Sweet Teen Prom 2012

I thought I would "brag"....I mean "blog"
 about "Sweet Teen"
one more time!!!

Prom #2 2012

Isn't she gorgeous?

And this is my daughter, "Trouble" and "Sweet Teen"!
Mom & Daughter
Do you see the resemblance?
I love our girls!!!


Pat said…
Yes...I see the resemblance between mother and daughter AND I see them both looking a lot like YOU, too! Sweet Teen is a beautiful young lady. I hope she enoyed both of the proms. Does she graduate from high school this year? If so, what is next for her?
Maria said…
WOW!!! What a beautiful young lady. I love both her gorgeous dresses but the blue is my favorite.
Oh yes "Sweet Teen" looks like Mum.
Mama Pea said…
I agree with Pat's comment . . . mother and daughter look very much like you. You all three are beautiful women. Sweet Teen's mother doesn't look old enough to be her mother. Sweet Teen's date for the prom is quite a handsome guy, too. And he looks like a very decent kinda guy. I joy to see these days, but what else would Sweet Teen choose?
Susannah said…
Wonderful pics of Sweet Teen and her date. Nice that you took a pic of Mom and Sweet Teen. It will be very memorable someday to have the pictures that you have taken, Val. But where is Sweet Teen with her Grandmother. She looks an awfully lot like you, too!
I like this dress, too, Both dresses were stunning.
lindsey said…
Wow...very pretty dress and yes your daughter and granddaughter look so alike!
Allie said…
My gosh they look like sisters, lol! Sweet Teen looks gorgeous, and I love this dress too!
Shauna said…
Your granddaughter is gorgeous - just like her mom and grandma! Your daughter doesn't look old enough to have a daughter going to prom.
Alice Grace said…
Sweet Teen, beautiful, as always, and yes, just like her mother, who is just like you! Beautiful people!