling goes down!!!
And do you remember my friend, J that was so sick?
She actually came to church on Wed. night and gave an awesome testimony!
Please continue to pray for her.
Also my friend, Gayle....her mother had a stroke last week and is need of our prayers.
Thank you all.

TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR.........contentment.


Alice Grace said...

Oh what beautiful crocheting your class is doing? Where was a picture of yours??
Sweet Teen is so beautiful, and a real trooper! I am so proud of her! Wonder if her next cast will be a pretty color like this one.

Susannah said...

Hi Val...Even with 3 broken bones, Sweet Teen is smiling! She is a pretty girl. Love all of the crocheted pieces. Everything is pink!!! I love pink!

Yes, I will add your two friends to my prayer list. I always have room for more.


caknitter said...

Aw, poor Sweet Teen. She has such a great outlook though. I would be miserable.
Can't wait to see the beautiful blanket, Val. I'm sure you'll finish it on time.
Sending positive thoughts and prayers to your friends and Sweet Teen. :-)

Shauna said...

Sounds like there is lots going on in your world. Sorry to hear about 'Sweet Teen's' broken leg.
Isn't it nice to have something to look forward each week, like your crocheting class?! Sounds like you are learning fast and gaining new skills each week. Although, not sure when you find the time to crochet in class since you always share lots of pictures with us. :) Blessings on your evening!

webbsway said...

I love all of the crocheting. I blamed you for me crocheting that chicken ! LOL Wellllll it was your fault that you gave me the "want-to " once again. !!!!!!!!!!!! : )

I used those scooters at Wal-mart the year I broke my leg and ankle too . I hope people do not scare her to death like they did me. That scooter does not have brakes- you just kinda coast to a stop and people would step RIGHT out in front of me. So, I will hold my breath and see how she manages. : )

Allie said...

What gorgeous projects! Val, I'm with you, I want to learn to knit too. I'm getting the urge again. I've been crocheting since I was little, but I like the look of knitting better....
Praying for Sweet Teen, J and Gayle's mum!

annie said...

I'm really enjoying the projects you are showing. I hope your daughter heals quickly, and that the Lord is with your friends as well.

Michelle said...

Oh, you are busy. I am so happy you enjoy your crocheting classes. The projects are neat, and the fellowship is priceless.

Glad to hear 'sweet teen' is doing well, thrilled to hear about your friend J, and will have your friend Gayle's mom in my prayers.

Have a great Sunday!