Our Home Away From Home

Before we sold our home in August, our daughter and son in law, Maranda & Lane
told us that they wanted us to stay with them until we found a house.
They have made us feel so welcome.

They gave us the upstairs. They moved all their things out and made room for
our king size bed and all our personal things so it is almost like being at home.
We have a den and a huge bedroom and a bathroom.
We could get spoiled!

They are our family but I have to tell you that they are so blessed.
They both are in school and work full time.
They love their home life and are best friends.
Thank you is not enough to them for our home away from home!
We are so blessed!
Home Is Where The Heart Is And Our Heart Is Our Family!


blushing rose said…
How sweet ...
Allie said…
How awesome is that!!! I would love to have a big enough home to have ALL my family around me!
Susannah said…
How nice of Lane and Miranda to invite you to stay at their home. I would find that so comforting.
Needled Mom said…
How nice! I'm sure you all enjoyed the stay.
Anonymous said…
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