Thursday, January 26, 2012

Buttons & Bobbie Pins...Pinterest Party Part 4

If you need a tutorial and don't have your computer you just pull out your Iphone!!!
I love it!

Behki & Bre are working hard on these Button Bracelets.

I just loved this Pinterest party!
It's easy to pin....but here they are actually doing a pinterest project.

This was tedious work but they were having so much fun!

Now they are getting serious!!!

Behki's bracelet!!!!

Isn't it so cute?

Bre got her's done too!!!

I have got to try this one day!
What a cute gift!

Now on to the next project!
Behki did this project.
Look at the tutorial on the Iphone!

Oh my goodness!!!
What little girl would not love these!!!!
I can't wait until our next party!
Pinterest Quote

Before you speak:
T........Is it true?
   H......Is it helpful?
         I.......Is it inspiring?
            N.......Is it necessary?
K.......Is it kind?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pinterest Party Part 3....Sugar Scrub

My daughter, "Big Sis" & my granddaughter, "Angel"
had so much fun putting together another  Pinterest
project at the party!

"Big Sis" ??
Have you wondered where that came from?
When "Sweet Teen", our oldest granddaughter was born,
she didn't call her aunt by name, she called her "Big Sis"
and it stuck.  So now we all call her "Big Sis"!!!

I have to tell you that she is such a good aunt.
She takes time with all of her neices and nephews.
Angel goes anywhere she can with her.
They are two of a kind.

They are making a sugar scrub for Christmas gifts.
They used Massage oil that had a scent to it along with olive oil
and sugar. "Big Sis" found this project on Pinterest.

Everyone brought their own ingredients and after we ate
we all got busy.

You can see it turning into a scrub right before your eyes.

"Angel" enjoys doing anything with her whole family.
She just goes along with whatever we do.

Close up view.
You should have smelled the room!!!

There is nothing like making memories together.
I have special memories of one of my aunts.
Aunt Joyce. I will never forget the special time she took with me.

The finished project.
Body Sugar Scrub
Isn't it pretty?
I have lots more to show you from the party. For a while all we did was pin.  I still do a lot of that.
But the Pinterest party enabled us all to do at least one of our dream projects.

A Pinterest Quote
Enjoy the "little" things in life.....for one day you'll look back
 and realize they were the "Big" things.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pinterest Party Part 2

My daughter, "May May"(left) and her friend, Miranda hosted this
Pinterest party. They knew exactly what they wanted to do.

These old window frames came out of Miranda's house
when they remodeled it.

They had their chicken wire and the frames ready.

They tried staples but that didn't work so
"May May" got the hammer!!!

And hammered and hammered and hammered.

It was a little harder than they thought.
Even "Angel" helped with this Pinterest project!

I just love this!  You can hang pictures or Christmas cards
on it with clothes pins!
I couldn't wait to see it all filled up.
I wanted one of these so bad.

So Miranda and I made a trade!
She wanted a hummingbird cake and I wanted an old frame!
I delivered the cake and she delivered the frame and the best part of it all
is I didn't have to hammer or staple. Her hubby did it for me!!!!!
I didn't have my clothes pins yet so I filled it up with Christmas cards!
"May May" told me that the chicken wire is suppose to show in between
but this worked for me at Christmas! Next there will be pictures on it and it
will be hanging on my wall.
I LOVE it!

More Pinterest projects coming.......
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pinterest Party Part 1

My daughter, "May May" and her friend, Miranda hosted a
Pinterest Party!!!
"May May" made these delicious layerd tortillas!

We were all suppose to bring a recipe from Pinterest and a
Pinterest craft to do.
"May May also had all the fixings for the tortillas!
Absolutely delicious!

Strawberry & cream cheese croisants!

Copycat Chili Salsa recipe!!!

My daughter, "Big Sis" made these little chocolate spoons.
Are they not the cutest?

I just loved these!

Pretzels with kisses!!!

Oreo Marshmello Bars!
Smores Bars!
Oreo Balls

This is what I fixed. 
It is all kinds of cut veges with the ranch dressing already in the
individual cups!

"Big Sis" made these too!
Aren't they so cute. 
Santa Hats!!!

This is a Thrive recipe that was delicious.
Chicken Casserole!
I have only showed you the food that we all brought.
Just wait until you see all the crafts we did! 
We did this a few weeks before Christmas and it was so much fun!
It was so sweet of these girls to include me.
I was the oldest one there.
Thank you girls!
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So do you pin???
If you don't, you need to check it out.
Coming soon........Part 2

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Need A Good laugh?

This is 2 of our wild and crazy son in law's!
See why we are so proud of our family???
I love it!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Year Ago

This is what our pond looked like last year at this time.

I remember watching this squirrel and taking this picture while
looking out of the blinds.

This is one of my favorite snow pictures of our creek.

And one of my favorite things to do is to watch the birds.

I love this picture!

It is amazing that this was one year ago today.

This is our road that goes over the mountain for us to get to town.
Last year it was closed due to the ice and snow.
Today it is closed due to a mud slide from all the rain.
Funny how different things can be from one year to the next, even one day to the next.
Can you tell I have been thinking? 
Sometimes me thinking is a scary thing!!!
We have been having revival at our Church this week
 and it has been such a blessing to me.
Things can change from day to day.
But there is one thing that we can count on yesterday, today and forever.
Thank you Lord.

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.
Hebrews 13:8