Monday, September 19, 2011

"Our Little Hilton"

You know I always have to start "our little hilton" posts with food!
This was our first breakfast this past weekend and it was so good.
Omelette & toast!

We were expecting "Big Sis" & Lane for the
weekend so I started getting the bed ready for them.
This quilt is one that Granny made.

Then on top of that I added this quilt.
I bought it at a thrift store and it is "Big Sis's"
favorite quilt!

Then I added the chenille bedspread that my MIL bought for me.
I added the pillow that my Mom gave me and the neck pillow that I made.
My Daddy made the quilt on the end of the bed.
Now the bed is all ready for "the honeymooners"!

But guess what?
We are having more guests!
"The honeymooners" are bringing 2 of our Grands!
So I started making Granny's bed.
This is one of the last quilts that granny made.
See her famous border on it?
A sweet blogger sent Granny this USA fabric and she loved it!

Now I have the grand children's bed all made up for them.
"Sweet Teen" made that pillow and the quilt at the bottom
was a quilt that granny made a long time ago.
Granny had a twin bed that was never used. When Granny went to Heaven the family asked me if I wanted this quilt.  I had never seen it before and I treasure it.
When the kids came they knew which bed was theirs!!!
They loved Granny.

Before they all came I had been working on more hexies!!!

Now there are 7 "Hilton Hexies!"

"Big Sis & "Angel"!!

Lane practicing shooting his bow!

And here is our little hunter...."Brother" with his Paw Paw
ready to go hunting!!!

My Grandchildren have never been to "Our Little Hilton" before.
I loved having them there!
We had so much fun!

TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR......making sweet memories!


Michelle said...

I bet you did have fun!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

What a wonderful weekend you had at your little bed and breakfast!

Alice Grace said...

I am so glad the grands got to go, I am sure they enjoyed every minute! I love that quilt that you got at a thrift store too, the one that Big Sis loves! So pretty and well done!

annie said...

Lovely quilts, that some hunters outfit! my fellows love them too. The cookies look delicious! Wonderful post!

Susannah said...

Big Sis and Angel are so cute!!! And doesn't Brother look like he is all ready to Hunt? Oh...the fun of having the grandkids at the "Hilton"! I love to have get-togethers where the grandkids are involved. It is even more fun to spend the night together.

I love all of your quilts. Everything looks very cozy and ready for someone to take a little "snooze"! I think your Granny would be very, very pleased that her grandaughter is putting all of her things to good use.


Darla said...

Ya'll always have the best time! How do you stay so skinny?

Lola said...

A wonderful post. Memories made to last a life time. Granny sure would be pleased.
I'm so glad you had a great weekend.

Real Life Reslers said...

I am now craving chocolate chip cookies!