This & That

A couple of years ago I ordered a kit from Old Fashion Baby to make a day gown.
I was so excited but knew I needed to practice my embroidery so I got some scrap fabric and
practiced on it. When I showed it to Jeannie,
she told me to start on the fabric she sent me so I did.
It is the pretty white fabric. 
I just do a little at a time but I'm getting there.
 The day gown lessons are here
on her blog and you can order the kit from her Sewing Shop!
The blue will be washed out and the white embroidery thread will show up better when I get through.
For some reason it takes me so long to do anything. Grrrr!!!

I ordered this book from a fellow blogger!
I LOVE it!
If you haven't visited Rhonda's Blog you should!
I have learned so much from her.
Here is an excerpt from her book that I love and agree with:

"What I had been doing was working in a job I didn't like
 so I had enough money to pay for a lifestyle I didn't want.
I was shopping for clothes and shoes to make me look like everyone else. 
 I was buying things for my home to make me feel comfortable in a place
 I didn't get take the time to feel comfortable in.
  And I was buying food to comfort and
nurture because I didn't feel at ease in my life and
I didn't have the time or energy to cook the food I liked.
This destructive behaviour seemed to be quite acceptable and ,
from what I could see, my family and friends were doing a
similar thing.  Continuous consumption was even encouraged by our government, who told us that shopping was good for the country and we were growing the economy."

I've also been working on a cute top for "Angel"!
Again, I take way too long to do stuff.
I think it is gonna be cute though.

I have had this forever and it is great for embroidery,
or handsewing.  It has a light and a magnifier.
Recently my friend Allie showed one on her blog.
I don't know if it was the same thing but it reminded me to
get mine out and use it!!
And I do LOVE it!

Last year my blogging friend, Jackie sent me some minky
fabric scraps.  I just now started using it and I love it.
I found a tutorial that showed how to make baby
washcloths.  You can use minky, fleece, or flannel on one side
and do some simple quilting on them.
They are quick and easy to whip up.
You can find the tutorial Here!

It looks like I have been doing a lot and sometimes I do.
This week I got an injection in the shoulder joint and
I am taking pain meds,
(which I hate)
and doing a lot of laying around
and moaning and groaning
I have an MRI scheduled this coming Monday.
Please pray that it will just go away.

I feel so guilty even complaining about my aches and pains
when I have a close friend that has cancer and is not doing well
My Mom.
She just came through surgery on her eyelid from cancer
and did it stop her? NO!!!
She went to work the next day!!!
Please keep both of them in your prayers.


Anonymous said…
Val, you can complain about your pain all you want, because you have to live inside your own skin, and that counts! Praying still for your mom and friend~

Your embroidery looks very nice~! You go girl...and I was thinking maybe the embroidery was easier on you than crocheting? ♥♥♥
Jeannie B. said…
The joy is in the journey. The longer it takes the greater the joy! Your doing great.
Susannah said…
Praying for your Mom and your friend. Happy to add them to my prayers.

Look at your embroidery! It is going to be beautiful.

I wish your shoulder pain would go away, too! Soon!
Sherry said…
I hope you start feeling better and I've had your mom in my thoughts and prayers. Your projects all look so nice!

Anonymous said…
Rhonda hit it right on the head didn't she, in that quote from her book. I used to read her blog but it took so so so long to open that I quit. She always had great stuff to read. I knew she was writing a book, she would blog about it. I've stopped reading blogs that are really slow to open though.
Darla said…
Val...I too think of others that are in a lot worse shape than I am.....although our pain is real too. Did the shoulder injection hurt? I just had my second MRI on my hip you have tendonitis in your shoulder?
Val I read Rhonda's blog too and enjoy it a lot. I looked at ordering her book but it was very expensive coming that far - did you find it in the U.S.? blessings, marlene
Granny said…
Still praying for both your friend and your Mom. I love those washcloths. I'm expecting a new greatgrandbaby around Christmas time and will be making several of them.
Allie said…
Your embroidery looks lovely, sweetie - but do take it easy! That book sounds great, I laugh every time I hear on the news how the economy MUST be doing better, because people are spending money. WHAT? That's insane.

Glad you found your light, I love mine too! And Val, don't feel guilty about your aches and pains, we all have something and as long as we don't make a career out of complaining, you're entitled once in a while, lol. Praying for your mum and your friend!!!
Alice Grace said…
You are doing great on that embroidery. I am inspired to order it too so I can try my hand at it.
Thanks to everyone for their prayers, I am doing much better now. It has been a struggle, but I am very blessed.
Shauna said…
Hi Val, praying for both you and your mom . . . God is there during the tough times. I know that by experience. I love your embroidery - that will be a keepsake when you are finished. You are doing a great job on it.
lindsey said…
Your embroidery looks perfect, well done!