Our "New To Us" House

The Kitchen Before
This is the kitchen before we started on it.
Can you see that other room?
That is the dining room.

When we first saw the house, we both said the good thing was that we
would not have to tear any walls down. 

That didn't last long!!! The more I looked at the kitchen and the dining room,
the more I felt like I needed to tear that wall with the oven out!
On the other side of the cabinets with the oven in it (that is gone now),
was a closet made with special shelves just for china!
I don't have any china! So the closet came down too!
When I first suggested the wall to come down, sweet hunter wasn't too thrilled
about the idea. Here he is wondering if I did the right thing.

BUT, when he came in and saw the wall down, he LOVED it!
Look at the 3 windows that were in the dining room and
are now in my kitchen.

This is a picture of the other side of the island (opposite of the dining room)!
It has a breakfast nook so that is going to enable me to have 2 tables in my kitchen!
I had a vision and I am loving it!
This is the oven that was in the kitchen!
It was a very nice outdated oven that is gone now!
I just had to show you this!
This is the trash compactor that was in the house!
Pretty cool, huh?
It's gone now too.
We got all moved over the holidays and are getting settled in now!
We are pooped!  But I can't wait to show you what we have done with the house!
I LOVE it!
More pictures coming soon!
Update on my Mom:
Mom will be having 2 major surgeries on her back.
She is still unable to function as she normally did.
Her surgeries are scheduled for January 15 & January 17th.
These are very major surgeries.
Please keep her in your prayers.


Becky Garrison said…
Val, I can't wait to see the after photos! It looks so nice! Give your Mom my love and tell her I'll be praying! Becky
Marydon said…
Prayers for Mother .... hope she gets thru all of this well.

Love the 'tear down' ... what a brilliant choice. Dying to see the finished rooms now.

Marydon said…
Prayers for Mother .... hope she gets thru all of this well.

Love the 'tear down' ... what a brilliant choice. Dying to see the finished rooms now.

Holly said…
Very cool! Can't wait to see it now. I know it is beautiful. Will be thinking of your mom and you as well. Take care.
Shauna said…
Lovely house . . . oh so exciting! I, too, would like the wall down to open it up and bring in more light. Have been thinking of you and your move as well as your mom. Have been praying and will especially remember your mom in mid Jan. as she goes for her surgeries.
Michelle said…
I love before and after pictures, and I love seeing what people do to their homes. I wish I lived close enough to see it myself.I can't wait to see more pictures of you house!

God bless your mom. I will be praying for her, and all of you as she goes through these surgeries.
Anonymous said…
Wow...you are not afraid to tackle huge projects! I should be very nice! :)

I will be praying for your mother's two surgeries, and recoveries~ Do NOT WORRY...for the LORD is with her~ :)
Wow what a big difference. You have such vision, and talent with remodeling. Can't wait to see this new kitchen! p.s. Not sure if you read about my breaking my wrist and surgery. I won't be quilting for a while. Please pray for my recovery. Will be thinking of your sweet Mom and her upcoming surgeries.
Allie said…
LOVE the wall gone. I can't wait to see the "after"! Will continue to keep your mum in prayer, hon, give her a hug from me!
Angela said…
Come on Val,, You are such a tease. Can't wait to see the after photos. You have to be so excited. Will be praying for your Mom that both surgeries will go well. Keeping you in my prayers also.
I love this! You will enjoy the open feel and space your renovation provides. I've been absent from blog world that last few months but hope to get back in to it again and be able to stay in touch better. Congratulations on your new house!