My Feelings

Do you ever feel like this?
Tired & worn out.
Just blah feeling.
I didn't find the joy I used to have in sewing, crocheting, blogging, etc.
I called my daughters and told them that I was
 even thinking of changing my toe nail polish color!!!
They knew then there was a problem. (smile)
I told "sweet hunter" that I was thinking of getting a dog!
I figured he would say no but he said to do whatever I wanted.
I didn't understand my feelings because I am so blessed.
I have a wonderful husband. Great children. Great Grands. Lots of friends.
But I could not shake that feeling which is so unlike me.

I would have been happy to feel like this plant looks.
But I didn't.
One morning I was home all by myself.
I decided to make some cookies.
I love to cook but didn't even have that desire but did it anyway.
Then I checked my facebook and one of my favorite Christian Women sites
posted this link:
She said as she was on her treadmill that she was listening to this
so as I baked my cookies I turned this up and realized that
the Lord was talking to me.  This youtube is about 36 min. long and most
of you probably won't listen but it was so worth me slowing down to hear
this message.
When you have time, listen to this message.
You will be paid for your time especially if you feel like that first picture.

After listening to this message I realized that my problem was that I am not in the word
like I should be.  I am not on my knees as much as I could be. I was actually not suppose to
be home that morning but my plans were changed.  I didn't like my plans being changed for me
that morning but now I realize that I needed to spend some quiet time with the Lord.
I needed to BE STILL AND KNOW.

Me & the Lord spent some quiet time together in my home.
Just me & him.
I guess you could say it was a pity party but it was real to me.
Since I have seen where I can move up, I realize that I need to stay in the word
and stay in prayer. It really does make a difference.
I think sometimes we just take things for granted.
Then this little miracle was born a week early.
Oh how blessed we are.
This is our 5th grandchild.
What a gift to our family.
The gift of life.
TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR .....changed plans.

There is a reason for everything. Little did I know when "my" plans changed
that "HE" had "HIS" own plans for me. And how did I know that a Christian woman named Courtney that
I admire would tell on facebook that while riding her treadmill she listened to this.
And little did I know, that I would take the time to listen to it. It even started out slow and I didn't
think I would like it but it was just for me.
"HE" had made those plans for me.


Allie said…
I DO have those days, and like you, I usually realize it's because I've been neglecting the most important Person in my life. Which reminds me, email me and I'll send you a link on how to study your bible....I've tried it and I feel like I've never really READ my bible til now. I'm getting so much out of it. I'll go click on that link now, although it's after midnight and I might have to bookmark it to watch later! Thanks darlin'!
Alice Grace said…
There is nothing like getting encouragement from the Word of God. He is ALWAYS there, waiting for us to take time for Him! Great and encouraging post!
Anonymous said…
Absolutely I know what you mean. We all have to be on guard, don't we, for the curve balls in life.
Val, John Piper is such an awesome treacher/preacher. My hubby listens to his messages on the internet every morning. He has all of his published books. Such a deep and amazing man of God. Thanks for sharing the link.
Becky Garrison said…
Oh, Val! What a special lady you are! Thank you for those words today! B.
Oh Val, there are times like that for all of us. So glad this video helped you.


Susannah said…
Thanks for sharing the video link, Val. We all go through times like you described. Love the picture of your new grandchild. So adorable.

Holly said…
I think all of us have those times...we are human. But what a great reminder you had. God is so good to us all. So glad you are feeling better and thinking of you! Hugs!
I have many of those days! Thanks for the reminder to stop and remember what is important!
Lola said…
I have many days like that. I'm waiting on that curve ball now, hoping that it will turn out to be straight. That curve is very close to home.
I will have to listen later. Sitting here too long now. Only minutes at a time. Too much pain for longer.
God Bless you.
Patricia said…
Thank you for sharing this link. I just finished listening to it. I am on my bed, with eyes shut, and just lying and listening to this man's message. I have read Psalms over the years and have always felt better, as I was reading them but, I have never looked at the Psalms in this manner. He is telling us it is ok to feel this way, it is perfectly normal to feel depression at times. Jesus wants us to ask him for help and to walk with us while we are in these trials, temptations, etc.... Thank you !
webbsway said…
O VAL ! That precious little bundle! I love his little "Boxing Mitts" - LOL

My first two babies did not ever scratch themselves so I did not know what that was until the 3rd one came along and it was a real challenge to keep him from making it look like I tried to kill him. LOL That's ok now because he is MUCH taller than I am -so I don't think I could do him any harm- just love.

I wish you would get a little dog - I always feel that my heavenly Father sends these little furbabies to watch over me. There are so many ways to be uplifted -but these little guys just do a terrific job-they are always glad to see you and they always have plenty of love to go around-no matter how you look or feel. Hum? does sound a lot like our heavenly Father, doesn't it. :)
Plus, we get to give back to something that needs us to.