A Turning Point

32 years ago today my sister n law ("Sweet Hunters" sister)
passed away in her sleep at the age of 20 years old.
We never found out why.
The death certificate said unknown.

BUT this was a turning point in our life.
We didn't attend church at that time.
This changed our lives.
Someone you love passing away has a way of
making you re-evaluate your own life.

We got saved and joined a church and have been going since.
We were members at one church for 11 years.
Then the Lord led us to our home church where we
attend now and we have been there 21 years.
We call it HOME.
This event in our lives changed us forever.
Sometimes we wonder why things happen like they do
but I wonder if our lives would be the same today
if Donna had not left us.
Things happen to make us look up.

Three weeks after Donna's death, we had a baby girl
named Maranda.  When we first saw her laying in the
nursery, she turned her head and lifted it up and looked
right at us, as if to say everything is alright now..
When my Mother in law saw the baby, she said she looked just like Donna.
To this day my MIL will forget and call her Donna instead of Maranda.
Our baby girl was an answer to prayer.
We now have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. 
We are blessed.
This was truly a turning point in our lives for eternity.

"Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature:
old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new."
2 Corinthians 5:17


laurie in texas said…
What a beautiful, beautiful post (and the pictures told the story beautifully as well). Thank you for sharing such a personal story and journey with us.
Susannah said…
What a story....What a memory...so dear to your heart. We never know what might lead us in a certain direction but I have always thought that turns such as yours are done by God. He is remarkable. We are blessed.

Thank you for sharing part of your life with us, Val.
Needled Mom said…
Isn't it amazing how life has a way of altering our best laid plans? How very sad to never have had a reason for her death. I think that makes it much more difficult for everyone.
Pat said…
I totally agree with what Laurie posted.
Anonymous said…
Val...that was a precious testimony! My cousin died this weekend, and I am praying it causes her daughter and sil to seek the LORD and accept Him as their Savior~ All works together for Good to them that love the LORD! I have been praying for them to have their eyes opened like you did! ♥♥♥
Dawn said…
What wonderful Blessing (Maranda) after such tragic circumstances... and knowing God had His hand on your lives before the events took place.....so special..thnaks for sharing and reminding me of God's goodness. I too had some things that were unexplainable happen before I got Saved.. and have never looked back..God is so good.
May His Blessings continue to flow.
Hugs Dawn x
Michelle said…
So sorry for the loss of Donna, but what a wonderful story. Your famiy is a blessing.
Granny said…
You have a unique way of sharing a story. As Laurie said, the combination of words and pictures told the story beautifully. Thank you for sharing.
Marie said…
Thank you for sharing today,sometimes we forget the most important things and need to be reminded. YOur story is so beautiful and full of love. Thanks again.
How very beautiful Val...I love that you used the flower as examples with each thought...just beautiful.
Angela said…
God has His own way of speaking to us and showing us our needs. Such a touching and beautiful post Val. You are truly blessed. Such a wonderful and beautiful family. God is good!!
Holly said…
What a sweet story. It's amazing how God can "wake us up" sometimes. Have a blessed day.
Alice Grace said…
And such a beautiful girl is Maranda. I, too, remember Donna, and the shock of her loss. I am so glad tho, that it turned you and your wonderful husband to the Lord.
God bless you all!