Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Is On The Way

Just thought I would share some of my favorite
 things that are still blooming around my house.
You can feel fall in the air.
I LOVE cooler weather!

This is me and my best friend from high school.
We met halfway and ate at my favorite place...Houstons!!!
So fun!
Facebook has made it so easy for me to connect with old friends!
This is a treasured friendship.


Michelle said...

Meeting old friends is so much fun...and meeting new ones is very exciting too!

Angela said...

Val, Glad to see you have connected with an old friend. Friends are wonderful. I am so ready for cooler temps. Hoping it will be a fall like weekend. Have so much I want to get done now that vacation and the craft fair is over. Hoping Sweet Hunter is doing better and bet you are getting excited with that new baby soon to be here. Take care

Alice Grace said...

Your flowers are beautiful, as usual!
So good to see Cindy and you together, I know you had a great luncheon!

Real Life Reslers said...

Awww getting in touch with old friends is the best!!

Pat said...

I don't mind fall, but....I know when fall arrives, it means winter isn't far behind and I do NOT like winter! Your flowers are very nice. How great that you met with your high school friend for lunch.

Susannah said...

Hello nice to meet your best friend from high school. I'm sure you had a good time.

Your dahlia is is the sedum and correopsis. I pulled out my zinnias last weekend. I was sad to see them go but they were looking kind of past their prime. Hubby came home with two orange chrysthanthemums yesterday. They sure are a fall plant!

Have a great day tomorrow.

Allie said...

Lovely flowers! More like winter is in the air in my neighborhood, going down into the 30's tonight, yikes. How fun to reconnect with a good friend, Val!

Darla said...

You know I love seeing your the dahlia! Glad you met up with your girlfriend!

webbsway said...

O Val,
Your flowers are so beautiful! It got down to 40 here last night. I HAVE to find the time to bring my flowers back in the house and turn it into a Jungle once again. LOL

You are certainly right about friends- they are the greatest!