Friday, September 2, 2011

Where Should I Start?

Where should I start?
It has been a wild week!
We found out that we have some medical issues
that we are dealing with and decisions to be made.
Thank you for your prayers.

I woke up yesterday morning and did what I always do.
I get me a coke and sit down with my computer
to check emails and facebook. When I turned my computer on
my family calendar from Flylady popped up and let me know that
I knew the date-just been through a lot the last few weeks.
"Sweet Hunter" was getting ready for work and I realized
that he didn't know it either so when I told him
"Happy Anniversary" he felt so bad that he had forgotten.
But it made him feel a lot better when he realized that I had forgot too!
It was hilarious!
And then on top of all of internet went out.
I found out later on that my modem had died.
What more can possibly happen????

Sweet Hunter wanted to take me out to
"wine and dine" me
(for the anniversary that we both forgot)
  but before we went,
we stopped by to see "Sweet Teen" play ball!

She was coming around to home base when she had to slide.
Then all of the sudden everyone realized that she was hurt.
I knew that she was in pain because I saw her shaking.
The coaches and trainers took her in and put ice on her leg and
wrapped it.  They didn't really think it was broke but thought
she had turned her ankle.

This is how she came out.
On crutches and in pain.
They took her to get an Xray to find out
that her leg is broke. 
They think it is broke in 2 different places.
Bless her little heart!

There was really nothing that we could do so we went on
for our anniversary dinner!
The anniversary that we both forgot!!!
Spinach Artichoke Dip

"Sweet Hunter" took me to my favorite place
in the whole world to eat.
Houston's in Atlanta Ga.
This is my favorite salad ever!
Traditional Salad with Honey Lime Vinaigrette with peanut sauce.
Oh my goodness!

This picture does not do this steak justice.
Very seldom do we order a steak but when we
got to the restaurant we smelled a heavenly smell and
just had to have one.
Hawaiian Rib eye Steak

Then we head on to "our little hilton"!
When "Sweet Hunter" unlocked the gate he saw this!
He held it up and said, "We have had visitors!"
I said what? He said that is the stake to our horseshoes game.
I said, "What would it be doing out here?"

He looked around to see if anything was missing or messed up
only to find the lid on this wooden box open
but there wasn't much in there so we didn't notice anything gone
except my horseshoe stake.
Weird, huh?

Then he noticed that this tarp was off the back of the golf cart
and he knew that he left it all strapped down.
He looked at our little Geo Tracker and saw it was still covered
with the car cover and we assumed it was okay.

That is until he took the cover off the car and found this!!!

They must have used my horseshoe stake to knock the window out.
Nothing is missing that we know of but this makes us so mad!
I don't understand people that want to destroy others things.

"Sweet Hunter" called the sheriff and filed a report.
We know it could be a lot worse but this has been a wild week for us!!!
I keep saying "This is a test, this is a test.......
Please keep "Sweet Hunter" & "Sweet Teen" in your prayers.
That is really all that is important to me.
Things are nothing.
Hope next week is better!!!
Have a great labor day weekend! 
We are planning to. 

TODAY WE ARE THANKFUL FOR.........33 years together!
(actually yesterday) lol


Michelle said...

I'm sorry you have had a tough week. I hope Sweet Hunter is on the mend. Sorry about Sweet Teen too. Darn it! Email me and fill me in, ok? Thanks!

Michelle said...

Oh, and Happy Anniversary! Ours is the 11th. 36 years!

CrochetnQuilt said...

Congrats on 33 years. Just the way the two of you handled things is a testimony of your relationship. Good for the two of you! May you have many more happy years together.

Tina said...

My goodness. Bless your heart. What a week!
I will definitely be praying for your husband and daughter.
I hope you have a much better week!
Happy Anniversary!

Alice Grace said...

Hey! I am so sorry about Sweet Teen getting hurt!
I didn't know you had internet down in Sparta!
Happy anniversary to you both! Sorry about the break-in!

Anonymous said...

Good grief, you had too many unwelcome surprises, I think. So sorry about the fractured leg, the broken window, and hope that it is the end of the "surprises". Happy anniversary to you both, what a sweet and cute couple you are and your love shines through. Blessings.

Libby said...

Oh Val! What a week!! I am lifting "Sweet Teen" "Sweet Hunter" and YOU up in prayer! I will be praying for ya'll all weekend !!

Amelia said...

Oh Val, what a post...your plate has been full with all the problems. May God grant you the strength (and patience) with all this. Congratulations on the 33 years of wedded bliss.

Darla said...

Oh my goodness Val! I do hope things calm down for ya'll. It broke my heart to read this post, ya'll are such wonderful people. You are right in the middle of a test, good insight. I am constantly reminding myslef NOT to let the little demons set a trap for me. STAND! This too shall pass. Love you.

W. Latane Barton said...

Oh my word.... well, to start off with I will add my anniversary wishes. Glad the two of you remembered it. How funny it would have been if in a week it hit the both of you!!

Poor teen with the broken leg. Hope she heals well and soon.

And, people.. urrrrrh. some people are just so mean. I know you must feel like your space has been invaded... and for what. Somebodys stupid, mean ways that hurt other people.

I think of you often... hang in there.

Lola said...

Congratulations to a beautiful couple.
So sorry that you had so much going wrong. Prayers are for a much better time ahead.
Yes, things are just that, things. Health & happiness are most important.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Happy Anniversary first of all. Then I am sending good vibes your way for some healing energy and prayers are included.
Hope your weeks get better.

Needled Mom said...

Happy anniversary to both of you!!! It's not wonder you forgot with all that you have had on your plate lately.

Gosh, I am hoping for a better week for you. I hope ST will heel quickly and be back to her sports soon.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Happy Anniversary Val! So very sorry about the vandals. I sure hope Sweet Teen will be okay.

Scrappy quilter said...

Happy Anniversary. So sorry to hear things haven't been going well. Hope this week is better. I know what it's like to have someone break into your vehicle. It feels like an invasion of your privacy. It happened to us years ago and took a long time to get over. They stole all our groceries that were in my hubby's truck. Hugs

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Gosh a'mighty! You have had quite a week. Sorry about the broken leg, attempted theft, and health problem. (I hope it isn't serious.) Belated Happy Anniversary to you and Sweet Hunter. God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!! It is a time for celebration~

Poor Sweet Teen! Two bones broke from playing ball. OUCH! Hope she heals fast~

I hope your hubby is okay! Keep me posted. I'll pray!

I posted! It was good to be back on. :)

Granny said...

Sorry about sweet teen's leg. Hope it heals soon.

Sweet Hunter needs to set up a game camera to show what's going on around the cabin.

lindsey said...

Oh Val....what a week? I have lifted you all to our Lord and Saviour He will sustain you. We both forgot our anniversary once...pretty funny eh? Hope the weeks to come and the health decisions you have to make work out fine. Blessings!

caknitter said...

Thankfully, no one was around in case whoever did this could harm you. I'm so sorry this happened to you.
I feel even more sorry for SweetTeen. Poor girl. I hope she heals quickly, but you know, this will probably give her more time to spend with you. Just sayin'.
Happy Anniversary to the both of you. 33 years is a very long time, and I hope you have 33plus more years living happily together.

Anonymous said...

Dear sweet Val, I am so sorry for all the bad things happening to you and yours, But we know that bad things do happen to good people. If this is a test I know that you and Randy will come out with 100% score. May sweet teen's leg heal in record time. I am praying for all of you. I am praying for the medical problem too. God bless all of you. Love you much.

Glenda said...

Happy anniversary to the two of you! I'll keep you in my prayers about the health issues, and sweet teen, too. What a way to start the school year! I'm so glad that nothing inside the cabin was touched. It would have really been sad if they had vandalized any of your granny's furniture, wouldn't it? I agree with the comment that you should figure out a way to set up a camera on the cabin!

Pat said...

I hope things improve for your family with the medical issues. Like you said, things can be replaced but people and their health are more worrisome.

AmyW said...

Wow...what a week. Saying a prayer for you, your husband, and sweet teen. Hang in there...

webbsway said...

Congrats. on your alls anniversary. You two are so special and not only are you blessed, but you bless others as you walk down this path of life.

I am sorry about the "mischief" at Little Hilton!I had my share of that too.But sometimes blessings come from it.

I say this because one year some kids were bashing mailboxes and I was so distressed because You really do not know what kind of people destroy things of others

But one night I heard the sound of our mailbox going down. DH jumped in his truck and went flying down our driveway. They saw him coming from the headlights and they took off too. For some reason they did not know it was a dead end road and they were pinned by DH as he was calling the law.

The kids got charged and went to court and the punishment was to come apologize to us and they had to buy us a new mailbox and put it up.

Now, one of the young men was so sweet and it kinda hurt me to see him so embarrassed. But they accomplished all they had to do and we had a new nice mailbox.

A year later we bumped into him in a pet shop we were visiting and would you believe he turned out to be Very special to both of us , but I thought that was one time that the black cloud really did have a silver lining. : )

Allie said...

Well good grief - Happy Anniversary, I bet you never forget this one! I am praying for you guys, I hope sweet teen feels better and heals quickly hon! I can't believe someone broke into your special place....argh.

Angela said...

Good Sunday morning Val, Sorry I missed your post so a "Belated Happy Anniversary" Congrats. to 33 years together. Awesome! Guess you are proof this week of the old saying "when it rains, it pours" Sorry to hear about the mishap at the Hilton. Vandals are everywhere and so sad. What pleasure did that give a person and why? People that do things like this need help. So sorry about Sweet Teen and her accident. Hope she will be fine. I would have paniced seeing that unfold before my eyes. Will they have to do surgery or just set it?
Your meal looked fabulous. Well better go, just took a few minutes this morning to try and catch up. My hip and leg hurt so bad from sitting at the show yesterday so Holly is helping her Dad this morning and I am going up later. Enjoy your holiday.

Love Bears All Things said...

Sometimes life just gets overwhelming, doesn't it. I just realize when that happens that I haven't been giving God the little things in my life...I've been just going along trying to do it all myself until I cry out to God...why didn't I do it all the way...Mama always said it comes in 3s and it does....hang in there, you're in my prayers and Happy Anniversary.
Mama Bear