Roller Coaster

Update on my Mom:
Today has been a trip! Whew!
First of all we were up getting ready at 5 a.m.
 when Mom text and says they are taking  her earlier to surgery
than they had planned. They told Mom that she would be gone before
we could get there. But when we got there she was still in her room.
I sure was glad. Mom had a good attitude about the surgery when we got there.
She said she got her mind on the Lord and she had a peace about it.
 Then they came in and said that she needed 2 units of blood!
I said, "Are you sure you have the right patient"? They said yes.
I just didn't understand since we haven't heard anything about that.
Mom got very upset as anyone would.
Then they came to get her. She had tears in her eyes as they took her.
They called us every hour and updated us which made us feel better.
She didn't come back for 7 hours!!!!
They said that they had a hard time waking her up.
When she came back, she was pitiful.
But thank the Lord, as she began to wake up, we could see our Mama was coming back.
She has talked non stop which is weird for her!
She got to eat some jello and drink some tea.
That is the first food she has had in 5 days!
She has a hard road ahead of her but she is strong and she will do it.
She says to tell you all please don't stop praying for her.
From our family........Thank you!


Anonymous said…
Tell her I will continue to pray for her!!! and her doctors! The Good LORD is with her! ♥♥♥
Allie said…
Oh my - the talking may be a reaction to the meds. I hope it wasn't green jello. I continue to pray for her and her doctors, Val, she is in good Hands, Jesus is our Great Physician!
Susannah said…
We are all right here for her. She has been on a tough road. NOw she starts to get better. Prayers are being said here for her. She is such a sweet and blessed lady!Keep praying....I am.

Love, Susannah
Michelle said…
Praying for a fast recovery to a pain free life for her, and for her family, to find peace in the waiting.
Becky Garrison said…
Val, I am so sorry that your day yesterday was so up and down, but so glad that your Mama seems to be okay now. The drugs they gave her were very strong, and affect different people in different ways, and that is what caused both the inability to wake up and the chattiness. Please give her a hug for me, and I will continue praying! And Val, don't forget to take care of YOU! You won't do her any good if you are down sick yourself! Becky
Granny said…
I am continuing the prayers for your sweet mama. I also have my prayer group and bible study group both praying for her.
Angela said…
So good to hear the surgery is over and hopefully the most terrifying part is behind her. Hoping recovery will go well with no bumps in the road for your Mom. She has been thru enough. Will keep all of you in our prayers.
Anonymous said…
Jesus loves us, this I know!! Happy Birthday! Love you so much! Vicki
Holly said…
So glad she came through surgery o.k. Continuing to remember her, you and your family in my prayers.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the update and we continue to pray.
Hi Val,
I am praying for your Mom, and For you and your Family. You have so much faith, so know everything is going to be okay. God is watching over all of you! Hugs, and blessings,
Good to know your mum came thru the surgery OK....
Patty said…
Praying for your mom glad to hear she is on the mend.
Sarah Beth said…
I just prayed and will continue to. Hang in there:-)
Mama Pea said…
Oh, my! Such an ordeal this is for all of you. You know your dear mom wants to be well again as soon as possible . . . she has a lot of living yet to do! Stay strong and remember there are lots of us out here keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers. Hugs!
Oh Val I hope and pray you sweet mother gets along okay and will soon be out of pain.
Shauna said…
Have been and will continue to pray for your mom. Our God is the great healer. Hugs to you today, Val. Share one with your mom for me.