Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Little Hilton

2 pieces of buttered toast.

Fried Bacon.

Fried eggs!
And yes, I cooked it in the bacon pan!!!

Put it all together.

Add some chedder cheese, salt and pepper & mayonaise.

A Sandwich fit for a "Sweet Hunter"!!
I promise we do not eat like this at home
but there is just something about "our little hilton."

Then I worked on some more hexies.

And now there are 3!
I only work on these at "our little hilton"!
Hilton hexies!!!

Fried pork chops
Scrambled eggs
Gravy & bisuits

Before we leave I always change our sheets and put fresh quilts
on our bed. As I was making this bed I could not help but
think of Granny. This is a quilt she made me just a few weeks
before she passed away.  At the time I thought to myself that I
wished she had made it 2 colors but she used scraps of all the
quilts that I sold for her to all of you.
As I look at this quilt I know this was meant to be.
It even has scraps of some baby quilts that she made.
If you bought a quilt from Granny, you can probably find
a piece of your quilt in mine.
I would not take anything for this quilt.

My MOM gave me these pillow cases.
I just love them.

This deer had been eating corn at the feeder.
You can't hunt within 200 feet of a feeder
or if you can see the feeder from any distance you
are not allowed to hunt.
"Sweet Hunter" does not like raccoons
so he was not too happy with this picture.

I did it!
I scared them off!
Well the thugs haven't been there anyway.
Everything was in place and the only
pictures were of us leaving and coming in!
I am so smart!!!

that "Sweet Hunter" has such a smart wife! lol

Update on Gayle's mother....she was released from the hospital today.
Thank the Lord.
Thank you for all of your prayers.


Michelle said...

I know that you love the Hilton, and I love seeing your pictures....even the raccoons!

Allie said...

I dearly love fried egg sandwiches, Val, that's making me very hungry! Love your Hilton hexxies. Granny's quilt is just gorgeous, and yes, it was meant to be. What a special quilt!
Love the trail pics too, but especially I love hearing that there were no two-legged varmints there!

Tina said...

I cooked the same sandwiches for breakfast on Saturday! The guys like bacon, the girls prefer sausage!
Love the running deer shot. We see them a lot here in S. Arkansas...especially when they are running out in front of you on the road..scary!

Libby said...

That is the perfect breakfast!
Ya'll are getting some really good pics with that trail camera! Your hexies are looking good! I made my first one and havent made anymore..yet!

Alice Grace said...

I love the deer! One of God's lovely creatures!
The hexies are looking great!

Patricia said...

Val, such a wonderful post this morning to wake up to ! I love all the photos........

Lola said...

So glad you did not have any more visitors. Hexes are coming along.
Loving the trail pics.
I too like egg sandwiches.

Connie said...

That would be my husband kind of breakfast, as for me I don't like eggs but it did good like it was real good!!! Enjoy your wildlife pictures, we have dear and turkey come to our back yard and garden. Grannys quilt look very pretty on the bed and there is a lot of memories in that quilt. I have never try the little hexies, but your are looking good, i have crochet a flower garden afgan in many color. Have a bless day!!

Anonymous said...

YUM YUMMMMM. Looks good!
Glad the intruders stayed away.

That quilt is priceless!!! I bought 3 of Granny's quilts, kept 2 and gave one as a gift to my sister. I love mine!

annie said...

Enjoyed your post, love the hexes. Momma used to fix sandwiches like that, but she always scrambled the eggs, makes me miss her thinking about that! Glad you had some peace at your place, hope no one bothers you again. Maybe he can live with the raccoons!

PEA said...

Hello dear Val! I have so much catching up to do!! It's been a busy time for me but now I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel so I should be back to full time blogging and visiting:-)

I find food always tastes better when you're camping or in the bush. I love fried egg and bacon sandwiches, so yummy.

I'm so glad that you've been enjoying spending time at your Little Hilton, I know how happy it makes you to be there:-) xoxo

Faye Henry said...

Just found your blog through Annie and I must say that sandwich looks so good.. I haven't had one in ages..

Shauna said...

Love your hexies! Nice fall colours! Are you usually able to fill your freezer up with wild meat?