Brunswick Stew

I have posted this recipe before but thought I would revisit it since I made it today.
It is worth revisiting and sharing!
This recipe is out of an old Church cookbook where they hand wrote their recipes.
I treasure this little cookbook from my Church.
It is called "Retirement Center Cookbook".
This recipe is simple to make!
It calls for Ground Chuck but we use deer meat!

I love Crock pots!
Simmer in Crock pot all day!
Add some cornbread and you have a perfect meal for a cold December night!
Brunswick Stew
2 Cans of Cream style white corn
2 Cans of stewed Tomatoes
1 Bottle of hot catsup
2 Cans of Chunky white meat chicken
1 Can barbecue sauce
1 lb. Ground Chuck
2 Tsp. Worchestershire sauce
2 Tsp. lemon juice and dash of tobasco
Brown ground beef, drain off fat.
Mix all ingredients together and let simmer all day in crock pot.
This recipe is from Isabel Wells
Wishing you Christmas Miracles.....


Allie said…
Sounds yum, thank you!!!
Susannah said…
Hello Val, Hope your Mom is even better than a few days ago. She is too nice to be under the weather. Looking forward to seeing your new home. I know it will be perfect!

Brunswick stew sound delicious.

PEA said…
Omigosh, this looks and sounds so delicious! I love using my crock pot as well. I'm copying this recipe down and will give it a try one day soon.

My prayers are still with your mom, I do hope that she is feeling better every day. xoxo
Karen said…
Hi Val...remember me? Well I'm really a stranger around blog-land but I will get back into it soon.
Brunswick Stew I have never eaten - I will copy the recipe down and see what happens.
Thanks so much for your sweet kind comments on my blog.
Miss ya!!!