Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Trail Camera At Our Little Hilton

I want him!!
I was so glad to see our twins are still roaming around!

We had so many pictures but I am just showing you a few.
On one camera we had over 300 pictures.

OOOOHHHH! I wish he would get my thugs!!!
Is that bad of me? 
Maybe this bob cat would only hurt them a little.
Thats what I meant.
Yeah. That is it.
Forgive me.

I want him too!

Yes, I am thinking the same thing that I did with the bob cat.
I can't help myself.
I am human, you know?

How sweet.

Sweet Hunter went to the woods one morning and Mom
& Twins came right up on him.
He said she blew and snorted at him
while letting the babies know to run!

I Love this!

Yes my thoughts are there too.
This was actually on the road when
we went on one of our rides.
Someone had already cut the rattlers off.

In reality, this is part of our plan to catch our thugs.
The last 2 posts tell about "our little hilton"
getting invaded by some vandals.
We have several cameras out and if that doesn't work
maybe this will scare them............

I really did make all these signs to place everywhere.
I said "that will scare them".
Sweet Hunter didn't like it all though so he made me
change it to the "Smile you are on candid camera" or something like that!
I kind of liked my "Make my day!!!

that hedge of protection that we have around us.


webbsway said...

Hi Val,

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures !

So sorry about your vandals- I don't know why people have to be so mean. Someone came right in our house and stole my Daddy's 30-30 that I had hanging up. DH has a house full , but for some reason they only took the one that belonged to me.

O , and the time that DH built himself a wooden flat bottom river boat and it got stolen Twice! Bet you wonder how that happened. LOL About a year after it was stolen the first time we were out to get groceries and then coming home. I spotted this green boat over in a neighbor's pasture. I told DH there is your boat. He did not believe me as usual. I told him to stop and I would recognize it because when we built it he cut the pieces out with a chainsaw and that left unique designs on the wood. Sure enough there it was.Then we got it back home and it got stolen AGAIN. I gave up that time. LOL

O, and the time that I let a family down on their luck move into my Mama's house and use all of the houseful of furniture. A friend was coming to work that morning and asked me when did they move out and I said I knew nothing about that. I went over that afternoon after work and sure enough - they moved out and took everything in the house. I called the police that time and they did locate them . They told me to go with them and identify my stuff, which I did , but the judge only let me have HaLF of it back. Then he said they would pay me YARDSALE value for the rest. She made one 25.00payment and that was it. When I asked about it they told me that she had too many children to be cared for if she went to jail??????????????????????? So, I KNOW how you feel.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I hope the cameras catch them if they come back.
But I would think twice about the one saying they are on candid camera, it might just make them look for one. Then they would steal that one too.
My son had his attached to his house garage broken into last week. All they took was something out of the refrigerator.
Son and family was fast asleep
inside. He is thinking of putting up cameras too. Although he thinks it was neighbor's kids.
Love all your wildlife. When does season open? Ours is not until November.

Pat said...

I do hope you catch those creeps!!!

caknitter said...

I like "Make MY Day" too. It's a good thing you know how to shoot a gun, Val. Hopefully, whoever vandalized the Geo were only passing through and are far away.
So glad you have the cameras placed everywhere. Time to go huntin' for some bad guys. lol

Alice Grace said...

I like your notes! I guess SH is right tho, but somehow there should be a way you can give them a good scare. Hopefully they won't come back, and just think, if they had been professionals, they would have taken the tracker and broken into the cabin. However, people like the ones who invaded your place could still be very dangerous if they decided to come back while you are there. Stay safe!

Libby said...

I always love your trail pics! I sure hope your thugs get caught! I am so sick of people just thinking they don't have to work, they can just take, it's owed to them!! Selfish and so mean! MY worse thief story? My Grandparents were in their 70's and in a car wreck (not their fault) they werent hurt but while they were waiting for officers, a "good" person stopped to help my Grandpa pick up his tools that had fallen out of his truck...he put my sweet Grandpa's tools right into his own truck and drove off!!! I would love to find this loser and slap his face!!

Anonymous said...

You have some critters!!! I'd be glad they only come out at night!

Lola said...

I like your notes, especially the "one'.

Allie said...

I love your trail camera pics, they are great quality! I hope you get the critters that vandalized your place on them.....nice, clear pics...