Sweet Seventeen

Yes, this is more pictures from Prom #2 but
it is also her birthday blog!!!
17 years old.
Can you believe it?

Daddy's little girl!
I think he is finding out these little girls
are expensive!!! (smile)

Close up of Mom & daughter!

There's "Brother"!! He wasn't in the last pics!

Everybody is here except "Angel"!!!!

Closer look at her beautiful dress!!!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SWEET TEEN....goodness Val she is just so beautiful as is your entire family....such great genes run deep.
So proud you must be.
Needled Mom said…
Happy birthday to her!!! Lovely pictures, Val. I loved seeing the wonderful detail on her gown too.
Maria said…
Happy Bithday "Sweet Teen"

All the photos are lovely...
Susannah said…
Beautiful girl, gorgeous gown! I love all the beading on her dress!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Teen!
Michelle said…
Happy birthday to Sweet Teen. She is a beauty!
caknitter said…
Happy Birthday Sweet Teen!!
Allie said…
Happy Birthday Sweet Teen, you are a beautiful young woman!
Shauna said…
Gorgeous dress! Pass on my birthday greetings for Sweet Teen.
Alice Grace said…
Happy Birthday Sweet Teen. She is so beautiful! She is beautiful as is her Mom, and you, her grandmother!