Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pinterest Party Part 2

My daughter, "May May"(left) and her friend, Miranda hosted this
Pinterest party. They knew exactly what they wanted to do.

These old window frames came out of Miranda's house
when they remodeled it.

They had their chicken wire and the frames ready.

They tried staples but that didn't work so
"May May" got the hammer!!!

And hammered and hammered and hammered.

It was a little harder than they thought.
Even "Angel" helped with this Pinterest project!

I just love this!  You can hang pictures or Christmas cards
on it with clothes pins!
I couldn't wait to see it all filled up.
I wanted one of these so bad.

So Miranda and I made a trade!
She wanted a hummingbird cake and I wanted an old frame!
I delivered the cake and she delivered the frame and the best part of it all
is I didn't have to hammer or staple. Her hubby did it for me!!!!!
I didn't have my clothes pins yet so I filled it up with Christmas cards!
"May May" told me that the chicken wire is suppose to show in between
but this worked for me at Christmas! Next there will be pictures on it and it
will be hanging on my wall.
I LOVE it!

More Pinterest projects coming.......
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Susannah said...

Hi Val...that was a great trade!!!!! I love the window. The girls did a great job and you ended up with something very interesting and of good use.


Holly said...

What a cool idea! Just might have to hit my dad up for an old window frame and some wire. Hehe! That cake looks wonderful as well! Have a happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Cute idea and your cake looks delicious!

Pat said...

How did you fasten the cards to you "window" if you didn't have your clothespins yet? Nice project!!! The hummingbird cake looks DELISH!!!

lindsey said...

Brilliant! What a great idea....the cake looks pretty good too :)

Needled Mom said...

Very cute, Val. I think that you made a great deal!!!!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

check this out, I have it on my pinterest

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Well you gotta love PINTEREST.
Up until today I hadn't been on since before Christmas...goodness I found some fantastic things.
Now I have to go in and re-make some of my boards...they are starting to get sloppy...going to have to CATEGORIZE some more.
LOOOOOVE the frame - what a fun project!

Shauna said...

Love it! By the way - great trade!

Rhonda said...

My daughter and I swap things like this all the time - works out great for both of us.

webbsway said...

Those two gals are so sweet- you have to be so very proud of both of them. Not only the projects that they accomplish , but the very fact that their friendship has survived time shows that they are not selfish or mean natured. They are both beautiful & so much fun. I loved their project too & I also Loved you swap!!!!!!!!! O gosh you cake has me drooling!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Angela said...

Val, looks like the girls did a great job, and you made a good deal as well. I saw something similar at a craft show and they had inserted part chickn wire on one side of the frame, and a painted chalkboard paint on the other so you could write on it. OH why does my house not have enough wall space??? That cake looks yummy and is so pretty.

Krista said...

I am addicted to Pinterest. I even have it on my phone. I have so many boards that now I'm having trouble keeping them straight! I just love it. sounds like such a fun idea to have a pinterest party. I think I may do that and invite everyone to the house.