My Farm Table

O.K. "Crazy me" decided I wanted an old farm table instead of
the typical dining room table. I found this one and fell in love.
This is the way it looked in the store.
Sweet Hunter went to pick it up and I could tell by the look on his face,
that he was thinking.......oh no! But I had a vision AGAIN!
Everyone that saw it either hated or loved it!
I went to Home Depot and bought 3 "common boards".
Then my carpenter screwed it right on the table top and
added some trim. I had already sanded the base of the table.
I took Minwax Javabean stain and rubbed all over the table.
On the base I used an off white paint and mixed it with a clear glaze
to distress it. I used 1 part paint to 4 parts glaze.
Then I polyurethaned the top 3 times sanding in between each coat!
What ya think???
I am in love!
Sweet Hunter loves it too!!
I actually have had a couple of people want to buy it
but Sweet Hunter says "'s perfect!"
But "crazy me" is ready to do another one!!!
So much fun!


What an eye you have for cool furniture!
Sending prayers for your Mom too.
Patty Sumner said…
It looks great... I alos loved the origianl patina.. I would have left it just the way it was but it does look really good refinished... I want a Farm table....:) How is your Mom? Blessings and enjoy you new home.. Can't wait to see pics
Kenny Hicks said…
Absolutely fantastic. I love it.
Angela said…
Love the farm table Val. You did a wonderful job finishing it out. Come on now,,,, I can't wait to see the rest.
Holly said…
I love it!! Looks great. You did a great job!
Susannah said…
Val, your farm table is beautiful and something I would want in my own home...that is how much I love it! Good choice!!!!!!I know you are doing things around your new home and you will show us when finished. I can understand that.

How is your dear Mom doing? Any better? Say hello for me. I will write to her this week.

Becky Garrison said…
Oh, Val! You are my furniture refinishing hero!!! That is so gorgeous! You really have a knack for that, because seeing something in one form and having the vision of how it can look is the hard part, yet you could see it and visualize it! Amazing work, friend! B.
kutiequilter said…
That table looks Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!
Connie said…
Prayers for your mother! Love farm house table and you did a beautiful job on your, looks like your going for the prim/country look.. Have a great day!
I love it and I'm amazed that you could see what it wanted to be when you spotted it in the store.
Mama Bear
Firecracker Kid said…
Wow! I love it! Love that Java Bean minwax. You did good gal :)

Mama Pea said…
Your table is BEAUTIFUL! Sure wish I had your eye so I could envision what the end product would/could/might be. You are very talented!
Allie said…
Oh my word that is just beautiful Val, and I think you found a new business, lol! Wonderful!
Melanie said…
Completely envious.... You have a good eye for finding the 'diamond in the rough'. Enjoy the family times ahead at this table.
Anonymous said…
Val, I am in love with your new home. You did a fabulous job on the kitchen cabinets and the room is so big and those 2 tables will seat all your family when they visit! I think you guys are gonna love this place! I love to watch before/after on HGTV and your photos remind me of that!
Patty said…
Looks great Val, what vision!